Shopify Dropshipping: How to Get More Shopify Sales in 2020


so I guess this is the store he’s
talking about I guess it’s called a high go shop it’s a general store right now
and I see a lot of good products over here I’m not gonna lie I see the Rose
bear which is a really hot product I see the galaxy the galaxy rose I did do a
case study if you guys watched my previous video this is uh this is the
product that I was selling right here made a quick two thousand three hundred
dollars just spending about less than two hundred bucks so this is this is a
good product right here I’ve seen this product before pretty saturated but you
know it looks like people are still selling it a couple more ideas here okay
okay I think this woops I got all the winners
if you think about it I’m not gonna lie guys this uh this story really got some
keys you see what you guys got but so your question is I guess their product
page are real simple that’s what you’re asking
it’s like why are they getting sales what one I’m I have my Facebook pixel
helper and it looks like they’re not running any Facebook advertising so I
think how these guys are getting their sales is mostly organically and their
product page is simple but it still has a lot of information as far as the
quantity so that they can so the customer can get some deals they are
marking down the price button is bright and blue once I hover over it shakes it
has a video describing the product it has a little quick description features
let’s see let me scroll down and then of course they got some review so it passes
everything as far as what a product page should have I mean it has like all these
apps that you can you know add to the store and to me this is a good product
page it doesn’t look simple to me it looks like you have to have certain apps
which you have to pay for and most people aren’t gonna pay for apps in this
ballgame so you know they’re they’re definitely killing it and
he looks like well actually they do got a Facebook pixel right here so they are
running Facebook Ads this is a good page I mean I could see
them getting organic traffic was actually go and see how they’re getting
their traffic in there so I like using similar web com as far as you know
checking out what their traffic sources are you can see if somebody’s using
influence or marketing you can check out if they’re using mostly Facebook ads and
you can kind of gauge on what’s what marketing is is the right way of
marketing certain products so let me go to their homepage and copy their link
and you can go to similar web and you know literally paste it in here and
let’s see what they got here all right so hopefully this works see if
their analytics pops up this is some this is some crazy stuff in here guys
I’m actually showing you guys some some wild stuff here okay so this this store
definitely gets a lot of traffic as far as country ranks so United States you
know they’re under five hundred thousand which is really good they’re ranked
there category as fashion apparel Wow the site is getting almost 100 almost
two hundred thousand visitors every single month look at that two hundred
and forty thousand in August and then they went to two hundred thousand one an
eighty thousand one hundred fifty thousand and then this or last month was
one hundred and forty thousand so they’re bringing in a lot of traffic
primarily the audience is from United States so to me when I look at that I’m
like okay well I’m gonna start promoting all my products to the United States
they don’t they don’t promote momently they don’t promote their products the
United Kingdom or like Australia or you know anything like that but here’s where
things get a little bit interesting so they get a lot of direct visitors they
get a lot of referrals and search traffic and then social is where the
Facebook ads come in so ninety nine percent or let me go back so they do get
a lot of organic sales for sure because this is their main keyword now here’s
another thing that’s interesting the galaxy lamp the the product that I was
advertising on my own Shopify store and literally made like a quick 2k in like
five days so to me this tells me that this is a hot product if people are
searching for it and people are literally going to this website for this
specific product it’s a hot product here’s another one the car seat back I
don’t know what it is but you can literally go and search what it is car’s seat back organizer I guess is
this is what it is right here you could probably get on aliexpress but that
tells me these two products are are hot right now now social we do see that
Facebook and YouTube is in the front force for the store they don’t use
Instagram influencers so right off the bat you know Facebook should be your
primary phase of your primary traffic source and then YouTube is number two so
we got some custom audiences for targeting so mainly electronics
technology and they obviously use apps like our bure low and it is a Shopify
store so basically guys that just tells you a lot of different things as far as let me see if I can get myself over here yeah guys so basically whoever brought
up the store literally got some oh you can oh my bad I think I guess my voice
is echoing I’m sorry guys my bed all right so I was I was kind of
wondering what the heck was that like but um
yeah guys so basically whoever brought this store of definitely got some
pointers here because this is an organic organically store that’s getting a lot
of sales they do have a lot of good products as far as things you can
