Shopify Dropshipping – Top 10 Winning Products to Sell NOW


wassup it’s your friend and mentor mr. da
Vinci in this video I’m going to show you the top 10 winning products itself
right now for Shopify dropshipping gonna live and direct so here we are on the
website I’m gonna show you today is product mafia calm there’ll be a link
below in the description section and there will also be a link below in the
comment section I’ll have this pending video so let’s start with the first
product that I have for you which is I thought this was very cool for hers I
haven’t seen this man tested yet but I got a good feeling that if you test this
product you can make a lot of money so the first product I have for you is a
solar powered streetlight it comes with a description from a winning store has
some nice pictures over here very high quality now I do want to tell you that
there is a video for this product but you have to upgrade your account for it
see right here this video also shows you the targeted video no I got it so you
got upgrade your account you won’t see the video got the targeting shows you
the winning entry some facebook ads that you can target but aside from that the
recommended selling price is $149 point 99 basically $150 the products gonna
cost you forty two dollars and 93 cents leaving you a profit margin of a hundred
and seven dollars and six sentences so definitely hop on the way look up the
solar power streetlight and yeah that’s the first product I got for you so let’s
move on to product number two that I have all right product number two is this
emergency waterproof sleeping bag give this a few seconds load up but boom bada
bing so here we have this emergency waterproof sleeping bag it’s fall so
people still going out camping it’s not to the point where it’s too cold and
it’s not at the point where it’s too hot the weather’s just right depending on
where you live so camping is still profitable campers are still going
camping and people are still going out enjoying nature this is a great product
and it has a nice description you can kind of twist this towards your Facebook
ever site Facebook advertising it looks like it’s using little scare
tactic to get the people engaged so that’s definitely a headline they’ll
catch a lot of attention for this specific product it only got like one
two three three pictures for you comes with four one in description and click
right here you can push the shop request or so the selling price is gonna start
this for his 1995 product called Street Hollas $0.72 giving you a profit margin
$16 and 23 set I highly recommend that you know this product definitely check
it out so let’s go to the third winning product that I have for you right now scroll on down here here we have funny food socks I know
that you’re thinking hugging socks be a profitable product and if you’re
thinking that you are highly wrong the socks niche the socks nice is a very
profitable niche especially if you’re no I’m print-on-demand you can definitely
upsell this with like some t-shirts some hoodies on jackets so I’m legging some
joggers you get the point this is very very popular niche and as
you seen before I clicked on this product it has over 5,500 orders and
only a week so as you see it’s nice funny got funny food socks different
cereals different Doritos yogurt whole bunch of fun stuff comes with a nice
description now this is selling price 795 product colors at about 85 your
profit margin would be $6 in lunch then I say you could at least get four pair
of socks mmm say about ten dollars so you’re
looking at $10 a pop for a dollar 85 living you $8 at 15:15 center sale so
that’s the third product that I got for you let’s move on to the fourth one and
product we’re gonna scroll here this is for all the cat lovers because the
patent Esha is a multi-billion dollar industry you definitely want hop on that
way so here we have a interactive motion cat toys because everybody loves their
cats who has a cat um right here you can push his products or your Shopify store
just like that selling price is gonna be $27.90 product cost $19 $0.14
giving you a profit margin of eight dollars and 76 cent but here’s the
kicker you wanna at least I like to aim for at
least 50% of a profit margin based on what I’m
selling at sometimes that’s how to go for fifty to seventy percent so if
you’re willing to boost this up a little bit you could sell this for at least
yeah you could sell this for thirty nine point thirty nine ninety five product
costs be 1914 and you’ll be making twenty dollars and some change per sale
so that’s the fourth product that I have for you let’s move on to the fifth
product fifth product that I have for you is this right here a crystal cosmetic
storage bag so for this was if your product I’m gonna be looking to target
people in the health and beauty niche health and beauty niche sorry and you’re
gonna have to add more to this description southern price is $119 an 85
