Step By Step Tutorial To Help You Build Your First Store And Getting Sales(Beginner Course)


Hey, what’s up YouTube, it’s Ricky here Just with the daily video for a bit of a year to help you all out in yesterday’s video We spoke about the niches to choose. I realize there was a few issues with the video apologize for that But in this one, we’re actually going to make some ads. Okay, so this one’s just Straightforward just purely showing you how we actually make the ad. All right, and it’s very easy. I keep it very simple There’s no need to make it harder to Laura and this will be just used from start to finish. Alright, so basically We so I’ve just made a Bogus business manager need a business manager as previously discussed you then go in here and you you’ll be presented with four tabs you want to go create ad and I do you can change to switch to God at creation I choose quick creation When you’re starting out, you probably want to start as a guided creation and website conversions Basically, this is just the name of the campaign. So I like to call it website conversion So don’t worry about doing these you do these manually a better control Basically this video is purely about making a campaign where you’re going to hit cold traffic, okay Downline. I’ll show you Catalog sales engagement, I don’t use those all those much I just go straight for the kill. Alright, so we gonna continue and Again by default it’ll just put in what your country is eighteen class. Okay, so I’m from Australia So to put in that it’s hitting 70 million people. We want to choose the purchase event and This was just a bogus store. I made ages ago every day died basically It’s red at the moment because I haven’t had any purchases on this pixel. That’s just the pixel I made ages ago And so once once these pixel events Actually get data through them. They will turn green. Okay, so you can go – basket view content initio checkout and payment info purchase lead leads after legion, which is a different form marketing We’re doing e-commerce. So very different complete registration is different again payment info ecommerce ecommerce Economists be and that I don’t even know what that’s really for Never really used it. But a lot of people use view content at the basket and purchase Okay, I just used purchase. I have found continually that just going straight for purchase Regardless of if you have a thousand orders if you have no orders just go for purchase. Okay, because You want to get sales? Keep it that simple you’ll get sales All right as long as the product meets what the client wants and we’ll go into making a store and Optimize the store so that you have the best chance of doing it in future videos Okay but if you have any requests just send me a message and I’ll make a video around it if there’s a lot of requests to them, basically Now you want to make an ad so I go people who live in this location not everyone who is in the location? basically because I Don’t know how much of a difference it makes probably makes a minor difference But basically people who live in the same spot facebook have that data It will differentiate you might only eliminate a couple of thousand people but that’s just a couple of thousand people by changing a simple option Custom audiences will go into them the future that’s for mainly for retargeting campaigns and look-alike campaigns By default. It’s going to put in your default country By default most the time people will scan the united states I’ve also been just testing in general Europe as well These are enough to really start with you’ll find straightaway this you’ll get some traction these tool your biggest countries Believe it or not New Zealand actually converts really well, so don’t ever forget New Zealand. I Don’t use eighteen plus. Okay, you want to do 24 and Plain and simple. I have found 18 to 23 It is just not worth my time. Most of the time the products that I am selling are $30 in above and most of the people that age don’t actually have The funds a lot of the time you do get a lot of and at that age they just I find quite pity 24 and up Works much better. Okay. So always do 24 to 65 plus I’ll go into another video in the audience insights to give you a bit better of an idea of how it works, but always 24 and up if you Let’s say running fashion cosmetics Sorry, or let’s just keep it simple fashion If you’re running fashion, then 24 to 54 is pretty much the age range. Okay that you’re after just as a little tip Obviously you can choose men women depending on the type of audience again fashion cosmetics jewelry women so again simple very simple keep into these niches or general and but for the most part just tag Women women I have found are just much easier to get sales from as opposed to men if you’re selling games watches wallets Tuxedos obviously that’s men, but they’re men are just harder to sell to so for dropshipping when you’re starting out keep it simple Very simple go women and you want to go English all obviously all these countries english-speaking but they do obviously have a number of people who And English speakers and that’s perfectly fine But this will mean that if someone had speaks English, they’ll be