advertise for Valentine’s Day products that you can go for right now is it
doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day they have like the car seat organizer
they’re primarily using Facebook advertising they’re not using Instagram
influencers they saw I saw that YouTube was like the second traffic source so if
I literally type in you know they’re Shopify store on YouTube I’m pretty sure
they have a main channel just promoting products or they might be using in
YouTube influencers so this is this is like a really good example of a really
really good general store in my opinion you know obviously they get organic
sales so they have some type of branding and they’re pretty popular in the
e-commerce space but if you really want to model after a general store hyegyo
shop is the one all right so we got any questions let’s see so somebody said
they’re making about 500k yeah yeah I believe it I mean like I said they’re
ranked pretty well right under that five hundred thousand rank look at that one
hundred and twenty nine thousand in the United States
that’s insane they’re getting a lot of traffic I’m in a store that’s getting a
good amount of like an average of one hundred and fifty thousand visitors a
month people would like literally get lucky to
get a hundred visitors and they’re getting a hundred fifty thousand so
they’re making pretty good amount of money guys here let’s let me catch up
with the chat guys so what do I do when your supplier doesn’t have anything in
stock well you just got to find another supplier just go through the whole um
you know the categories as far as make sure the reviews are good make sure
they’re like over 90% and make sure they’re actually handling a lot of
orders and then you’ll be fine what are your thoughts on YouTube ads for
e-commerce our herd is an untapped source is definitely is an untapped
source just like Pinterest is an untapped source just like Twitter is an
untapped source so anything that you can get in and try to advertise your product
is the best way to go but you just got to understand that there are products
that work better on other platforms like for example fashion products they’d work
well with Instagram they work well with Twitter gadgets and things like that
work well with Twitter and Facebook so it kind of depends on what kind of
product you’re advertising hi go shop is a dropping drop shipping store yes they
are definitely a drop shipping store I literally saw my Shopify was like
automatically this is a drop shipping store should I make a business email
because my currently current email that I use for everything is flooded with
subscriptions Wow yeah don’t don’t mix your personal email with your Shopify
store guys just create a whole nother Gmail and then Shopify it will provide
you with an email that you can use so you can just link it with that do you have any recommendations
alternatives dropshippers since Aliexpress would be delaying orders due
to lockdown well it’s not Aliexpress the platform that’s actually being on
lockdown is actually the Chinese suppliers because right now there are in
Chinese New Year and then you got the coronavirus that’s literally like came
out of nowhere so that’s delaying Chinese New Year and all those shipments
and things like that but it’s mostly just Chinese suppliers so I recommend
just you know going onto that switch you know I literally made a video of video
about it like two videos from this video that you’re watching right now
just go and try to switch it from Chinese suppliers to United States
suppliers and that’s a simple switch you just literally use those suppliers from
now and maybe hey you might find success going it that way and then now you don’t
even have to worry about long shipping times you got a primary US supplier that
you can advertise your products with and and like I said it’s a quick switch
don’t think too hard about it do I have the money on the side to fulfill orders
or do I have to just wait two to three days for the consumer to bring the money
so I can do the PayPal yeah you did you probably have to wait two to three days
I recommend just waiting you don’t have to ship out the products or just order
the products right away especially if you just started but because you’re
gonna kind of get mixed up with your own money and your drop shipping money or
the profiting profits that you make from those orders but I recommend just
waiting it out and then fulfill the orders once it deposits it into your
account and that only happens you know when you first start like let’s say you
haven’t got a sales in a couple of days it will do like two to two to three days
but let’s say you’re gonna can sell is every day you’re gonna have enough money
to actually fulfill those orders so you know don’t I wouldn’t um you know
fulfill the orders like right away hey bro you live again yup once again every
week every Thursday I use my paypal credit yeah you can use PayPal credit –
you can use a you know Chase Sapphire card
you know maybe credit cards to get you points so that you can fly for free
things like that you saw my shoe crease protector store is it that bad I got
about 10 cells and two weeks I don’t think I saw the story yet but I’ll
definitely look it up maybe you can send me a DM and then I’ll see what it was
what’s up with it but 10 cells in two weeks you know not bad especially if you
just first started all you got to do is just scale from there if you got a good
product all right guys so are we updated I’m not sure if the chat is updated or
