Taekook Ignored Each Other On Camera?+Hyungs Know It | Taekook Analysis |


(musique intro-Human) je fais des analyses Taekook parce que je pense qu’il pourrait se profiler quelque chose de plus que des amis ”Meilleurs/très très proches) respecte mon opinion, comme je respecte la tienne cette chaîne n’est pas ici pour te convaincre de shipper le vkook ou croire à mes théories/analyses (important!) tout ce que je fais c’est partager en vidéo mon avis, pas forcément vrai. j’assume. sois sympa dans les ocmmentaires et explique ton opinion sans haine et méchanceté. je ne force peronne à me croire -si tu ne shippe pas Taekook ou que tu ne sais pas ce que veut dire ”analyse” je t’invite à partir. et stp, pas de guerres pour les ships. on n’est pas des enfants. bonjour et re-bienvenue tout le monde


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  2. I’m sorry but for all the people who say jikook is real….I don’t see it but maybe? Idk I’m just like a FULL ON TAEKOOK SHIPPER SOOOO….🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. 2018 was generally a crappy year for taekook…anyone else agree? i felt that jungkook was pretty cold to tae most of the year 🙁

  4. Some of you forget these clips are shot…. mouths ago….. now we see it, they're totally fine….. also tk has always avoided cams since… forever ? For obvious reason… even straight idol couples do, imagine a gay one and its simple : not only homophobia but simply all the drama that comes with it must be nerve wracking and they' both like to stay private abt it unless they WANT to show us something bcz… isnt it normal to want to keep your relationship to yourself? It sure must be hard sometimes but yeah. Proof is here, it's not like its bh filming but that ad company. Same for exemple in award shows its fans…etc it's to avoid rumours bcz neither fans nor ads would cut something "interesting" out and they wouldn't hesitate to use it and it can put their daily life into very stressful mode as if it isn't already. At least bh let them be and just cut it when it's "too" much. But we find out anyways and its ok bcz we wouldn't do anything harmfull to them, same like things we see in songs…etc so yeah. But its always nice to see hyungs helping them out grow in their rl, Let's support them!

  5. I noticed Namjoon's 'looks' and I completely agree – he appears to be trying to keep both of them safe (if that's the right word) by making them focus on what they should be doing on camera. <3

  6. I don’t like seeing anybody sad, let alone a person that I happen to like. I’ve been in a relationship where jealousy was used as a ‘weapon’. Took me a while to get out of it. So I sincerely do hope, like you said, that that phase is over and is not a normal occurrence.

  7. I was like…..
    Accidentally clicking vkoook THEY ARE SO REAL 😍😍

    Reading comments about jikook ,
    and after watching them CONFUSED 😮😮

    Searching for vmin just out of curiosity and was like…. WTF IS GOING ON 😲😲

    And here is my conclusion
    V 💜 kookie & kookie 💜 V
    Kookie 💜 jimin & jimin 💜 kookie
    Jimin 💜 V & V 💜 jimin

    Dear shippers, please don't make them fool you
    P.S – please don't hate me , I was just being sarcastic😉😉.. lol

  8. I think the part where they said fighting….Taekook are not mad with each other or trying to avoid each other. Because look again at their faces kinda smiling in a very simple or subtle way…..and on the part where Tae. looked sad its more ….he felt like I want to do that too …I wanna goof around with JK….but they are not allowed infront of camera?

  9. I guess This ad was taken last year from tae's hair. I rememer Jungkook and Jimin overflirted in the latter of Last year in many award ceremonies. To be honest I feel bad for jungkook's overacting with jm, specially MMA. But From 2019 MAMA kook has changed and taekook has been in good mood. We don't know there was something happening. Anyway they always love each other. I stan taehyung, So he is happy and I'm happy. In this clip I love Jin's expression. Jin's is like mine. I don't know his intention but the overacting that makes tae sad is bad to me. I don't want any contradiction. This is only my opinion. I don't want to persuade the opposed. Thank you.

