Sell On Amazon? Alex Ryan Interviews VTrust – Trusted Supplier Inspection Company

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salads right here and I’m actually here
McVean trust this is a company I’ve heard about many many years ago and what
they do is a lot of quality control QC and do and they do a lot of product
inspections as well so as you sort of see here this is a focus for that for a
second so Robert your name Elsa okay this is lovely Elsa from the birth grub
so this is a quality control report based on someone else it’s just a sample
drive and you know sort of sort of go through it you know how is Howard the
quantity the workmanship Eon scientist and product specification the packing
they go through there they took here and they let you know whether or not it gets
up to pass pride and shipment right so if you’re sending stuff from your
supplier in China to the Amazon preparation company or the Amazon
warehouse right over in you know Australia or America having an company
like me trust and quite a few out there but having complied be trust that’s
reputable and have been in business for many many years definitely does make the
massive difference sixteen years Wow sixteen years and is there anything else
you want to show us here Wow look at this look at this right have you done
money coming over here right so these are the full-time inspectors so rather
than having you’re using a small company where the base of munted in order to fly
somewhere else here they’re all based pretty much mainland China you’ve got
Malaysia Vietnam India right there’s quite a few of our clients import and
fulfil from India but having locations here it’s much fast more directed some
directly to the you know the wood supplier or the warehouse and it’s fast
on time and it’s probably a lot cheaper as well then using someone based in one
location having to fly somebody to a location you
know combination all that sort of stuff as well so yeah so definitely check them
out be trust guys have a fantastic day talk to you real soon
bye for now no part-timers yes


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