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(Wife Shopify Dropshipping)In this video I’m gonna be teaching my soon-to-be wife Vladyslava how to build a profitable Drop shipping business on Shopify now in 2019 2020 and Beyond we’re gonna take you through all the steps finding winning products how to find an agent for your products and also how to launch those products on Facebook Ads Looking for different targeting and starting to get sales on those products. Let’s find out Hey, what is up its Raphael here and Lani Slava say hello. Hello to my audience And in this video, like I said, I’m gonna be teaching her a complete beginner She doesn’t know internet marketing is she I’ve taught her a little bit about Shopify We’ve set up a Shopify store together and I’m gonna go through all the steps that a beginner needs to learn before we start this video if you want to take your Shopify business to the next level make sure to schedule a call with the first link in the description and if you want a winning product list Exclusively for a mentoring program 10 winning products that are crushing it comments secrets down below comments secrets down in the comments subscribe hit that notification bell and that thumbs up if you get value from this video and I’ll take one winner and I’ll sign that exclusive list and remember to subscribe to the channel and like this video Yes Alright now you can see on her Screen right here steps to launching a product with basic ads more specifically a drop shipping product on Shopify Finding winning products finding a reliable supplier or agent from China the third adding the product to the store Preparing the page and preparing every single thing about that product then it’s creating the face cats and getting high quality videos images For the product everything that’s needed to market that product and then obviously finding the target audience on Facebook Creating the actual ad and to start analyzing the data Alright, so to actually find a winning product the first couple of things that you can do easy to look at spy tools Which is the first one that I recommend for any beginner just look at spy tools for example We have econ pulled up here and this essentially a lot of different products that are shown for people that want to start advertising products on drop shipping on Shopify you have a curation which just means a list that gets updated again and again So what you can do is start going through those and whichever product you see that could have Potential or that you see? Oh this product looks like I would buy it Let’s say or you look at a product that looks like it’s not super saturated. Not everybody. He knows what the product is It’s not Super scaled up to the point where it’s sold on retail stores or just everywhere So try looking through the products that we have on here. Let’s look at what we have chicken kitchen bubble cleaner We have nonstick grilling bags kits electric induction water spread adjustable double strap need alright And we have four one shampoo. Gel dispenser We have a lot of pretty saturated products on here cat crib hammock launcher. That’s really cool You want to go with that one? Awesome and then click show me the money on it or just click the product. For example and Now what it’s gonna tell us is a little bit more about the product It’s gonna tell us a little bit more about the product and just a description of the product in general You can click read more right there. Should you click read more right here? Yeah, you can learn more about the product See what the product is a little bit more of the details and then if you go down on that product We can go ahead and look at the Facebook ads for it. So this would be the Cheese from Ukraine. So it’s it’s a little bit easier to use some Russian words These would be like the fake llama which is advertising for facial cats So if you look at that, this is the targeting the suggested targeting on Facebook So this is what you put the people are actually going to see the ad and then on the other one If you click, yeah If you click Next you this one you would see which ones are the what’s the type of in Atlanta? What’s the type of ad that you’re gonna be running so we can do definitely do this product? We’re also thinking of doing the iPhone 11 case which we already launched one the test store that we’re using It’s called blood ojika just because her name is vladislao it’s a short blood Oh chica, and if we look at the store where they have a sort of a test score set up and one of the pages is This iPhone 11 case which we can also do an ad for that But let’s just go full full on but step by step. So we found this product. It’s on econ one It looks like you could have potential. It’s a cool product for a cat, right? We’re also gonna look at Instagram influencers See what sort of influencers we can find for this particular product And now this product we’re going to go ahead and find it on Aliexpress. So let’s go to the top here You can go ahead and do it. Sorry The links here on the side. You’ll have Aliexpress Alibaba Amazon. You’re gonna go to Aliexpress one and This one is in Russian. Let me Translate that really quick to English right here. We translate that over to English Just so people can see what exactly that is. Alright, we got it on here and Now we got the product here at sauce for three dollars twenty eight four dollars and we have four hundred twenty seven orders Which is the order amount that we’re looking for in a product, that’s good, but not super saturated It’s super saturated product would be over two thousand three thousand orders five thousand orders or more This is sort of a product that we we like in that sense of it has four point nine Feedback open our review so that means is