  10. I feel like Taehyung is mostly feeling left out because Jikook are messing around without including him, and I think that's how it would be for anyone. Everyone has their own friends and when their friends dont involve them in things that can really put a person down. He is obviously showing signs of being sad or droopy with his head laying low and his facial expression, and I can see that he is shifting around uncomfortably. It must also make the whole thing worse that no one showed that they noticed

    Its the same for me. If my friends are all hanging out without making an attempt to notice I am there and include me, I will tend to distance myself from everyone and sulk. It does feel really bad and I can totally see where he is coming from 🙁

  11. Im starting to see the connections… 😑and I can't be any happier for them both… Ship Taekook ♡ I love 'em both 💜💜💜

  12. I truly believe in Taekook Galaxy…
    I support u Taekook…
    SO SHOW ME, I'LL SHOW ME💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘✌🏻✌🏻🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💜💜💜

  13. So this girl at my school was like who is the visual in bts and I said girl bye I mean your clearly blind there all visuals stupid and she said "*I thought it was worldwide handsome*" I mean she did have a point Jin is WORLD WIDE HANDSOME*.* BUT THERE ALL VISUALS

  14. Yaaaassss taekook is the bangtan's first ship UwU 💜💜💜💜(my opinion as they already said at the starting)

  15. There has to be fights in order to make things right. How can you love someone and not get into small fights like it’s part of nature

  16. I know very well vtook/taketook are always together they are not separate….they love each other…n I m always with taetook…n support always luv u u are always my favourite…..💜💜💜 whatever u are always together forever…

  17. I remember bts run ep 10..that episode jk was a mission to ignore tae… And finally he tell to tae… And tae said you always ignore me so I don't notice that….soryy for bad English…

  18. I loved how you pointed out that we dont need to be delulu about everything! I mean it's pretty normal to get wrong impression when we are this invested in a ship. Also I would like to point out one thing that we are analyzing highly media trained people here and also taehyung lately has become totally serious and stoic kind of person. d not every action could be taekook related. Hope you understand me.
    Btw is it just me who feels sad nd heartbreaking when Taehyung feels jealous but uwu when jk is jealous?
    Loved the video💜

  19. se me rompe el corazon de ver a Tae asi no comprendo como los ke se dicen sus amigos y la empresa lo ayudan a salir de lo ke le esta pasando prefieren tapar el sol con un dedo ke aser algo solo de ver su cara de tristesa lloro tambien y me siento triste por no poder aser nada por el 💚😥😢💚😥😢💚😥😢💚😥😢

  20. Ppl don’t come at me m a taekook shippers i m a crazy one, don’t ya’ll think that because of us they have to have distance tho I am not saying it is our fault but ya know ♥️💋

  21. When kookie was playing with chim chim look at tae tae’s sad face I want to cry no problem tae I was just as sad as u but when kookie saw Jin he immediately stopped smiling maybe it was a sign to tell kookie that u should stop bc tae is sad or smtg (maybe) ♥️

  22. Thank for this video!!! I « discover » BTS one month ago, sorry I’m late! Of course I saw all the compilation about all member and particulary Taekook best moment but when I saw recent episode, video of the member I can saw they ignore each other! After that I really don’t understand what people continue to talk about Taekook because they really ignored each other in recent interview!!! I really thaught he was in couple and broke up but for days ago I realized the staff was probably opposit to this relationship! That video comfort my opinion who is : they are really good friend (maybe more we don’t know) but the staff force them to hide they relationship. I taught (maybe i say fucking bullshit) in Korea the people isn’t openminded for a gay couple or maybe the staff didn’t approve that!

