Retail POS (point of sale) Software: Managing Special Orders


Hi I’m greg your personal guide to Rain’s cloud-based point-of-sale and website. Today I want to show you how to easily manage special orders. Bon jour! I paint you are a pretty picture because life is magnificent, splendid, and free. Ha ha, yes? Ha Ha Ha With Rain keeping up on all your special orders will feel less like a nightmare and more like a European vacation. Through Ibiza with a majestic sunset painted across the crisp and gentle shoreline. First pull up the customer in the register. Click on the customer indicator icons. Click to create a new special order. Choose the vendor. Select the product. Add the customer’s deposit amount. Click add to register and then collect the payment. Not Too Shabby right? Oh yes Gregory, not too shabby. Oui. Now you Just need to order that item from the vendor which is super easy to do because a purchase order draft was created when we rung up that special order. Simply Click on draft to work on the purchase order. Choose ok if you want to add other items to this order that have reached their reorder point. You can also click existing vendor products to browse all items you buy from this vendor and add whatever you like. Or click the plus button to create a new item that’s not already in your system When the purchase order is ready, send it to your vendor and click mark as sent. Once products begin to arrive you can receive against the original purchase order so everything is tied together and tracked properly. Click on start receiving. Adjust receiving quantities as needed. If you’re receiving serialized items click this box and enter the serial numbers. Next click complete to receive the products and update Inventory. The system will notify you if any of the items were special ordered and allow you to easily notify the customer that their purchase has arrived. Now just click barcodes and all your barcode labels are ready to print and stick and that’s it. When the customer comes in to pick up their items just click on the customer indicator icons add the special order to the register and collect payment for the balance. Now how awesome was that? Pretty Awesome Right? Magnificent indeed Gregory. Magnificent indeed. Think about how much time you will be able to save with Rain’s special order and purchasing tools. Now you can go back to doing whatever it is shop owners do when they’re not spending ridiculous amounts of time managing special orders.


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