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French Bull Dogs were one of the most popular
dogs in France, at the end of the 19th Century. They were exceptionally popular with the prostitutes.
Now, one of the reasons was because they were very exotic looking. They made it very easy
for gentlemen to approach the prostitutes on the street, without being hauled away by
the police. I’m Mike Campbell, with Doggie Styles, in Beverly Hills, California. I’m
here today to talk a little bit about writing a sales plan, and it was an interesting experience
for me, attacking a sales plan. The first thing I did was, a friend of mine lent me
a book on writing sales plans. There are a dozen books that you could pick up at the
local bookstore, on the process. Sales planning can be very important for you, especially
if you’re looking for outside financing of your business. I was lucky enough that I had
some savings, and didn’t have to depend on that, because if you go to the bank, and you’re
looking for a loan, they’re going to want to see your sales plan. They want to see what
kind of projections you have for profits. They want to know that they’re going to get
paid back. For me, the sales plan was not that important. I spent, oh, about a week,
going through the first few chapters of the sales plan, and it was important. It did make
me aware of some of the things that I should be focusing on, but the truth was, since I
wasn’t looking for outside financing, I didn’t see the ultimate goal of a sales plan, as
really helping me start the business. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I had an idea
of the merchandise that I wanted to carry. I had an idea of the location I wanted to
be in, and those are really major aspects of the plan, so I didn’t actually go through
and complete a plan. For some businesses, it might be a very vital thing to do. For
me, with Doggie Styles, with my dog boutique, it was not that important, so that’s my experience
with the sales plan, and for each person, and each type of business, it may be a little
bit different. I’m Mike Campbell, with Doggie Styles.


  1. why make a video titled "how to make a sales plan" and talk about how you didn't make a sales plan. Its not helpful. way to go business man.


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