not okay there we go yeah there we go what do you charge for mentorship well
it’s primarily I charge about one thousand dollars but right now I’m doing
is special and if you want to get that get at that special you guys can check
the link in the description as far as mentorship goes and that’s all that’s
for one on one the one in the link description right now is the program
that I have but I will actually get the link real quick as far as the one-on-one
mentorship because I literally just finished my batch of students for last
month and since we’re on a new month you can definitely apply where did I put the
link I literally just sent it to like a
couple of people today okay okay I’m actually gonna paste it in the the
chat right now if you guys want to apply there’s a link right there and you’ll be
on your way for that Shopify money alright so we have open DM chat hives
own on Instagram okay you’re the hype zone alright definitely I’ll I’ll
definitely get back with you after the livestream unless you want me to you
know do a quick walk through to your store right now I mean if you don’t mind
people looking at your store we can do that right now doing the mentorship
monthly or is it long term it is monthly I’ve zone check our DM I have a product
that I know is going to sell also I know you exactly
I want to target I just never used Facebook as before also have I also have
I have the budget well since you haven’t used Facebook
advertisement before it’s gonna be you’ve got to be prepared you know you
just got to know that you’re gonna be spending some money and just have the
proper education before you actually spend some money so for me I would
probably watch you know cover my old videos I do have different strategies as
far as like low budget testing high budget testing and just different
strategies as far as like making the right and the best ad out there so or
you can check out my let in my latest video you know I talked about Facebook
advertising there but you did talk about targeting and just to expand on that you
know it’s gonna be mostly your ad creative like what if your if your ad is
trash and you have the best audience like let’s say you have let’s say you’re
promoting a jewelry product okay and then you use the interest jewelry well
right off the bat you know that you target the right interests but let’s say
your head is trashed alright then no more nobody’s gonna
click your ad nobody’s gonna buy from you nobody’s going to actually be
interested in it because you have a trash Edie so focus on the ad more than
you’re targeting once you get you know once you get into that mindset your ads
are gonna be so much better you’re gonna get so much
more clicks and add to carts and your ads are gonna be so much cheaper because
nowadays Facebook is putting a score on you know your ads and they’re giving you
a feedback score as far as is it positive is a negative is it relevant to
your audience and if it if it’s not then you know Facebook isn’t gonna show your
ads to people so you need to understand how to actually create a really really
good ad and just start from there I’m a small account that I’m growing hit
913 K followers I gained 200 clay followers this week nice if you don’t
mind sharing how’d you grow your followers to 200 200 followers in a week
I think that would definitely help a lot of people how much does it cost to start
drop shipping okay well it’s a complicated question but as long as you
have money you know you’ll be good but if you want the exact you know answer
you know you’re gonna need a $29.99 for your Shopify plan or berlo’s free maybe
let’s say you need a couple of apps then you need about I’ll say thirty bucks
okay you need reviews on your stores so that’s gonna be about $9.99 and then you
need some ups maybe some upsell apps if you have some complimentary products
maybe countdown timers those are free maybe some abandoned cart protectors as
far as if they Add to Cart and then they leave your website you need those type
of apps so I would say at least thirty dollars as far at so you’re up to what
sixty bucks all right now you got let’s say you need to create a logo alright
that’s five bucks so you’re up to $65 so next is all about his face advertising
so that’s about $1,000 to me that’s you need at least $1,000 but maybe you might
not spend $1,000 to get like a successful product but I think that’s
the good budget I would say at least like a thousand thousand dollars and six
a thousand and sixty five dollars that’s that’s your budget especially if you
have no idea what you’re doing Facebook can get really discouraging what do you
used to make your ads I use a Camtasia so I know a lot of people use Adobe
Premiere Pro or most I mean most of the apps let’s say your dropship being a
product most of the suppliers do provide you with videos so most the time I only
put like the music cut it up making my own or I ordered the
product and just cut it up with Camtasia and make my own video but most of the
most of the advertisements that I do are mostly influence or advertisements so I
would send them the product and I literally just use their whatever they
give to me so if they’re wearing the product I use that for my ad if they
make a video about it I use that for my ad if they make a story post I use that
for my ad if people leave reviews I leave I use that for my ad too so you
know it just depends on what product that you’re selling honestly as I met as
I’m at a point I’m at a stage where I don’t have to literally like create ads
