Step-by-Step To Find Winning Products Quickly in 2018(live)


Hi everyone and welcome to another daily video from Ricky Hayes at shop for dropshipping lifestyle a few little updates Are been from shop fight ninjas so a video you in there and you don’t see me post That’s why I’ll be spamming econ empires next Might as well make a bit of a case study on how quick I can get banned from these groups Is apparently helping people as a bad thing So that’s one update to I’m wearing one of my favorite t-shirts today, I mean a good good good mood Suzie’s birthday She’s two years old my favorite dog in the world I’m favorite game. Not sure if any of you have heard of it played it horizon zero dawn Admittedly I played that game that much that I didn’t even really speak to my girlfriend Kuro that much true that time a bit sad But anyway, so let’s get in today’s video. Today’s video is about product research I have done this in the past but a lot of people are asking for me for it again I’m gonna do it a bit more of a condensed a bit more of a professional Approach again. I like to keep it simple A lot of people are still going for PPE and asking me about PPE and all this I don’t do anything right into engagement. I don’t care about engagement Admittedly a number of my carousel ads have a couple of comments and they have shit tons of sales because I don’t care I’m not gonna Sit there all day and say oh, yeah, buy yours here crap. I don’t really care Engagement works better on videos for carousel people know that that’s something they want to buy so that’s why I like it and and it works well, so never do PPE so outside in today’s Bureau Research there’s a couple of ways you can go about finding products There are profitable in 2018. Now there’s the whole argument of saturated versus unsaturated There’s nothing but a myth there is no yeah. This is my bogus accounts are against being this stuff There’s no such thing as the one perfect product for anything So what sort of touched on this we got in a previous video, but again you just I got banned from that group, too so it’s two down but you want to go something like you know, so again if I was a lot of people been asking me about Sunglasses and jewelry, so get yours here Sunglasses Now, I’m not sure if this will come up but this is how simple it is now with sunglasses that the type of items you Want something that has a unique selling approach to a non do I I’m just doing this off the top of my head And I’m gonna try and find something That catches my attention so you can see what I look for so then you can see what you need to look for Okay, so sunglasses I can a picture that something would be really good would be he Yeah, see they’re all pretty generic see something that was let’s say for an outdoors type sunglasses that would 50% off no Just trying to find something buy one gift five free. What is this So as you can see from this for starters, that’s cool music that gets me into the rhythm but You can see how this is. I don’t know what language that is. So I apologize You can see how that’s a part that actually interests me. It’s not just sunglasses They’re not just sunglasses. It’s multi-use sunglasses So you can see how much of a difference that makes having multi-use sunglasses I Really like I’m music not sure that you that was pretty cool, huh? I don’t go clubbing so don’t even ask Anyway, but you can see it has hundreds of thousands views. They’re targeting the European region So I get a lot of views so that would be a part that I would look at marketing it has a unique selling point it sort of says hey do you want Multi-use sunglasses that can you use them outside inside you can get you know like for me with glasses that I Don’t remember what they call but they turn into sunglasses automatically when you go outside and inside that’s a unique selling point Remember, it’s not just sony’s that you can just go to bloody Supermarket or down the street and buy there’s Sony’s there. You don’t normally see and that’s what you want to look for Especially if let’s say you are writing a sunglasses store. That’s something you do. If you’re do in general. That’s what you do I don’t do general. I do general niche again. So I would again just to explain a general nature as opposed So there’s three types of stores and I add this is my definition There’s general there’s nation and there’s general nation. So General is everything niche is specific. Very specific general niche is Broad specific. So anything that lets say related to cats Sunglasses can’t be knees can’t don’t know whatever cat t-shirts cut everything So you’re narrowing it down one step further but you’re still giving yourself enough breathing room and that’s what I think is the next step like General where you’re just constantly testing all these audiences and all this crap and just hoping for that needle in a haystack I hate that crap and I went through it. I had some success but Jesus Christ that’s pain in the ass Whereas now, you know, I pretty much Tiger than one type of audience I don’t have to worry about like oh god I have to spend hours trying to find vile blah blah, you know, you’re pixel starts to Define an audience. Remember everyone will talk to you about the same thing that You you need to define things more clearly make it less confusing and that works for you, too You know the less confusing it is for you. The less confusing is for the customer the more you get stand a general niche The better you are you’re going to be at marketing the better you are going to be support the better you are going to be upselling cross-selling Everything that comes between so general works, but you always sort of are you know, it’s in that gray zone whereas general niche meets that you know black or white and You’re able to really expand on that and build a brand And again, that’s what I really push on is building a brand I think the days are gone past where you can just have a general store unless you’re already well established I think general stores. I don’t like them so I’m not gonna do it. So Again, you can see that supplier and that took me six seconds