Shipping Classes – WooCommerce Guided Tour


Shipping classes let you group similar products together and set shipping costs for those classes. We’ll walk through an example together where we want to send our marketing stickers at a cheaper rate than other products. To start head to WooCommerce>Settings then Shipping. Here go to the Shipping Classes submenu. Let’s add our first shipping class. We can give our shipping class a name, stickers in this case, set a slug, if you skip this WordPress uses the name as the
slug, and finally write a description for the class. Select Save Shipping Classes so we don’t lose
our work. In the last column you’ll see the Product
Count or how many products you have in that class. Now to set a rate for sending stickers to
our US Shipping Zone head to the Shipping Zones submenu. There select the Flat Rate we added to our
USA zone. You’ll see that there is a new section under
the cost field called Shipping Class Costs. Here you can add an extra cost to both the
Stickers class and products without a class. Just note that these are additional costs
to the fixed rate you already set. First, let’s set the flat rate cost to `2`.
This will add a shipping cost of $2 to each order. Next, set the Stickers shipping class cost
to `[qty] * 0.05`. This will add an additional cost of 5 cent
per product in the order from our Sticker shipping class. Then, set the No shipping class cost to
`[cost] * 0.10`. This will add 10% of the total cost of the
order as a shipping cost for the products with no shipping class. Finally, you need to choose how the shipping
costs are calculated. Per Class will charge a shipping fee for each
shipping class and it’s cost. Per Order will use the most expensive shipping
class for the shipping cost. Make your choice and Save your changes. Let’s take a look at this in action in our
store. We’ll add this shipping class to our sticker
product. In the Shipping tab of the Product Data meta
box, select the stickers class in the Shipping class dropdown then select Update to save
our changes. Adding a sticker and t-shirt with no shipping
class to our cart we can break down our cart totals. We first have a t-shirt priced at $18 and
a sticker priced at $2. Then the shipping cost is $3.85. $2 set as a base price, $1.80 or 10% of the
$18 price of the t-shirt with no shipping class, and $0.05 for 1 sticker in the Stickers
shipping class. That’s it for the shipping classes, they’re
great way to separate your shipping costs of different products. Thanks for watching!



    I update to 4.7.3 and now the shipping class is not working. Before that everything was fine. I give a product a shipping class and is not showing in cart. also, if I use my value sample 1.00 + .50 * [qty] in the shipping class I want, when I add the product with the shipping class that value does not show, it disappear. to be able to show I need to give a cost price first to show in the cart but either way don't work correctly because if I put [qty] * .50 in shipping class, anyway is not calculating does extra .50 cent and if I put 1.00 + .50 * [qty] in the cost, that 1.50 is added to the other shipping class when they suppose not to do that.

    Woocommerce, is this making sense to you? bring back the old version so everything works again. I even backup my shop and reinstall again ant problems and error continue.

    Do someone have the same problems?

  2. "Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for you to create complex rules for shipping your products worldwide."
    I think I want to make it even more complex 🙂

    Let's say I have a shipping zone (one country). In this country I want to create two different shipping classes for two different kind of products. One shipping class is called "Bikes" and the other "Floppy discs". Let's say I dropship so these two products are sent from different locations.

    Shipping zones: USA
    Shipping classes: Bikes; Floppy discs

    Then it's time to add the table rate. In the manual here: I can read the following: "Calculated rates per shipping class – each shipping class in your basket is totalled and offered at a final rate."

    What if I don't want the shipping classes totalled? If a customer orders Floppy discs and bikes in the same cart I want the cart to calculate rates per shipping class without being totalled. That is displayed separately. Also, I don't want the cart to prioritize any shipping class. I want the cart to handle all the shipping classes by themselves. Otherwise I see no point in using shipping classes.

    Is it possible? It seems to be possible for the Flat rate shipping alternative out of the box. But not for table rates. Hope you can explain to me before I jump in and buy the plugin.

    Also, what if I have another Shipping zone with zip codes.

    Shipping zones: USA (with all zip codes in California); USA (with all zip codes in the rest of the US)
    Shipping classes: Teddy bears
    Table rate: Based on shipping class and quantity

    What happens if I buy bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears in one order? Will the shipping zones work along side each other? In the cart I would like to display shipping for bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears separately. Is it possible?

  3. this is terrible. it used to be so simple. now i cant get to charge any shipping!!!!!! please get the shippign working like it was.. nobody gets this new thing : )

  4. Right now I only sell products from Printful. I contacted the support staff at Printful and they said that this plugin only works if you only have Printful products on your website. I want to sell other products that I will be shipping myself. What can I do to set it up without screwing up my integration with Printful?

  5. How do you discount shipping classes? I’m figured out how to use the selling method of “Free – Just pay for shipping” but my. Promo codes don’t work because technically my sales price is zero but the shipping for each product has their own piece. But when I try to use a promo code I currently created it doesn’t discount the shipping rate which is a flat rate but each product is different. How do you make the discount promo codes work in woo-commerce?


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