all the time because I built up a influencer base of people that I can
literally just send products out to or they can just create ad for me so that’s
the point where you want to get to guys you don’t want to be creating as
literally you know every single day because think about it guys let’s say
you’re selling I don’t know let’s say that let’s say this is a dog toy okay
is it is a baseball but let’s say it’s a dog toy alright you get it for about $2
on Aliexpress but you’re selling it for maybe $19.99 like wouldn’t you want is
like if I would buy this product for $2 if it’s gonna make me create an ad I
basically created an ad for $2 because I’m gonna send it to the influencer boom
I’m probably gonna spend maybe a dollar 50 just to send it so now I’ve spent
three dollars and 50 cents just to make a really really good ad okay I didn’t
take it from Aliexpress I didn’t go on Facebook and copied people’s videos I
made my own unique ad from a popular influencer for 303 dollars and 50 Cent’s
you know and they get to keep the product I’m you know I don’t I don’t
care about $2 as long as I can make a really good return on adspend
so that’s something to you know look at a lot of people don’t really think about
that because I don’t know if I guess people think
that is like a lot of work when it’s really not but trust me guys like if you
send the products of influence or like your conversions are gonna be through
the roof and you’re gonna make more sales I got my first two thousand
followers in the first month with my second page now I’m trying to grow in
the carnage yeah the carnage is a really good niche
to get into there’s actually one dude called suds box-like to me he’s one of
the best as far as like the carnage he sells detailing products on maybe you
can look into that he’s making multiple six figures which is crazy like I’m sure you’re familiar with
things called gang chats on Instagram that’s all I’ve been doing to grow my
page until I hit somewhere near 2,000 to 3,000 followers and I reach the explore
page so is this like a software or what is this because personally I wouldn’t
use any software’s nowadays because Instagram is banning a lot of accounts
and deleting a lot accounts so that’s a tough one
yo bro I don’t know if you remember me from last livestream but I lost a lot of
money on influencers now I left with $150 should I save it and wait until the
coronavirus chills down well it doesn’t look like the problem is the coronavirus
so the problem is probably because you you know you use the couple influencers
and it didn’t work out so the Krone just waiting down on the coronavirus is gonna
help out but $150 as far as a budget goes is a little bit too low so if
that’s literally all you have in the bank and you’re expecting this to work
for you I would highly recommend you know trying to make some more money and
then saving up but this isn’t where you should be stopping because of the
coronavirus because you can still use us suppliers all right so that’s that
should be out the window but your problem is just that you just don’t have
enough money as far as a budget so just try to make some more and then get back
into it you know at least you at least you can say you tried how do you tell if
an influencer is legit great question so most of the time I mean you could tell
to me I personally stay to personal influencers I don’t really go for
influencers like fan pages or influencers like you know those
influencers that like you know just post regular posts and they don’t have like a
face behind it I go for influencers that have a face if you know those are the
best influencers even if they have a couple of fake followers they actually
have real a real following as far as people that you know they that want to
listen to them and you don’t have to worry about you
know BOTS and things like that because a person that has a face behind their
brand is the best way to go in my opinion and if you could stick to that
you know I think you’ll be you’ll be alright you won’t you won’t have bacon
in any fake influencers maybe by a page in the niche of your
product with that money yeah you probably possibly could
buying an Instagram page I bought in a couple Instagram pages in the past and
I’ve used it to turn it into you know my Shopify stores which definitely helps a
lot because because you have a following and if you can find a page in your niche
you can definitely you know gravitate a lot of people into that funnel yeah I’m
starting a Facebook ad agency game back into Shopify after yeah Facebook Ads
agency is a good way to make money work with those local companies and or even
ecommerce stores how does ship internationally from
aliexpress us suppliers some of the suppliers will ship it internationally
but to me I just stick to us suppliers I mean us customers and I stick to you
know the main top four like Australia UK Canada those are gonna be your main
audiences but most of the time you just want to stick to the United States first
and then scale out scale up to the whole world because it only makes sense if
somebody let’s say there’s a successful like actual successful e-commerce brand
they’re not gonna start you know shipping worldwide most of the time they
don’t say we’re gonna ship worldwide they’re gonna say we only ship to the
United States and then once they get the great capital once they get everything
in place then they can ship worldwide only makes sense don’t go out there and
you know start promoting it to you know charm any like you know or France like
