Smart Offers – Triple your profits with this WooCommerce WordPress sales funnel plugin


In the next two minutes, you will discover
a WordPress plugin that can triple your profits. You are running or developing an e-commerce
site and looking forward to boost profits and have more consistent sales. May be you
feel like you’re spinning your wheels with everything you need to do, to get a sale.
Maybe you’re frustrated with this endless cycle of wasting time, energy, and effort
dealing with all the challenges and generating enough sales to make a profit. You see, here’s the problem. Most of us focus
on getting everything else right – but sales. We work on our products, the website and emails.
But we don’t work on measuring or improving conversion, or optimizing the sales funnel
to generate additional profits. Our Product Page Makeover research proves
that redoing your product information page can maximize conversion rates instantly. Headlines,
bullets, testimonials, guarantee – how you use all of these can dictate whether a visitor
becomes a customer or not. Our research of the Super Profit System says
offering relevant products to your customers while they are in the process of buying; can
triple your profits. Setting up an intelligent sales funnel of upsells, downsells, one time
offers and backend products is the easiest and smartest thing you can do with your site
today. Now knowing this does not do you any good.
So the real question becomes “how do you apply this in your store?” I searched for a WooCommerce extension that
can do this kind of sales funnel. But there was nothing. There is actually nothing that
even does 10% of what I wanted. And since we were building WordPress plugins already,
the natural choice was to develop a new extension that implements the Super Profit System. It’s been six months in the making. We gave
it to some of our customers, and they were shocked to see the jump in their profits.
I don’t want you to wait so long, to triple your profits… So here it is, a killer plugin that boosts
sales instantly… Introducing Smart Offers!! Smart Offers lets you create powerful sales
funnels and special offers easily. It’s like an automated sales machine – you set it once
and it keeps minting money, forever… Setting up the sequence of product offers
can be complicated. But we’ve designed Smart Offers to be simple yet powerful. Let’s look at the four components of an offer. 1. What’s the offer?
What’s the product on offer? And at what price? You can select any product from your store.
Plus you can override its normal price if you wish. This is also the place where you write your
offer description. The description can be a one liner, or a full product sales page. You can also style the call to actions – the
“add to cart” and “skip offer” links. We’ve included some default styling, but you can
customize them to match your theme easily. Basically, you have complete freedom on how
you want to present your offer. 2. Where to show the offer?
The Super Profit System tells us to make offers while the customer is placing an order. You
want to present your offer when there are higher chances of customer accepting them.
You may want to show the offer on the cart page – when the customer just added a product
– to offer a cross sell. Or on the order complete page – to offer an upsell. You may even want
to show an offer on the “my account” page where the customer logs in – to show special
backend offers. Smart Offers does not tie you down with just
once place to show your offers. You can choose where you want to show your offer to maximize
conversions. And we are going to add more options to this
as we continue improving the plugin… 3. When to show the offer?
The next step is to decide when this offer will be shown. For example, you may want to
show this offer when the user just purchased another product. Or you may want to make sure
he’s not purchased the offered product before. Smart Offer lets you add as many rules as
you want. The offer will be shown only if all the rules match. You can show an offer based on what the user
is purchasing, what he purchased in the past, how long he’s been a customer, the total sales
you’ve had from the customer and more… By the way, you can create as many offers
as you want. And there would be situations where two or more offers match all the rules.
Smart Offers lets you pick a winner easily – you can opt to show the offer based on its
price or pick one randomly. This way, you can create a bunch of offers,
track their conversions, and only keep the ones that work to your satisfaction. 4. What to do when the offer is accepted or
rejected? Here comes the decision time! Customers may
accept an offer, skip it or simply ignore it. What should happen on these actions? When someone accepts the offer, the offered
product will be added to the cart and Smart Offers will redirect to the Cart page for
checkout. You may have another offer show up on the cart page, and if that is accepted,
that product will be added to cart as well. But when someone skips an offer, you know
they were not happy with the initial offer. So Smart Offers lets you choose the next action. You can choose to hide this offer and not
show it again; show another offer to the user – that is basically your downsell offer; or
redirect the user to another page. You see, Smart Offers lets you create a range
of offers and sequence them in your sales funnel. It will have an immediate impact on
your sales. And it works for any market or any niche that you can think of. By leveraging The Super Profit System with
Smart Offers, you will be able to get more value out of less traffic. And this will allow
you to finally take control of your business. What’s that worth to you? What’s it worth
to save months and months of efforts, not to mention thousands of dollars that you don’t
have to spend to put in place such a powerful sales machine? There are some people that wouldn’t even
blink spending $1000 on this solution, knowing that by leveraging it they will easily make
three times that amount in just a few days. The good news is I’m not going to charge
anywhere near $1000. I’m not even going to charge $497 for this plugin. The price for this proven step-by-step system
of insane profits was initially going to be $297 for one site. But after careful consideration
we decided not to charge anything close to that. Think about this: you either boost your profits
or you pay nothing. You have absolutely nothing to lose with my 100% money back guarantee. How much will it cost you to not to take advantage
of this system? How many sales are you going to let slip through your fingers? It’s time to finally crank up your business
and put it into gear. It’s time. Click the “Add to Cart” button and you can download
the plugin right after your purchase. You cannot afford to put this off any longer. Go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button
and I’ll see you on the inside.


  1. I was watching this video thinking… its probably not that great… When people talk about making a lot of money… it seems weird.. but actually seeing what it does, is really cool. its like a featured product being displayed above everything…. many online stores do this.. i think its a great feature i look forward to buying this and seeing what features might be added in the future

  2. Thank you! And you are right.. we keep seeing people promising miraculous sales, and not a lot of that is true.. But we build Smart Offers because we've experienced the success with the core offer / promotion strategy first hand and wanted a solution for WooCommerce!

    Love to hear your feedback!

  3. you're welcome, i see things similar to this on amazon.. how they upsell things… and i think.. why is no one taking Note?? amazon probably pays a lot of money for very smart people, to determine that this method is good…. and i always wish i could have advanced strategies like this. And here comes one finally… cant wait

  4. This looks cool but I'd like to see a better demo of what the front-end looks like.  Also, the lack of of support from other users is a concern.  Is this still being supported?

  5. @John Oh: The front end is fully customizable. You can enter any content – and even use full HTML. The "accept" and "skip" offer buttons can be styled easily too.

    The plugin is actively in use on hundreds of stores and well supported.

    You may contact us via if you have any questions.


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