Shopify Dropshipping in 2020 | Is It Worth It??

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(smoove music) – Yo, what’s going on everybody? It’s your boy, Mohamed Camara, and welcome back to the channel. First of all, Happy New
Year’s to everybody. Welcome to 2020. We finally made it. With that being said, we do have to talk about money, all right? We talk about getting our money, right? If this is your first time
tuning in to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We do nothing but talk about money and how to get some passive income online, specifically using eCommerce as a vehicle. With that being said, let’s talk about some of the big
changes coming in 2020 and how you can reprogram your mind so that you can really stay consistent with your results and keep
growing your store in 2020, despite all the nonsense and the rumors and the things going
around about dropshipping and eCommerce in 2020. Real quick before we dive into this, I want you to enter a giveaway, okay? So we do giveaways here weekly for a 30-minute phone call, and if you want a chance to enter that all you have to do is comment
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winner in the next video I post next week. So go ahead and comment that down below to enter the giveaway. I want to start off by saying, let’s just address the
big elephant in the room which is, is dropshipping dead? Is dropshipping coming to an end? The answer is no, okay? Absolute no. And if you see any of
these videos out here using these clickbaity titles just to get you to click on their videos and believe in some random theory that they’ve generated about eCommerce, just please, please,
please stay away from that. That is gonna do nothing but destroy you, and kinda limit your belief on what’s actually possible for you. There’s no way that eCommerce is dying. Last year it did past one trillion. Amazon is going up in
value every single year. And they’re not the only ones
benefiting from eCommerce. When it comes to dropshipping
and Shopify in 2020, it’s really gonna come down to having your systems in place, which is why in this video I wanna go over a system that you need to
have set up every single time so that no matter what platform or what advertising platform you’re using, you can guarantee results, and you can guarantee
that you’re gonna have customers who really,
really like your brand. You need to have all these pieces in place for your eCommerce store
to really be successful, and making sure you’re
getting the best bang for your buck while investing
and growing your business. Now the big reason why
people are saying eCommerce is coming to an end is because they haven’t
executed it well themselves. But that’s fine, because
those who suck at it, it’s now gonna give us room for the real ones
watching videos like this to go ahead and exceed at the opportunity. Because what happened is before, because the industry was very new, there was no barriers, really. Anybody with a laptop could just come on. Anybody could just hop on the internet, create a store, run some rinky-dink ad and start pumping out millions. But it doesn’t work like that. That was a very sloppy
way of getting it done. And even though it
worked, that’s not the way you build a business. The whole point is if you
treat this like a side hustle, it’s gonna give you side hustle results. If you treat it like a business, it’s gonna give you business results. So let’s go over how you
can set up your store so that it’s a business and not just some side hustle, trying to pump out some quick cash. The first thing you need to
have down is your targeting. It doesn’t matter what product you have. If you’re not targeting the right people on any of these advertising platforms, I’m talking Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, okay? If you’re not showing your products to the right people, it doesn’t matter. You can have the best
product in the world, but if you’re not showing that to a precise group of people with a precise message of why
they should buying from you, that is gonna make your
conversions go down. It’s gonna make it seem like
the product is not successful. So how can we guarantee that we’re showing this to the right people? Well, one, you have to realize that you’re gonna run
your first couple of ads to just testing audiences. And these are gonna be
your testing ads, right? You’re gonna be just testing to see how people react to your product. And in this stage, the big mistake here is that back then, you can get sales and be profitable off of
just running testing ads, and running your initial ads to people who are seeing them for the first time. ‘Cause let’s be honest,
when you’re running these testing ads, the
people coming across them only see your brand once. And think about the last
time you bought something from a brand that you’ve
only seen once, right? You probably need to get
more familiar with the brand. On average, it’s gonna take
seven different encounters with your brand before
somebody actually buys. So this means we have to
have our retargeting set up. Not only do we have to
target people the right way, we also have to have
our retargeting set up so that when people see our
brand for the first time, or they encounter our
product for the first time, they’re also getting retargeted so that it’s shown to them
in a more comfortable manner. That first testing ad is like just a soft introduction, and then the retargeting is like okay, I’m asking you out to a date, okay? And then once you have these
retargeting ads set up, like based on what actions
they’ve taken to your store. So let’s say they add it to cart, but then they didn’t finish, and then you retarget those people. They’re gonna be more inclined to buy, and that’s really where your profitability is gonna come from. So far, we have these
two pieces here, right? You have your targeting set up so that it’s going and introducing
your brand to the world. And then you have your retargeting set up so that those who’ve actually
taken actions with your brand are getting more
familiarized with your brand. And these retargeting
ads are usually gonna be the most profitable ads for you. For example, I’m running
ads on Pinterest right now, and Pinterest is a very
future-based platform. It’s where people make
