spark plug original or duplicate


hello friends –om namo shivay my name is Anil kaushal and you are watch mr kaushal channel Today we will talk about the plug of motorcycles First we break it and see what happens inside it Inside it is the copper core Its color is black The whole value is of this copper This is the difference between real and fake plugs This copper is very low in fake plugs I have broken two plugs real and fake plugs left side real plug right side fake plug You can see that there is a very gap between the rod of the real plug The real plug is more copper So this plug is costly now see fake plug the rod is long and copper gap is low This way saving in fake plugs A little copper is inserted in the fake plug This copper works as a resistor More Copper More Resistors When your bike does not start you are away the current wire from plug I have the real plug in this hero’s MRP 70 cost I bought this agancy I saw a video on YouTube One man in it did not tell you correctly I’m a Mistry, I would give you the right advice. That man had said that The real plug-in will have a blue color on its upper side. There is no color above it, but it is a real plug The color on a plug is on one not color but the both plugs are real So you should not doubt it Color is not difficult to copy Please ignore that person’s video Some mechanists say that the stone is out in the real plug The plug in the agency is in the stone plug but both plug is real plug The stone only keeps the road cold and prevents it from being shorter now see fake plug bosch If you are 1 common man then So you can identify with this trick You can see the bolt on which we plug the key by opening and tight you can see , This bolt is wide in the real plug Now let’s talk about the best ways For that you need a multimeter First we will set multimeter on diode mode The real fake plug will be identified from here First check the fake plugs of Bosch Let’s check the reading You are listening to the beep You keep one end of a wire plug Here’s the copper core Let’s check how much copper is inserted. 100 ……. 115 ohm Coming in resistor ohm This means that copper is very little put in it Copper is inserted but copper is very little He has copied so little copper use It is hard work to do a fake company Now checking some fake plugs These 4 plugs are fake Someone says this is good this good this is good but 4 plug fake is fake lets check lets cheked Your multimeter can check that the plug is fake or real You can not find it by looking lets see first fake plug checked its pulshar bike plug its fake plug lets cheked How much copper is inserted any wire connect here or there no problem lets see 200 ohm its meaning little copper use ok friends no reading here only checked center point now this is splendor plug its fake plug let checked only beep sound you can hear sound its meaning its pure fake plug only use rod no copper no copper next plug its discover plug lets checked only beep no copper its realy fake plug next plug checked only beep sound This was the identity of a fake plug I have already seen you fake plug of bosch verty little copper reading only show in ohm please Note— If buzzer sounds or comes in the reading ohm then there is a fake plug Now let’s talk about the real plug ngk,champion or bosch Copper is inserted in between So these three plugs belong to the real company lets checked this plug This is the plug that I got from the packing of hero agancy Multimeter is on diode mode hear beep sound Where do you want connect Negative and Positive Probe no reading because its real plug because Copper is inserted into it Now you check this blue dots mark plug no reading This is the right way Reading of the real plug will not come in Ohm Note — only royal enfield reading in400 to500 ohm now checked ngk plug its real plug meter check meter ok no reading now checked champion real plug mostly use in bajaj bike see no reading This was the first identity You can not recognize by looking at the plug piracy is a big problem for everyone Now checks the quantity of copper in the real plug First we set multimeter to 20k now its set 20 k -ok now check First we check the plug of the bosch see blue color check see reading See friends its 5k now check agancy plug check reading its 7k please note Bosch real plug reading in 3k to 8k this reading is only for Bosch plug These plugs are used in Krizma or cbz Almost in Yamaha bikes this plug is used Example crux libro etc. check reading krizma real plug 5k reading ok friends now check Bajaj discover plug its Bosch plug see friends 6 k Now check the copper plug of the NGK NGK also real plug These are also used in very bike check copper reading value see friends NGK 4 k reading The ngk plug also gives the same readings These were the only plugs on my shop I do not know about more plugs I know only about Indian bike indian bike use only these plug mostly bikes use like this plug …… …. Mostly, these three types of plugs are in our Country ok friends Now talk about champion plugs check reading no reading why ? The reason why this is Champion plugs contain very high of copper So we will check its reading at 200k now check reading come 170 k 170 or 180k Champion Company use More Copper If I check the real plug in diode mode no reading This way you can check the plug if you use NGK or Bosch plug reading show 3k to 8 k Remember the reading of the NGK and the Bosch plugs will come in 3k to 8k Do not get confused with color Do not confused with stone chimney only copper impotent please subscribe my channel bye friends


  1. बहूत से लोग वीडियो देख के ये बोल रहे है कि मैंने original प्लग चेक करते वक़्त मीटर की लाल तार को काली तार से chenge किया लेकिन इसका प्लग चेक करने में कोई फर्क नही पड़ता ।आप खुद चेक कर सकते है मल्टीमीटर लेके ।ये एक real वीडियो है ।धन्यवाद

  2. sir mujhe ek baat batana ki original plug aur duplicate plug kaam kitna karta hai uska spark barabar deta hai ya kam jyada deta hai. nice video.

  3. Bhai Jo Ye Champion wala Plug hai jo ke 20 k pr reading nahi show kr raha tha magar 200 k pr reading show ki jisme sikkey ka use ziada kia gaya hai kiya yehi plug in sb mei best quality kehlaye ga? jab ke baqi plug jo 20 k pr 3-6 tk reading show kr rahe hain wo bhi meyari hi hain magar champion plug in sb mein best of best hai?

  4. bhai mera new platina bike hai & me uska head kholna cahta hu but jo 2 no plug hai jo uska outer cap hai bo khul nahi raha bo kese khulega .
    kyu ke jo timing chain hai bo bo us plug ki outer case me fas jaty hai .to plz batao k plug ka outer case kese khulega.

  5. Hi… although could not understand the language, but reading the subtitle was sufficient. Regardless, the video was very very informative.. Thanks from Seattle, Wa

  6. Ha कासिम नाम के बन्दे की वीडियो के जस्ट बाद ही आपकी वीडियो। सामने आई उस भाई ने नीला रंग और प्लग की मोटाई और चमक के बारे में बताया है 👍

  7. Sir ji
    Mere pas ek champion ka plug hai or maine multi Meter se check kiya
    To usme reading 40 k ohm bata raha hai to sir ye plug sahi rahega kya?
    Aap ne ved me dikhaya thaa ke 3 se 7 k ohm hona chahiye .pls sir reply do me confuse hu sir.

  8. बहुत ही सुन्दर प्रस्तुति है जी बहुत ही अच्छी बात है जी सही जानकारी है जी सुपर 👳👌👍🙏💓 धन्यवाद जी

  9. Sir mere liye please 1 video banado may jab nat khol ta hu tab may confuse ho jata hoon ki o nat kidhar khulta hai please sir ji video banado

  10. g ap nai geniun plug k liye wire olti karde q (jaisa k duplicate plug mai plus ko color side pay lagaya awr geniun mai color side pay mines lagaya )

  11. Please sir iridium spark plug par video bano, humko iridium spark plug apni carburetor bike mai lagwana cahiye ya nahi or ye value for money hai ya nahi.

  12. Sir plug are two type…resister plug and non resister plug….maximum Indian byke 4 sa 7 ka ander ata ha….heat range ka upor resister depend korta ha….original plug bhi non resister ata ha…..magar local plug maximum low ohm ka hota…thanks for this vedio

  13. ओरीजनमे आपले मीटरका तार उल्टे लगादी भाय
    प्लस मायनस गलत लगारहे हो

  14. एक गाड़ी का प्लग दूसरे गाड़ी में लगा सकते है क्या
    थ्रेड और लंबाई अगर सेम हो।


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