just on my bogus Andrew account That’s one way you can find it. So get yours here sunglasses get yours here 50% sunglasses That’s how easy it is to find a pro. You know, I don’t let’s see give an example of a product that That’s a brand so that’s not really helpful here we go These are some glasses that I personally don’t like I don’t see any unique selling point obviously they’re talking to their world countries Don’t always be shipping good but It’s funny yeah free price shipping doesn’t work well much anymore Anyway, as you can see, but you can see how at least will sell but You don’t have anything to go off by whereas with these other sunglasses, you know, you can again use the same sort of interest targeting but They’re more inclined to be interested. Oh, well, I mean look at this. It’s the exact same ad Jesus Christ thirty million views That’s too much So you can see that it is a probe that they have really pushed higher And you can see that’s a winning product right there winning product Pretty cool, huh? Sure, that’s one of my stuff Anyway, I didn’t know about and that’s what you can find And that’s how easy it is to find. You know, I don’t like this whole spend five hours You know I did my adds this morning and I get really annoyed when I have to spend hours doing menial tasks I do this So I have time remember it’s about time and you don’t want to spend all your fuckin time Try to find this one part needle in the haystack that turns out to not work for you Anyway, so you just go with your gut feeling I would market that and you know, what I would do I would also copy their ad copy Mmm, yeah, see five and one magnetic sunglasses, you know, they’re offering free shipping. I would put 50% off I would actually use the other one the other video because of the I like the audio more. Yeah just because it was cool and really Interested me um So that’s one way you can do it. The next way is Amazon a number of people have asked me this just simply type in movers and shakers This is how I do it again. I keep it simple. I like to not spend forever on this That’s a viral product. I’ve seen that a million times on Facebook now or a similar one anyway, um What’s going to remember with drop shipping is you know, you can you know, you can’t sell this book, right Not all these categories apply so appliances I apply like kitchen appliances I was just having a quick look before I started this video and I’m pretty sure I saw something in home and kitchen They caught my attention this one. Yeah, that’s it. This one so number nine So this is how much is this twenty dollars and this cuts up onions for you know why this interests me? Is again this would work better on a general store But if you’re running like a home a home type store in terms of just home kitchenware Those type of items this would work extremely well hi cutting onions, do you? Yeah, I’m pretty sure most of the answer is yes. I hate getting water at stinging watery eyes pain-in-the-ass, isn’t it? Look at that. You can even do the zucchini. I think that’s agini I always get confused between the zucchini and cucumber, but I’m pretty sure that’s zucchini But you can see here. It’s got you know, five star pretty much 5 stars. I define it as 5 stars. Um Now the cool thing about doing research on Amazon is I found this in five Seconds and in our bitch any money I can find this on Aliexpress Which I’ll go to in a moment also note that you can copy this Okay, probably not the FDA approved maybe or you can copy any way but Lou that you got your description Okay, I would change this to Ultimate food chopper and Dyson or something, you know the word ultimate just sort of yeah that really hammers home what I’m after Right, so that’s it and that I’m sorry Come me that’s it. That’s how I fire and I literally feel at five seconds I kid you not I did not search long You just go through all these categories find something with unique selling point was probably seeing that you’ve probably seen that they’re all very similar That is a very heavily saturated product the bloody lettuce settled salad kind of very saturated Because people love these because everyone’s gotta eat and people love this convenience, and it’s so simple it’s safe You know with onions you can cut yourself I’ve done before But you got your description, you know, if you’re using other reviews, like I’ve said in previous videos you just click here It’s a best seller. So, you know, it’s a good product. You know, it’s gonna get not perfect reviews that’s inevitable So you just go down here and you’re like, oh sweet. I’ve got pictures if you want to copy the pictures I’m just going to copy the text. I would literally just copy this. I don’t even know what it says I love this thing bah blah blah imagine seeing that on your early reviews with a couple of images of Even it doesn’t have to be the same exact same part. But as long as I see that like wow, this person is so enthusiastic That’s how easy it is. That is how easy it is. You don’t need to spend forever about using my unicorn smasher where’s it Peck star and bloody dropship spy and all that the Regen, you pay them too much fish shit service. And so I say fuck em so this product here, so I’m gonna go on Aliexpress and I’m gonna see if I can find this. So if I go back so firstly what I do to try and find it is flat-out copy-paste the opportunites not gonna wear Okay, so we can see we’ve found very similar products again I’ve seen that product so a lot for like making salsa But you can see like I’m pretty sure that I bought that Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did but see this is the part that’s a bit of a pain in the ass You can actually outsource this as well. I’m so hung on because it’s more aimed at onions so onion Dicer, um Don’t I slor’ Yeah, there we go so look there are that nearly the equivalent of it Nearly the exact equivalent of it Might be just different images. I don’t know, but you can see I’ve never I don’t run this type of store This is completely unfamiliar to me But you can see how quickly and easily I was able to find this part 16 not 1625 us I would be