pins and they do things to save for the future, so they plan to buy in the future. In this case, none of my testing ads that I run on Pinterest, and I’m spending about $400
a day right now testing, but none of those testing ads get any single purchases at all. All the purchases come from retargeting, and I’m still profitable overall because I have these two systems in place. So go ahead and set up your
retargeting as soon as you can, just because it’s never too
early to set up retargeting. The reason why is because
you’ll be retargeting specific groups of customers based on actions they’ve already taken, and that’s gonna be a small,
concentrated group of people. But let’s say you have
nobody in these audiences, and you have this ad set up to where you’re spending $5 a day towards this specific group of people. If there’s nobody in that audience, it’s not going to spend
it in the first place, so you don’t lose. And if there is somebody in that audience, there’s a high likelihood
that they’re gonna buy. So you wanna have these retargeting ads set up at the same time. So you have your targeting,
you have your retargeting, and then the last piece is
having your remarketing set up. This comes down to having emails, automated email systems
that are gonna go ahead and send out specific types of emails to customers based on actions
they’ve taken with your brand, but most importantly, you’ll be able to build your asset from people who purchase from your brand, right? You can go, and since
they trust your brand more and they’ve proven that
they’re comfortable with making a purchase from your brand, they’re more willing to buy
from your brand once again. So these are the three
things that you need to have if you’re gonna see any type of success in eCommerce going forward, all right? Welcome to the ’20s, all right? And this is how it’s gonna be from now on. But you can apply this any business model, any type of niche. You can apply this to any
type of advertising platform. This is what you need to have. It’s like a cog, and if
you have just testing ads and you’re expecting to be
profitable off of those, then you’re hugely mistaken. Because that used to work back then, but it’s not that easy now. You’re gonna have to actually set up your dropshipping stores
like a proper business so that you’re covering all grounds. If they encounter your brand and they don’t take any action, they’re gonna at least see your brand over and have an opportunity to encounter. If they do, and they do
take action and purchase, you’ll be able to upsell them on other products in the future. You’ll be able to cross sell
them on similar products that are similar to the ones
that they already bought. Okay, so the real magic
happens when you get people into the remarketing area, and that’s really where you’re gonna start to build your asset out. And that’s very, very valuable, especially in 2020 where
data is the new oil. The more data you have
from your customers, the more valuable your business is. And this is also a reason why dropshipping is a lot better, as far as the small business owner, it’s a lot better for you
to own a dropshipping store rather than to just leech onto
Amazon and do an Amazon FBA. Nothing against Amazon FBA owners. It’s a great way to make passive income, but it’s not a great way to
build an asset for longevity. Especially 20 years from now, I see it being eCommerce is gonna be one of probably the most
valuable industries ever, because that’s the trend
that’s happening now. This year, trending to do about 1.4 or $1.5 trillion
in revenue in eCommerce. And trust me, all of that money
is not just going to Amazon. It’s gonna go to the small brand owners. Some of the big pain points of Amazon is that it’s so large that it takes away that buying experience, it takes away that special connection you’re supposed to have
with your customers. So people are also gonna look for personal buying experiences. They’re gonna look for buying experiences from Shopify store owners like you who are able to create
this experience for them, where you target them, you retarget them, and you’re also remarketing them, okay? This is how you make them
feel a part of your company, and that’s really the only way I see anybody go about succeeding in 2020 with dropshipping, or any form of eCommerce. So if you don’t have that mindset to have all three of these cogs set up at the same moment and delivering consistently over and over, then don’t complain that
you’re not profitable because you need to treat
your store like a business, and that’s how all other
businesses are competing so you gotta step your game up too. And if not, then just get
out the way, you know? Leave some space for the real people who are really trying
to get into eCommerce and build long, profitable,
sustainable businesses. Dropshipping is only dead
for those who are lazy and expecting to just
run a targeting campaign and make a million dollars, okay? It’s gonna take a whole system and a full-fledged,
from a point A, B, to Z, wrapping up that customer’s journey. And to further prove that dropshipping is a great opportunity
to pursue in 2020 still, while eCommerce is going up, is because here’s results
on the previous month, okay? And I’m not sure you can see that, but over 100k. It is a screenshot from a previous month. And this is just the beginning of it. This is just starting out. And if you wanna do months like this, then make sure you hit that
link in the description and join Ecom Bootcamp. Of course we walked through how to set up your targeting ads, and test and find the right audiences. We go over how to set
up your retargeting ads, step by step, in detail, and also how to use
Klaviyo to set up automatic remarketing email
campaigns to your customers so you have this system going. Absolutely needed, and if you don’t have this system going in any of
your advertising campaigns, do not expect to be
profitable in eCommerce, okay? So that’s the big thing I wanted to drop. Dropshipping is not dead. It won’t be dead. It will be here a long time after we even move past ecom. It’ll just evolve to something better. But it’s a great opportunity for those who want to start up
something very valuable for a very low startup cost. So anybody looking to get
into the eCommerce space, feel free to subscribe to this channel. I drop a lot of videos
relating to eCommerce, and I’m sure you’ll get a
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