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I’m Alessandra Barrett, Senior Content Editor for JOC and I’m at our 2019 TPM Conference with Grant Crawford president of Emerge. Great to have you here, Grant.
Great to be here, thank you. Emerge provides a digital marketplace
and a great view into capacity can you give a bit of an overview on the model?
Sure, so we’re a fairly young company. We spent a couple years in development from
a pure foundational software standpoint and went to market back in the fall. What
we’ve done is we’ve created a a platform for shippers to go in and direct connect
directly with carriers where they may have existing relationships with a base
of incumbents. But what we’ve done is provided them a real you know live data
that feeds upwards of 16,000 carriers and now are coming into our system on
daily basis that number changes every day and you know that the hope is, and
the goal is, you know, through time over the course of the next 24 to 36 months
to double that number and provide real live market rates and
opportunities for a shipper to make it choices and you know hopefully
save money at the end of the day. What excites you about entering this space? So, having grown up in the business, I found myself the old guy now coming up on three
decades in transportation. Grew up on the asset side working for a little
company based in Memphis Tennessee and to come to this out of the desk and
provide something that hasn’t existed before. Which is impacting really two
sides of the business that I think is exciting, first off, providing
shippers direct access to carriers. But, sort of the, I guess the
old-school part of me that’s exciting is again having grown up with the drivers
this is something that actually benefits the the actual carriers put some more
money in their pockets and that’s pretty exciting to me. Looking forward a few years what other challenges facing the industry
do you see Emerge being able to solve? Sure, We’ve started on the truckload side absolutely is our goal to continue
to evolve into all modes. So truckload is step one, LTL, building our TMS out to be more dynamic right now I’d call it a “like TMS”
definitely as part of our goal in the future again really connecting
shippers to all modes not just truckload. But, you know, we’re in the
front side of a, I think, really a evolution to where you think
about outside of transportation how technologies and our part of our daily
life and our expectations for information — real-time information — and it’s my opinion that from a transportation standpoint we were slower
as an industry to to react to those changes. So we have a lot of catching up
to do from an industry standpoint but there’s no doubt there’s a very strong
appetite for it right now. What technology do you think holds the most promise for sort of the next wave of evolution? Pure visibility. I was attending a conference recently and I heard you know an example
made where we can go to online to Amazon or Walmart or wherever
whatever your preference is and order reorder your tube of toothpaste
for your bathroom. And you have visibility where that tube of toothpaste is
for the 24 hours it takes to get to your house. But, you know, then you go to work
and move a full truckload of goods it’s worth a couple hundred thousand dollars
and you just accept the fact that you don’t have visibility from Los Angeles
to St. Louis for the three days it takes to get there. So, we’re in the front
side of changing that and expecting the same with, in that
space, than we expect from the everyday things from a personal
standpoint. Thanks for taking time to sit down with me today Grant. Great thank you very much, ma’am. I’ve been speaking with Grant Crawford president of Emerge.


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