charging you can see something had sixteen orders. So unless it’s the name Okay, let’s put in vegetable chopping you can then try and find other other suppliers Okay, and that is it? I am absolutely sure. That’s it is let’s have a look. Just moving the tab over That’s it a different color, I don’t know what there we go it’s got white it’s just the pictures of green there we go that’s the exact part and that’s how long it took me to find it and For some reason it’s out of stock. You can see this has been sold bit very popular product. So, there you go There’s a winning park for all you people out there and that’s how long it took me to find one It didn’t take me long at all even got a video So in this is a perfect promotional video, I would literally just use Camtasia or something Put your logo up the top right here, and there you go now you’ve got a 15-second video on how this works and people love that and you don’t even have to do much for it You’ve got lovely images that you can copy. You can see they put a lot of into this very simple It does its multi-use and that’s it. That is how I do poetry search. I don’t spend for everyone There’s a website called watch count as well. I used to use it I wanted to at least tell you about it. It connects to eBay by default obviously my country but China’s us and you could put in the same thing and you can see how popular it is, but we can see here It’s very popular anyway And you can see you’ve got plenty of reviews like the cool thing is and we see we’ve got plenty of competition. So You got play sport So again using early reviews you import all of this who gives a crap about, you know submitting days to arrive People are like, yeah, that’s not that and that’s perfect English. All right now, it’s not baby I so I would import this look at all those pictures and then just jump on early review. Oh, sorry, no other reviews Amazon copy the five-star reviews replace that text and there you go you have now a highly profitable product That you’ve got a video for I literally I’m not joking when I say that I just film this just from five minutes work That wouldn’t you say that you could market quite comfortably You know people that like cooking people that like tasting their channel tasty people like food blogs people that like kitchen TV shows Sorry cooking TV shows you got all the interest and you can now say well do you use sick of cutting? onions Manually all the time. Well our arm our Safe onion chopper. I’m probably not safe our ultimate Vegetable chopper or something like that Will save you is here to save the day. Oh god, that sounds bad. Anyway, it’s here to save the day Save time with this device no more cuts no more worries Consistent, you know something like that again, I would have to really think about it sorry, but basically that’s how you would market it So now you have a product you have the ad copy you can see it’s multi-use so you can say you can work for multiple Vegetables people love multi-use all in one it’s safe. And it’s where is it? BPA and all that crap free? Got multiple colors, you got multipliers, as you can see here from this supply. They do it. It’s dirt cheap Somebody’s new can’t get from China if Jimmy much need a finance apply, but if you could $6, let’s say but I presume if you can get from China $6 you charge $30 for hoping you can get $30 for that 24 bucks each. Obviously – your marketing fees bill of a sudden. There you go That’s it. That’s it. And I haven’t done much to find that product That’s just an example and I wanted to show you that all that it really isn’t that hard you can outsource this as well once you start get going but For your niche, you know, you can find products there too. And that’s that’s not how I Have always done it and that’s how I always do it again I don’t want my emphasis on everything that I teach is time time is important to me, you know Making these videos takes me time responding to every one takes me time. I I don’t want to spend forever on something. That’s not going to make me some money so that I can sleep You know, I like to play games and sleep so that Is it in a nutshell? Look I don’t care what other people’s strategy is about fine music finding the ultimate needle in a haystack crap Only to find out it doesn’t work most of the time just use a simple approach very simple and a bitter of any money I could find this on Facebook as well a pitch if someone’s already start marketing it. But anyway, my point is sorry. My point is That that’s all there is to it there really isn’t a major skill to it at all Just a little bit of your time 5-10 minutes final product. Be happy with it marketer if it doesn’t work move on Simple quick easy you will get there. Okay have confidence in yourself. You’re all amazing. We’re all going to get there and Keep I’ll keep you all updated about how many more groups of get p.m. Form to but that’s pretty much it from today’s video I would appreciate a like if you liked today’s video Comment below if you have any questions hit the subscribe button the little notification button so you can get updated every day And join my facebook group. We’re growing rapidly Chef. I drop shipping lifestyle. I’ve Got a link in the description below as well. So I Respond to people as regular as I can there I’m trying to not do as much in personal messages as possible just so it goes into the group and I would appreciate if you do all sort of more the same unless it’s absolutely sensitive info which I can understand But basically that that’s it from today’s video I’ll keep providing more videos tomorrow. I’m trying to again make videos based off your individual feedback sort of what you want. I Am aware as well. If an audio issue that a few people may be aware of so I appreciate that as well If you have any feedback about the quality and stuff don’t hesitate to tell me obviously, it’s important to me as well That I provide the highest quality to you. Alright, so that’s it from today. Thank you very much I will talk to you all tomorrow. You have a lovely day. You take care. Good. Bye


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