targeted so they can speak multiple in languages But as long as they at least speak English because remember your websites in English as you scale You might want to make a website so you can actually have it in multiple languages and different servers across the world I’ve never done that that is something I look at but I haven’t done it myself Just because Communication be a problem, especially with email. So I’ve just steered clear of that Just just my opinion so you can see straight away that that’s decreased the audience to 114 million There’s still an insanely large audience I’d like to 10 million people max and as much as even on $5 budgets if you’re hitting 2,000 people that 10 million Facebook knows those 2,000 people are highly likely to convert Okay, so don’t think that if your audience is 250,000 it’s more likely to convert than an audience. That’s 10 million You don’t know because the thing that’s out of control with this is Facebook is a pixel It is data. It stores it. It just targets based off various factors All right And this is why I keep it simple don’t think too much into it because There are campaigns that I have had that I have Just absolutely smashed it purely luck And you don’t even know why there as much as you follow the data at the same time You can’t fully and that’s why you just have to try and keep it simple the more complex You make it the more confused you’ll get the more stressed you’ll get all right So straight away when you’re doing in detail tagging This is telling me our people at Facebook who you want to actually target Okay, so what interests they have Facebook users interest Google users keywords what you type in? But for Facebook you want always putting it online shop Online shopping at the bare minimum and you can see how that’s straight away remove 16 million people So basically, these are people that have purchased something online and at pages relating to online shopping Okay, very low CPM interest group. So you just do that and straight away You can see we’ve taken out about a third of the audience. If we’re doing fashion. Again, there’s a number of ways to do it Let’s say it’s a fashion dress You can actually target Dress dress clothes, let’s choose that. It’s actually pretty small So, let’s just keep it broad See, this is the part that will take time. So shopping in fashion So you can see here that that really made no difference but the you can see there’s a strong correlation the people like online shopping like online fashion, so This is the part again that always just stunt you you have to just sort of think so let’s just put in dress again Winning dress, okay So let’s say we’re targeting a wedding dress all of a sudden Okay, obviously this differentiates and this is the part that always is different per person What I’m trying to teach you is keep it simple don’t overthink. There is way too much crap out there You can see straight away. I’ve gone from hundreds of millions to twenty million people Okay, and you can go down even further at that point. I do three to four interest targeting One thing I actually have been finding works. Well as well is because there’s a lot of people drop shipping there. I Take out. I actually exclude drop shipping. I exclude Alibaba Now You can see how that’s taken out four million people So you’re sending in a Facebook that these people that like online shopping shopping and fashion and wedding dresses But I’m not interested in these Take the map. So we’re taking out four million people just by doing that Alright and still it’s a large audience, but it it’s pretty targeted Imagine if you’re making if you are a wedding dress, this would work quite well again, very simple I have just thought of this off the top of my head just Purely for transparency. Alright, so the next part is the placements an avatar of Facebook that age the gender The language the people that are interested in the groups now we’re telling Facebook, okay So where do you want that heads actually placed? All right so again simple nothing amazing and by targeting women You’re always going to remember people say to only target Facebook newsfeed and remember jewelry cosmetics Fashion are very very big because their photo orientated they work extremely well on mobile Instagram, okay, so I’m taking everything every time Every time Facebook newsfeed and Instagram newsfeed. Okay stories don’t do stories if you want to do stories get an influencer Okay, so I’m working with someone and we’re going to start promoting her products to an influencer because stories for an ad I just don’t think work as well as stories from an influencer up because people already engage that person Where is the feed they’re just scrolling through? It’s very similar to Facebook Okay, and if you’re doing those niches, it’ll work very well. You want to leave all mobile devices open? I don’t ever do this They’re open when connected to Wi-Fi. I found that is just an absolute urban myth There it makes quite literally no difference There is a million theories that obviously if you connect into Wi-Fi that you’re in action internet connection is faster So when you go to your landing page the experience, it’s more than ruined