Shipper Accountability – (630) 833-0890 – The Key to Lean Principles and Safe Roads


Hi, I’m Mike Regan with TranzAct’s two-minute
warning for the week of May 5th last week I had the opportunity to
attend a great event YPOWPO the
manufacturing excellence network held their annual
summit Karl Wadensten and his team knocked it out of the park they put
together a first-rate program that allowed us to go and tour various
companies to see how they were using lean
principles to transform their operations so we went to companies like New Balance
Gemline the Savage Arms and what I found interesting was that
each one of these companies the leaders of the organization talked
about how accountability is a critically important principle as
you start to implement the lean process now why do I
bring this up well last week in a two-minute warning
we talked about the fact that shippers and brokers have responsibility for
monitoring and evaluating the carriers that they use
some of you may have said well how important is that well the answer to
that question lies in interview that I recently
conducted with administrator Anne Farrell she heads up the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration now I know you’re really busy but here
is something that you need to do you need to click on the link and listen
to this seventeen minute interview because whether you like the FMCSA
are not I mean she catches it from both sides
shippers and carriers complain about some of the things they do
governmental agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board
say they’re not doing enough so administrator Farrell has a very
difficult job and that’s why in this interview when she
talks about that dedication are the FMCSA
to making sure that shippers and carriers are held accountable for their
actions folks this has implications for all of
us and its imperative that you can listen to
this interview so that you’ll understand how the
FMCSA’s decisions can impact your company Now with each and
every two minute warning which you remind you
we are on your team we’re here to help and we’re passionate about seeing you be
successful but in order for you to be successful
you need to take the initiative which is why we want you to click on that link
and listen to administrator Anne Farrell thanks for your time


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