you guys know what I’m talking about like all the other countries you
definitely just want to stick to United States and then scale out from there trying to grow legit businesses here you
look like a homeboy mow happy dropshipping man appreciate it hey bro
what did what do till coronavirus problem you have like I have like three
literally three videos on my channel you know discussing about the
coronavirus men but as far as the coronavirus guys like yes is a big deal
but just stick to United States suppliers and you’ll be alright that use
this time to really scale down your ads if you’re making six figures or whatever
just scale it down if you’re using Chinese suppliers and then once some you
know things happen starts like disappearing as far as the viruses and
Chinese New Year you know rows back then we can start scaling up with Chinese
suppliers but right now just stick to United States for pliers and you BRE hi
Malik what’s up Don intermediate-level we found Amazon supplier can we
wholesale the Amazons Claire and Phil before a customer by
customer yeah so how is that store doing I know you were selling one of those
Valentine’s Day products I literally forgot to ask you about it in the DM but
yeah if you if you found an Amazon supplier just make sure your profits are
good because I know Amazon they like to mark up their prices as far as product
goes and they’re not really like a drop shipping you know as far as like getting
good profits but they will ship your products out fast I use Amazon to just
they’re like you know ship my products fast and it’s a good time to do it now
but for you you know wholesale it is gonna be hard to find an Amazon supplier
if you did then good for you bro I would definitely use it I just wear a mask
yeah yeah a lot of people are I guess that the death toll is actually about
500 people that died like that’s as real stats real sad man that’s real sad
hopefully things get a lot better how do you buy an Instagram account I
use ‘literally DM but to me I use PayPal and I just get the information before I
actually send the money over you don’t want to get scammed in this ballgame but
literally flah more he has a lot of he has a pretty big page and he literally
has like 2,000 followers on his latest page that he’s bought
I would probably network with him and see how he did it because there are
different strategies out there that as far as buying Instagram pages yeah so he
said just dim the page and ask them to sell it as far and if you can like
actually like the trick that I use like to use is I like to just try to see the
potential that they can make so I just say hey like you know your page is
alright but I think your page is worth this amount of money and then those
start thinking about it and then they’ll end up doing it sometimes especially if
their page isn’t really going anywhere that just posting content most of the
people that do it they just do it for a passion and so just just a DM and say if
they can sell it stories doing great it was not whole so okay so it’s not hosts
though yeah I mean like I said right now since the coronavirus and Chinese New
Year’s you know holding everybody back just try to see if you can use the
Amazon supplier you might make a little bit of profit but at the end of the day
you’re gonna have happy customers they’re gonna probably come back later
and I think I did see your story you had some returning customers so that’s good
my budget is on 2k cards should I go with Facebook Ads Google Ads or
Instagram all right so like I said it depends on the product that you’re
promoting but you know I really can’t answer that question I mean I would say
like it just depends what your preferences if you have a product that’s
literally getting searched up a lot like I’m talking a lot a lot go with Google
if you got like products that appeal to the younger people as far as like
fashion you know jewelry and things like that go with Instagram if you have like
general products go with Facebook but Facebook you can sell anything on
Facebook that’s the thing so like let’s say you’ve been doing well on Instagram
you can easily scale your products on Facebook Ads you can start retargeting
people you can start doing look-alikes and make a lot of money so to me you’re
probably just based off of what your you’ve been saying you know I think it’s
gonna be Facebook and Instagram wow the chat is going really fast right now
Shopify payments are stripe I’ll go with stripe but I haven’t had any problems
with Shopify payments as long as you have you know you provide them with the
tracking email you have us suppliers you’ll be fine how much do I make off of
youtube I make a pretty good amount of money I mean I make more on my drop
shipping stores and as far as my personal brand but YouTube since I’m in
the business niche I do make a pretty good amount of money as far as like
using that as cash flow I guess you can say pretty good amount of money though but YouTube isn’t my main my main
traffic I mean my main like income source if that’s what you’re asking
store did better than Ron could handle it he actually refused the business damn
yeah he’s missing out I would mix Facebook and Instagram me up
I agree I’ll post all the details in the Skype
chat are for sure man I’ll definitely take a look at that I am from Canada tax
is a bit complicated here any recommendations I don’t really know much
about Canadian taxes I know that I’m from I think I don’t know if you you