in theory. It makes sense But remember in most countries now, there’s 3G 4G 5g and it’s only getting faster So there’s actual ways where you can control the speed of your store and I’ll show you that as well. It’s very easy You just have to outsource it and just I’ll show you how I do it. It’s just so simple. Okay, so now we’ve told Facebook Pretty much all of that data above now. We want to take well how much budget do we want? Okay, so I’ve heard a lot of theories out there about How much your budget to be obviously this is different per person honestly two dollars a day would work Okay to don’t even think the two dollars wouldn’t work to not ELISA tell you it works because it’s time people But are they stand on five dollars a day regardless of currency? Okay, obviously, I’m an Australian compared to American their Facebook’s an American company that will be about four dollars Three dollars fifty or four dollars. It still works well, and there’s no problem with it Don’t think too much into it again. Just five dollars start there if you want to spend more ten, I Literally go five to ten dollars Starting at irregardless, you know, I have the budget and I can do it, but I just start there Next is conversions So again simple don’t look at all this crap There is a million different things and I just go conversions. Yeah, I want someone to buy my product. Okay, so Facebook has billions of people on there and it’s collecting data every day There’s a lot more people advertising now, so yes that dance increase make competition harder but again Using these niches. It’s very simple strategy I’m gonna go into finding some products and market that make a good store and market it and I’ll do a case study as well it’s just something that are just building up over time when I start low with you all guide you through and Get you to where you want to be. All right So the next thing with conversion window I have never used these two at all I’ve literally just gone one day clean And again, there’s a million different theories about which one works best Simple is best one day click one day click and seven day click to explain the difference is that when I click insta buy seven day click is they might hesitate so it’s more retargeting but One day click works just as well. I Don’t touch the bid strategy Manual bidding does work But that’s an advanced strategy. You don’t need it. I don’t use it all that much This is simple enough as it is and just continue Yeah, these are some pages that I made ages ago That did quite well You can see here all about one. We’ll choose that one. And again, just choose this You can make an Instagram page you can add an account so you can actually add the account or you can just use the page And it’ll just to make the logo that the page Basically, you want to make an account if you want to following which I do recommend So there’ll be something to just make an account and bind it to your business manager and you’re good to go It’s as simple as that These video is technically king at the moment. But again, I am running carousel ads and they work just as well If I don’t use single image it doesn’t work well carousel single video I don’t use slideshow and I don’t use collection you use collection for retiring. It’s literally just carousel single video ok, so Carousel it works really well with jewelry cosmetics and fashion Especially because they’re all very photo orientated, you know, like a dress You don’t need to know how to put a dress under you videos are more for how-to videos where you showing someone how it works So you get their interest. Alright? Excuse me. I have to call Next so we just as I said, I just choose carousel by default It’s going to show you a preview and you can manually choose the images you you can Dynamically, but you don’t want to do that. You want to have that control? You do want to leave that automatically show the best-performing card first Facebook will optimize like so if they’re going to the third one more and they’re More correlated to that Then it’ll show that one first because then you have a higher chance of someone seeing and just clicking it straight away You want to add a car at the game that just shows your business who you are? And again just it goes straight to your homepage Alright, so the part that’s again that you just want to spend here. It spent some time here is Edie copy And obviously this is not gonna be perfect. This is pure I’ve taught my head and we’re going to use the wedding dress. So And again, I would use emojis with this select something like there you can just go to a type and Google emoji Loaded Jesus Get emojis and emojis, but first I’m just going to do that ad copy your magical Dave. Sorry just If you’re wondering why I capitalized most these words it’s because it gets a higher chance because it’s sort of Interrupting them because you’re so used to just saying on the first letter of a sentence capitalized So that’s just a little extra tip there just capitalized it small two-word Two little words don’t capitalize them. Okay in anything three and a power of just capitalize the word check out if I really I Don’t know anything about dresses so This is very helpful