S. Korea’s e-commerce exports soar 25% in 2018, backed by growing demand for K-beauty, K-pop goods

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the volume of e-commerce transaction for
South Korea increased significantly last year with the jump in both Reverse
overseas to wreak purchases as well as overseas direct purchases are Kim Hyun
has more South Korea’s ecommerce exports for 25
percent last year Bank largely by growing demand for k-beauty and kpop
related items including pop music albums and stationery goods according to data
released by Korea Customs Service the amount of e-commerce exports or reverse
overseas direct purchases soon at three and a quarter billion u.s. dollars in
2018 the data also showed that overseas direct purchase of foreign goods also
increased by 31 percent last year sending at over 2.7 billion dollars the
total number of online export and import both soared over 36 percent to more than
9 million and 32 million over the same period respectively sales of kpop
products including BTS latest album love yourself jumped a whopping 62 percent
online exports of cosmetics toward more than 40 percent last year compared to
the previous year meanwhile the US economy the largest portion of Korea’s
direct purchases followed by China the EU and Japan the US share fell from the
previous year while that of China sort by over 10 percentage points largely due
to increased purchases of Chinese cordless vacuum cleaners and air
purifiers kim moosung arirang news


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