were the one that commented on one of my videos asking if I was from Canada but
I’m not I don’t live or I’m not from Canada I actually live in the United
States so I don’t know any Canadian you know dropshippers that I can like
literally point you towards to but I would just DM Shopify like Shopify is
located in Canada so I would just dam them Abram wondering I’m in Canada and
how do I deal with taxes yeah I don’t know much about taxes from Canada but
just damn DM Shopify you know a lot of people are underestimate Shopify’s help
that they will help you maybe I should started YouTube and teach
people how to grow a pages on Instagram like via his abut my English is really
bad as long as you deliver content I mean I think you’ll be fine like use
this use this as like a learning process of learning English as long as you
deliver the content like I said you can grow and I have checked out VI has this
channel he’s a good really a really good YouTube channel that he definitely grow
pretty fast have I ever tried snapchat as what do
you think about it I’ve tried doing shoutouts as far as snapchat but I
haven’t ran snapchat as before I know that they do have a platform and I heard
that it’s a little bit expensive you I think your minimum is like $50 a day
they don’t do no faith they don’t do the Facebook thing where you can do like $2
$5 a day have like a minimum cap that you have to
spend $50 a day or something like that I don’t know there’s fifty or thirty
dollars a day but they do have a minimum all right guys so we’re at 46 minutes on
the live stream I appreciate all the love all the support make sure you smash
the like button right now everybody that’s watching right now smash the like
button we got about 13 minutes 13 minutes guys well part of stage do you live in I live
in Texas smash the button like 12 hours ago yeah
how long is learning curve for Facebook ads it’s honestly it’s not isn’t
Facebook as is not complicated just the fundamentals is what you need to learn
and like and understanding like what works and what doesn’t work as far as
when to turn off the ad when you know that it’s not gonna work and just the
numbers right looking at those little things is what’s going to like help you
save so much money like for example let’s say you put out an ad and the only
thing that you’re looking at is that I’m not getting any sales that shouldn’t be
that the final say of if you should keep the ad running or if you shouldn’t keep
the ad running yes you’re trying to get sales but are you getting any clicks is
your clicks cheap is it expensive if it’s expensive your ad creative isn’t
that great you know you need to maybe change up your ad maybe if your
engagement is low then probably not interested in your product if your
clicks are cheap and they land on your website then that tells me okay well
maybe my product page isn’t that good right maybe my checkout process is not
good so it’s more of the little intricate things instead of looking at
you know what’s the like the secret thing that’s gonna like literally scale
my ads because there’s different strategies out there guys believe it or
not there’s different methods there’s different ways of creating ads and
things like that but if you don’t know the little things
you’re gonna be researching Facebook guys like forever like you’re not gonna
find success doing it the most important thing to me is the product if you have a
good product that should be number one and then number two should be how you
actually advertise it once you get those two down and then you learn the little
intricate things you’ll you’ll learn Facebook guys really simply like it’s
gonna be so easy you literally put out an ad and then you’ll get sales like
instantly since shipping from China keeps getting
delayed some suppliers saying till March have you tested any us or outside
Chinese suppliers yet right now I mean most of my suppliers that I’m working
with they’re in the United States so I don’t have to I don’t really deal with
the Chinese suppliers the only reason I’ll deal with Chinese suppliers if I’m
ordering in bulk as far as if I won’t need to do my inventory but I’ve already
ordered my products ahead of time and I’m worried like way ahead of schedule
so like for you guys that are dealing with Aliexpress just go with the United
States suppliers because most of these suppliers they will say that like they
are delayed they can’t ship out your products at a certain amount of dates
they there they’re not open till maybe February like 10th or so or maybe even
next week so take their word for don’t take their word for granted guys like
actually say okay well they’re not gonna ship out my products I’m not gonna use
this supplier let me go find the exact product on a u.s. supplier yes like I
said it might be a little bit higher but it’s a lot better than doing nothing
honestly and just like wasting your time missing your suppliers can you ship it
out you know you know just stressed out and things like that just deal with the
United States suppliers guys trust me it’s like really simple like don’t over
complicate it I would advertise some 18-plus products
on snapchat I don’t think people on snapchat would buy anything off ahead
maybe I don’t know but like snapchat influencers do work well they it works
just like influenced I mean Instagram influencers it works just the same and a
1-1 cool thing with the snapchat ads is that like you can go they do have like
certain groups on snapchat as far as like for example like pages like
sometimes you can go for like universities like let’s say you have a