in that regard Check out a fabulous collection of wedding dresses Okay, so you can see their Badge informed rest as we’re talking thousands of dollars. So of course you’d be getting free shipping anyway for this type of product Let’s be honest. A lot of people would want to take that wedding dress tailor-made So obviously it’s not the best example, but basically this is something and how you want like there’s a million theories there About how to do it. I just this is the process that I thought get Today Arrow and then you just put a bitly URL just go to bitly calm and Make a copy the URL of your product page and then make a bitly URL a little chop like you don’t beat And You just put that in there. The reason that you put it in there again is you’re just Giving yourself to chance. There’s multiple chances I should say so they have to click your ad and actually go to your landing page Alright, so and that’s the first thing you do now. We’re actually configuring this part of it is change it to shop now Again, a lot of people do learn more. I don’t know why you’re wanting to get a sale. So they’re shopping for a pack so just go shop now headline is Isis hard one. So this is a part where you sort of have to think So basically and you can do this for all of them I again just go image and we just choose an image for this You know you can you just check click select image choose your image upload your image choose it and the cool thing with carousel is really Optimizes it for carousel as opposed to single image. It’s a bit of a pain I found as well So you can see here the path that you you want to try and use up the whole path, but not too much So, you know It’s probably put too much text there, but it’ll be fine. Make your winning perfect Wedding scene if I change it to that You can see how actually the whole text and it really just sort of shows them all and so, you know, The distillation URL is the product page Again in carousel heads the cool thing is you can have both product pages So you can actually you can make it So if you want to do one product You make just multiple you images that’s usually if you have variants if you want to go to different products Then you can just do that – okay. It’s entirely up to you again. I keep it simple very simple if I’m I just literally do the one product and I just do multiple variants of it so they can already see their glance what it’s like And that’s pretty much it. So let’s put in this comment. Yeah Yeah, Facebook’s happy there Cemal URL is your homepage. So again? Anyway Basically, don’t don’t do anything with the see more display and keep simple you’re out parameters as if you’re doing really wanting to look in Deep into URL parameters to try and optimize but you don’t need it. It’s just don’t need it This is obvious for the same pixel. Haven’t used it in ages. It was just a thing And make sure that that is chosen. If you have more pixels in there, make sure you’re choosing the right one for your store But in this case, it’s already chosen it’ll choose by default you don’t need at events you don’t need offline events You’re not doing that for marking Okay app being application for phone offline events is like, you know if you’ve got a concert or something. Alright, so ignore that It’s all just not needed So now we’re I’m just going to confirm and I’ll turn this off straight away because I am making an ad And Facebook’s thing that publish it and I’ll just kill it straight away and That’s pretty much it. That’s how I run ads again, you know, so like you can see You know even just describing and like I could do it much faster. I wasn’t describing Of course, you can see how it does. Take time there the whole part of it is that When you’re doing drop shipping, you’re testing a lot of different things. Okay, and You want to utilize that time as you start scale? You’ll start outsource things in that but you still want to have a hand in you know I always like to have a hand and piece of pie especially when Facebook ads that’s where the bulky money will go So make sure that it’s on par with what you expect. Alright, but that’s pretty much it for today’s video tomorrow’s video will go further into Facebook ads and how to actually find Products that then you want to market and just how easier that actually is. So being fashion jewelry cosmetics I’ll show you those three issues and just how you can find products and then go to your Competitor’s store get their product and then market yourself, okay, but until then, thank you. Bye


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    The advice was simple but it was like taking all the tiny gold nuggets from other courses and then putting them together. The best practices tend to be simple, but takes a lot of trial and error to boil any method down to it's key components.

    Wish there was a series like this for the other big ad platforms. Like Boiled down google ads, youtube display ads, running a shout out. etc

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    Great content, I always say when I'm training guys at work to keep it simple! Why muddy the waters if you don't have to!

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