cent product cost is $34 and 67 cent giving you a profit of $85 and 18 cent
so definitely hop on the way look up rotating crystal cosmetic storage box
and start selling that today if you want to make $85 a sale per sale so let’s hop
on the wave scroll down product number six a half of you today just gotta find that again right here
you go now reason why I like this product has a nice gift some of y’all
might say just that I call the gifts stop loading here but as you’ve seen
before I clicked on this product it was nice it was in motion and you can just
right click save that and it’ll download but southern price is $22 98 cent
product cost $7 92 cent give you your profit profit margin have fifteen
dollars and six cent definitely want sellers in the fluo niche and you want
who likes cooking kitchen baking all that good stuff hop on the wave get your
hands on that get down your store start testing run another as ASAP alright
let’s continue on our mission keep scrolling
all those games game Computers gotta stuff together so here
we go oh I just passed a product that nope
make it see what I was telling you about the product I just showed you
it’s what it looks like when this emotion definitely gonna turn a lot of
is definitely a scroll star next product that I have for you as a therapeutic
next support tension reliever I’ll load this up here it on let’s go ahead if we
store obviously but I like the description really you in it explains
what the product does how you the problems are solved he has some nice
pain points one Street for for pain points so the southern price for this
product 2495 product is four dollars and ninety four dollars and ninety two cent
giving you a profit margin of twenty dollars and seven cent I’ve seen this
product pop up all the time on Facebook it’s definitely a winning product get
your hands on it while you can get you some sales make you some money
you got prime seven so here we go right up number eight right dropship enjoying
the video having fun at you ball in this eventually show you boys some love been
like that ago and people comment glow or chin subscribe to channel if you’re not
like okay so scroll on down we’re gonna f1 envelope so the next winning product that I have
for you is responsible pants this is definitely a good niche something like
clearly in heaven that’s not something I do
as you can see big bold heads really good papers about the pen and things we
saw explaining the 16 Osiris with this massive self again yeah and we’re gonna
add to 2.95 76,000 to say what product costs give me a quadrant of 6 miles 30
percent that’s obviously because I’m good job my listen we do little Bank in
action 59 thousand six hundred thirty four orders well some might be hanging
this especially how the products many listen long he’s in the hoodie
confidential important knives company so it basically could actually Martin don’t
have a big way if anything big numbers drawing and proving you that product
this product has proven itself Norma it’s time so as you see we have a
nice description for the case and has some nice boat Xtreme benefits of Lies
case to help them based on other following cases
southern prices $24.99 product cost is four dollars and ninety two cent you
looking at a profit margin twenty dollars and seven cent definitely help
on the wave get you this I know people may $100,000 just selling phone cases
look not promising that that could be you but if you have a potential that it
could beat you so I’ll make some money so far he’s your phone right so any
growing down here oh my computer few seconds Marvin
take his time somebody heart process can team up and only a few years far we came
and here we have the tenth winning pup-fu
which is a funny earpods case not the one that got a lot of weight on the wave
air pause a dope I plan on giving me some but what new is against suitcase
loves their part but ready to target new launch this you can target Disney and
target anything that relates to the product business Monsters Inc I think
you gotta get many the the potential of targeting this I’m not gonna say it’s
endless but you have a lot of variations when it come to this selling price is
999 product cost is $2 seven I think getting your profit margin $7.22 I think
others $19.99 but that’s just me click my face right here to subscribe to the
channel I have a bunch of different content popping up on the screen but
formed by the bank they’re popping up on the screen right now check out those
other videos check out my e-commerce playlist make sure that you click on the
link in the comment section below to check out product mafia it definitely
helped you out there definitely save you time when it comes to videos Facebook ad
targeting insights the information you need about your demographic it’s a very
helpful tool that once again L being you on this section it will also be in the
verse description this has been a friend of
mentor miss intervention checking out see you in the neck


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