university that’s like all about partying and
you know doing all that fun stuff and you have like actual product that
appeals to those type of people you can go and message those pages and they will
post and then they can organically get views because snapchat works as far as
like location if they added you and if like let’s say there you can vacant
their page can appear on their own snapchat account so that definitely
helps out as far as snapchat adds okay okay yeah guys I got like an insane
video that’s gonna drop on Saturday so y’all stay tuned for that one insane
video how do I add tracking I got two people asking where their packages are
so our barillo should do it automatically if they don’t then you had
to probably uh upgrade and I think it cost about 29.99 to use the order low
but to me I use drop if I’d which is I think $49.99 right now and that
automatically just sends out the tracking information so that that does
it on the Shopify side but as far as the PayPal side I use a paypal buy autopilot
and it sends out the tracking number instantly to the paypal account or the
paypal user that paid with paypal so that helps out with you know not not
letting your payments being on hold on paypal and that app is super clutch and
it’s real cheap too because all you got to do is buy credits and it’s called
PayPal buy autopilot you should consider the zero to 10 K
challenge from other youtubers like Jay Ridge via haze’ have done it believe it
will benefit your channel master Plus YouTube channel will gain traction yeah
I’ve done a lot of challenges in the past it definitely does help out I’ll
definitely I’ll definitely think about doing some challenges in the future for
sure what kind of challenges should I do actually let me get some ideas here
oh it’s told that Shopify handles the taxes part for you yeah they actually do
handle it they do send out a 1099 if you make a certain amount
I think the threshold is like 20k if you haven’t made 20k then you don’t have to
file taxes for that but if you do make more than twenty thousand as far as
sales then you do that they will send you out a form which is the 1099 and
then you can use that to file your taxes these new stores don’t know about the
1099 yeah there’s some good times man that’s some good times bro ten o’clock 1099 challenge man like that day that
was the times man those were the times maybe we should do that again these new
Soze what’s up champ what’s up Jordan I haven’t seen you in a while bag
collector solid alright guys so we got about three minutes guys and I’m about
to hop off I got somewhere to be so I appreciate all the love and support guys
but we got three minutes now I’m still gonna be on here to ask for you guys
hasn’t last many questions we’ve been on here for almost an hour man like an hour
I literally took an hour out of my day to literally help you guys out for free
insane right insane that just tells me I love you guys I love the support love
all the love that you guys saw my channel and a lot of day one is on here
too but um 0-100 km one that might be a good idea
definitely what had to do some some research on that as far as what kind of
price I want to sell because that probably got to be on point you’re the
man appreciate it appreciate it one of my favorite Shopify dropshipping
youtubers appreciate it man by next Thursday my site should be done I hope
by then I could DM a link to my website you can let me know if I need anything
yeah for sure just dami whenever you get your site up just do me and I’ll
definitely look at it copy what other people are selling a fine brand new crop
or find brand new products I’m do both and they both work they both work men
just don’t copy literally every single thing I mean you can go out there and
import the same product because if it’s selling for them is probably going to
sell for you but the problem is if you’re not gonna advertise it right it’s
not gonna work for you so keep that in mind and then it’s not gonna be any
different if you sell brand new products if you don’t know how to sell a product
that’s already selling how can you expect to sell a product that’s being
introduced in the marketplace arch yeah so I think we hit the countdown already
I appreciate all the love we got thirteen people on here make sure you
smash the like button guys smash smash smash the like button right now like I
said is gonna help the YouTube algorithm boost the video and it definitely shows
like if you guys support my channel or not so appreciate all the love you guys
check out the program in the link in the description if you do want Valentine’s
Day products as far as us suppliers not Chinese suppliers us suppliers for
dropshipping products you guys can check in the link in description and then I
also if you want to do the the one-on-one mentorship
let me grab the link real quick you guys want to do the one-on-one
mentorship you guys can sign up you can guys can sign up right here that I just
sent in the chat issue I will review a real review review your story just DM me
and I’ll definitely help out with that so like I said we’re and we’re at the
end of the finish line appreciate all the love all the support and I will see
you guys on the next one gotta catch a gotta gotta go gotta go


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    Hey Malik, did you spend $200 and make 2000 just off running interest Ads? Or did you also run some retargeting and created some audiences?


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