Shippers not paying your bills? Here are steps to avoid a problem that could ruin your business.


Here is another tip regarding shippers
who are not paying your bills I’m Cassandra Gaines. I am a transportation
attorney and a consultant it is my job to teach you how to get ahead of the
industry’s problems how to put out fires and deal with less headaches during
the day and it’s also my job to teach you how to do this stuff yourself so you
don’t have to hire an attorney. So here’s a tip for you. First, make a list of all
of your shippers and sort the list by the age of their invoices that are
unpaid. If they’re over 90 days you’ve got a problem. Slow down how much you’re
shipping with them check in to see how their credit rating is doing. There are
many bureaus out there you can use And then you got to start reaching out to
the customer you’ve got to reach out to the shipper and if they are rude to you
or tell you they’re not paying you’ve got to reach out to their customers too.
I’ll put out a video on how to do that But you cannot let these unpaid invoices
sit or you’re gonna have a big problem you’re allowed to call the customer any
time of the day and you’re allowed to contact them as often as you want.
Don’t let customers tell you there are laws against when and how you can
contact them. We’re businesses consumer protection
laws do not apply here. Here’s the other piece you need to remember, we’re brokers.
We are not responsible for cargo claims so if a customer’s not paying because of
a cargo claim then you need to reinforce the fact that you’re a broker and that
you’re not a motor carrier and they’re dispute with the carrier and then stop
processing the claim. Give them the information they need so they can
process the claim themselves and you focus on getting your bills paid because
that’s the most important thing is keeping you in business


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