Surprise & Delight – A Specialty Retailer Success Story

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( ♪♪♪ )Every business
wants their customers
to be more loyal.To be fans, advocates,even ambassadors
for their brand.
And if one moment can enhance
your customer loyalty,
just imagine what
would happen if that moment
happened every time a customer
entered your store.
One of our clients faced
increased competition
from a dominant competitorwith a hugely popular
loyalty program.
They needed to
differentiate themselves.
So they turned to LoyaltyOne.Through extensive research,we found that non-traditional
loyalty programs
had the potential to become
even more successful.
So we recommended
something different.
A mobile-based
“surprise and delight” strategy
that would reward customers
when they made purchases,
and even when they didn’t.We gave employees the ability
to offer surprise rewards
triggered by not only
but by actions customers made:like making
sustainable choices,
charitable givingand even mobile app usage.And because we discoveredthat 16% of our
client’s customers
made up more than half
of their business,
we knew this was the
target we had to engage.
So we treated their
most valuable customers
with the appreciation
they deserved.
We gave them ongoing rewards,constantly surprising them,
delighting them,
and growing their loyalty with
each and every interaction.
Our client’s new
loyalty strategy
reinforces the brand’s
focus on community,
while providing customers
with perks and rewards
that will hold their ownagainst their
strongest competitors.
By combining tangible rewardsand enhanced
customer experiences,
our surprise and delight
will fuel more
authentic employee-
customer interactions,
one special moment at a time.Enrollments in their program
are predicted to soar.
And our client is certainly
delighted about that.
LoyaltyOne.Enriching relationships
between companies
and customers
is our business.See how we can help yours.( ♪♪♪ )


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