  23. The most handsome man in the world with the most sexiest man in the world
    I 💜💜💜💜 love taekook

  24. This is WHY BH should NOT keep them APART 😡 Whenever they do be APART it’s nvr good for them!!! Like y can’t Korea just accept them for who they R AS I saw a post recently on insta saying love is love supporting gay/lesbian. It makes me so angry like 😾

  25. 너무 소설을 쓰시는 듯
    외국의 어떤 스킨십과 우리나라의 스킨쉽문화가 다르긴 다른듯.,
    우리는 여자들끼리 팔짱도 끼고 손깍지도 끼고
    다하는데 그런거 외국가서 잘못하면 레즈로 본다고… 옛날부터 그러더니
    방탄이 어떤 성정체성을 가졌는지 까지 참견하거나 관심을 가지고 싶진 않다
    그건 개인의 자유니깐… 그냥 방탄을 사랑하고 좋아하니깐 인간으로서
    근데 이런 드라마를 써서 자꾸 스토리를 억지로 짜맞추는건 역겹고 이해가 안된다

  26. it makes me sad and mad whenever i see jikook moment, shipping aside the ships, its just that maknae line used to be intact together, doing things together. But then these past few months, specifically when sytour started, jm and jk seems much closer to the point that tae is kinda left out:((( me and my bff thinks the same too i mean its clearly obvious what tae's feeling my baby is so sensitive. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate jikook, ilove them all. I just dont want tae to be left alone because tbh way back sjnce they debuted the two was so whipped with tae, there is vmin and taekook but now seems like tae is alone, sometimes i noticed that he's seeking attention that he's chasing them, and idont like it that way it breaks my heart into pieces taehyung doesn't want to be ignored by his buddy and bff at the same time. taekook and vmin are such a pure friendship but lately it seems like he lost them both. Tbh i really miss vmin so much, i miss how jm is so whipped with tae, we all know tae is his baby, how he care and be sweet and clingy to him. Today it seems like jikook is the new vmin, no way my platonic friends ship is not sailing anymore. (Im not saying that they cant be so close with others, its normal and they can create new bond there tho) Anyways im happy that the other members are there for him and im also happy seeing him now happy without depending on others like he can be happy by himself and that what matters the most. My baby is so strong and luckily he have a good friends outside bts that he can rely and spend time with ik he's so happy when his with his friends and that makes me happy too. Taehyung deserves eternal happiness, they all are.

    I just hope they get back to how they were before, no more left outs. Taehyung is such a gold they must keep my baby😢

  27. I accept vmin as soulmates but how dare jm be himself the reason tae to be ignored by jk. Jm causes to increase the pain of tae being more clingy on jk. That is why i love #taejin beside taekook. Bcz after all only Tae's #JinHyung there for him.

  28. I just hope they are not like this I mean…all hyungs know there Drama speacially suga or Rm..

  29. bighit dont let Taekook always stick together.They cut the many scene when taehyung try to speak of JK. Always Taekook is dangerous.

  30. Boiiii I can’t concentrate cause of the background music I just gotta sing along to it😂 I DID CATCH STUFF, TAEKOOKIE FOR THE FUCz EVER😭😍😊

  31. I feel like crying when I see them and when I see a jikook moment I’m like…I watch the thumbnail and smirk and kinda feel jealous bc he is being to close to jimin but not tae..yeah it’s weird I know..😭💜

  32. it is hard when u have to play pretend in front of the camera…that hurt feeling inside when u can't be who u are with the person u love the most

  33. I think that something was wrong with Tae and Jin that day. I also believe that JK could not support Tae in this situation and therefore went to distance. 🤔😕

  34. I guess Taehyung has these sudden mood flips. More often than not, we can notice him being alone, quite, all on his own and the very next moment he'd be jumping around. So the thing you mentioned that Tae got upset seeing JK chilling with JM doesn't make sense. He loves JM so much that he can't really get jealous seeing Kookie and Jimin having their time. It's pretty obvious, I guess. Ahh don't just go on to manipulate every single move of our boys. They're humans too. They only show us what we're supposed to see. And you don't know everything about them and their private lives. So slow down a bit, please. I wonder why do I get such videos in my recommendations. Everytime I come across such stuff, I feel devastated. I mean how can people interfere so much in someone's private life?! Give them their space. Please😑🤚🏻


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