Slide whistles are fucking fun Wazzah!! So welcome back to another episode our retailer confessions. working and I been dealing with school saw during that
time in my store there were a lot of price
changes so that more gonna be talking about
today pricing eighth so basically sale prices discount prices
clearance prices they retain I say some shit ICS ices briefings care in a anyway so
every time there is a new thing our new discount are you clearance megastore people to go fucking nuts now
your call what I was talking about the coupons you
know how paralegals parking not or coupons you basically get the same way
when it comes to discount prices and clearance prices personally experienced trackers and
other people are coming to the store and veribanc excuse me how to find mine connie hey
guess what and short shirt farrakhan on are where are those and the thing is that we
have here is priceless they’re hiring title or the store so they’re huge
parking fines I think cares saw just my hey is he a huge sigh no its not clear you know that big one that has poppy
clearance the same exact while I was there where you came and looked or I it’s
being all over the fucking feeling and
everywhere you look yeah yes that’s right over there I’m a
time and I’ll dawson’s the request that’s right dare
your Brian Friday so we left a lot of talking tables get
here how both tracks get here how there’s not
much left now fighting on a hike is when people of
mock-up I restore usually has a team bad make the sale prices that puts them
on track so that a lot of people know what’s on sale ad hoc Bai everyone makes talking
mistakes private party included eyelash it by
mistake concert tables and you know people are
talking about the price is that it was my fourth of I own up to it and change it part
there’s people who just drawn parking like to read signs you know
there’s people sometime going to the store and they
just pop it like this 10 I for their to make sure we’re price
here but other people who completely
disregard reading the sign com well but is she a and then decide
ask you a cup ride your bike wiring up hey good head find everything okay yeah thank you on see how much are those
beans only see the Singapore dollars by iraq yeah I know there are a practice I’m
that it will be the shirt sorry here but I mean like drawn same
rack I’m okay yes I understand they’re on
sale track but find that their size sure only $8.99 to parties haha so for you signs that letter well we’ll have to see if you see
this I’m i’ve seen this time I think so sir only $8.99 bro Andrea I Doris I Park up here on the night this time series surgery not T not a whole ordeal guys usually tend to let it go I’m just tables of I’m sorry I guess this right
but then when it comes to the ladies baby doll have a different approach
service but this time is that okay so they
basically just try to continue so they can actually get it at that price the
day why but then they come up with is really get
behind that goes like this: the G two right
here the rest do you know what okay to give
me was there with the other hang your head
you thinking better shi’a by your house you can say
that sign you going this route well i i
matter 5 past according to a United pretty big
difference go car manager and now are trying to
call a manager do their fucking just standing there
telling you all I’m working retail I know how this goes
I know how this is supposed to go it’s always about the customer you need
a change in a volatile I don’t know either glossy hang your head you’re just like bet you
know I can read here you know I’m sorry bro Safari use here
credit card how sexy as that sounds most other time that’s exactly what’s happening so
anyway premarital tell you what to do and then they tell you you guys going to
do it top by be thank you which pisses me off because they feel
like they’re fucking Ryan onto your cock your pussy by when I love is when the tub now but
and this is what happens fine and you know what few this and then
value you getta lap with the consequences fall and now I pile of clothing and then you
have the people that go talk to the parents actions bad say too nighty night honestly this is Part II and our customers back because those talking tables those racks
get makes her so bad what should I got left behind from other people and should I we think it’s certain
prices so not everything paris tonight 9 so you have to have
people come up to you when a big part because how they just
tell you that the only one other thing for $2.99 hi I’m thinking it’s iraq attacks picture worth so please to Sac only give you think only third area three thank you okay and he had you just be this dollar whore are you are you can say that Afghan once
again you are left with about the consequence of Mount Everest up close for anyhow these nice people at Common
App big cock close day know that the time of the 299
track but they want to make sure before they
buy it but to go to like this packs hard prices profile p to yessir and all the people who are like I are
usually really nice and they take the stock back damages leave it there so they can edit
as though it happened the other shit therapy by the action taken back to the rocks
weren’t able to leave them there but you have a transaction that growth basically like the 299 line but this one
just irritates me a little more just because
they have no knowledge are nothing hi costume shopper how what I do with my life text are all
these days because I i nice I how any of the prices please just
got it just let me know the price I’ll let you
know when I want a and this one because the letter like this your fire 34 for the 7000 mAh its by parking parts know that a you get a bra like 20-30 I am I’m though people leave with wide one barking p and he’s not even an
expensive big PTA the cheapest be Bay High for sharing and then once again you got slapped with
a horrible consequence out that stockpile close much say matching army man then cuz it didn’t go to matches the a fans like to say well only ni I punches them out Paris aside those girls are not live
without music it’s worth the stop the sadness but yeah
that most people are experiencing our clearly some more of this video way stay in
school don’t be stupid door are you with the
cashiers because the time that they look so I it honestly the customers of saw this is
it for the site afterthought %uh retailer
compass says hope you guys today everyday like the
video please like share with your homies sharing media
pages suscribe act for those if you don’t know me my
name is Alex thanks for talking it out with me and
I’ll see you next time



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