Sell On Amazon – Hot Categories and Niches To Sell On Amazon

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hey guys Alex Ryan here so I want to
walk you through a couple of different categories they’re doing really well on
Amazon and every month my team kampala support and if you’re looking for ideas
and you’re not too sure about the categories you should jump into I’m
gonna go through some of the big categories right now that are doing
incredible numbers like I mean incredible numbers on Amazon so it kind
of gives you a bit of an idea on what type of categories you could jump on as
well alright so number one in who’s the one that’s winning out of everyone right
works out to be home and kitchen now this is something I’ve been saying for
years the Holman kitchen market has always been popular why because everyone
has a kitchen everyone has a home right they’ve got to put stuff in there in
their home in the kitchen right so that’s always going to be huge or at the
home in kitchen so teaching appliances find your own brand off I don’t know egg
egg egg shell breakers or whatever right put your own brand on the products that
make sure its home kitchen so anything the living room bathroom bedroom
hallways kitchen is always hot people always use the staff break and stuff
real ordering stuff we’re looking for you know hotter products that kind of
thing all right second category is health and personal care so what does
that mean it means I’m stuck in the bathroom really a lot of bathroom stuff
a lot of stuff that you sort of you use personally I mean I was in a cancer on
Fair recently and I went around a lot of the home and personal care booths saw a
lot of really awesome products in America especially if you’re selling on
Amazon u.s. say whether it’s from New Zealand or Australia or wherever else in
the world you are right the personal care brand is always going to be a huge
brand as well because people are always going to need stuff to to it you know to
clean themselves and just personal stuff in fact it’s a product the other day
that I was talking about it’s quite a snot sucker alright so it actually sucks
sucks it’s not out of baby’s nose it’s right that is an very very hot product
at the moment very trending product all right
Beauty is also a big one now I remember years ago I said if you can bring in
something Beauty related and put your own brand on a run even just one product
and you solve that very very well then there’s a good chance
you can really make a lot of money just sign that one product by selling your
own brand of beauty product – right it is a more difficult sort of sometimes
gated niche to get involved in but if you can break it then it’s worth it
alright and the last one I would probably actually last – I mentioned is
baby it’s always huge it’s roughly two hundred ninety three million dollars
okay in this order I’m home in kitchen over a
billion bucks a year right health personal care seven hundred and sixty
four million Beauty four hundred and fifty-one million dollars right this is
Amazon what Amazon’s making right and turn up right maybe three hundred two
hundred ninety three million and lastly you’ve got the cellphone accessories
right so I’m talking about phone holders cup holders that kind of thing right
anything to do with the holding the phone everyone has a phone right
everyone these days even in the you know the the backwater places in third world
countries everyone has a phone everyone’s gonna need assessments with
that you know Bluetooth pieces holders all that stuff right that’s a 499
million so guys that’s just to give you a bit of an overall on the categories I
hope you enjoyed the video have a fantastic day if you’re wanting some
more information and you’re looking for hot products I would love to see you on
our free live webinars okay we hold these quite regularly and basically if
you have a computer essentially you can run a business you have 30 minutes a day
you can actually start a business on Amazon provided that you have passion to
actually get something started right if you’re looking for a way out maybe you
doing the nine-to-five maybe you got a job right now and you hate what you’re
doing and you want something else and you know there’s something else out
there check out the free webinar we have have a fantastic day bye bye for now


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