good And then it has four hundred twenty seven orders Which means it could have a lot of potential now What we’re gonna do is one is first check the supplier just to make sure that they’re a good Supplier and making sure that this particular one is actually legitimate Then we’re gonna go into finding an agent for even faster shipping for this. So you’re gonna do is go on the store home They’re nice or not. Go go back here. Yeah and go a store home And then let’s look at this particular one, which is this one and you see on the top where it says a lovely puppy store You’re gonna click on the store there and this is gonna tell you their positive feedback. So we see here as 95.1% feedback there from Jensen which is a very Huge city that produces a lot of products in China and you can also look through the feedback about that particular supplier How do they recommend you do this? I know it takes some time, but it is good to Check on your supply or check on your on the person that’s actually selling it. So it’s not a scam They’re not gonna break you or anything. So, that’s awesome let me see it came in time, but not I’m not sure what that it says 24 days shipping to Italy so it is a little bit the shipping times a little bit slow It says the local bike though that in Spanish means all correct? Ok, ok super and then a few reviews in Russian, which you can read them on there And then yeah, it looks like a supplier The product itself doesn’t have any quality issues just a shipping issues so you can click on that next here We’re looking for more the type of product that it is. Maybe it’s a broken product Here, I don’t know what that means. But it’s great. Ok, it’s an awesome product. Alright, it has high quality We’re gonna go back to the actual product. So go back to the store here and then click on back So let’s go to actually the econ hunt page and then click on Aliexpress again in our online Express it now what we’re gonna do is actually import the product straight into our Shopify store and then find an agent it Usually takes a couple of days to your agent to get back to you So we’re not just gonna wait three days and then keep filming the video We’re gonna do it shorter, but we are gonna take you to the step of finding you So in order to take the product and put it on your store put it on the on the actual logic a store What is that we need to do there Yes, hello awesome Now we need to go through all the steps. All right, so What is the exact step so you go on the little chrome extension here the blue one? Yeah, what we can do to login is remember yeah you go into the store and what you can do for this is just go into ya create a new tab and There we go. Go to your if you ever want to log into a burrow, just log in through your store It’s easier over low. If you don’t know what the app is It allows you to fulfill products and add products your store straight from Aliexpress. So you have the over a little tab There we also have a couple of other apps and I do want to talk about one specific app That is not run by any guru. They’re not selling any course. So I think the app has a lot of potential and our little loaded Alright, so you’re gonna reload go back to the 37 here the page that have okay and reload that page So click on the on the little thing here Yeah, it’s gonna reload the page cool and I’ll click on that awesome I’m gonna add that to import list nice and now open import list Perfect Alright and we got the one product keep going now and now we got the the one that’s gonna show up there, right? So the first thing we’re gonna focus on is the title your product title Really is very very important. So you can do for this case is do for example What kind of name we can do for this one hanging maybe hanging Kitty Hanging Kitty removable cat hammock Yeah, okay. Let’s write it there. So Click on it talk and then delete it and now hanging Kitty Hanging Yeah, and then you’re gonna do removable cat hammock so removable at hand And Perfect all Right awesome What you can do is also add a little dash here. I highly recommend branding your products in any sort of way This way is good Just giving it a simple name at service of ten seconds, but it’s good for the description when it comes to writing a product description Honestly, the best best thing you can do is get someone from up work upward is a place where you can find someone for example from the Philippines and Then hire them for about maybe five ten dollars and you can pay them five ten dollars in the write a really nice description a really long description They go through a bunch of products for that and what you can do is will open up a new tab here And then we’ll go to up port calm OC upwork.com Meter upper calm And we’ll go to that and it says hire freelancers get people to do things for you You can just go to the fine freelancers tab and then click product. So type in product I’m going to type type it in like type product. Yeah product Description this curry Shunt. There we go Alright, and then just click go launch Perfect, all right. So now we’re going to look for somebody to write a product description for us And what we want to look for is click the filter, so there are from the Philippines So I want to do locations the Philippines. They’re the best ones and then for English we want to at least have them conversational fluent. So let’s do fluent and Now we have a lot of people here So what we want to look for as people that have earned more than five thousand ten thousand dollars in the platform So this one has twenty thousand dollars earned ninety five percent job success 100 percent job says, these are great These are awesome people to go for him and just go out and hire her for the description usually takes them maybe one hour So we’ll just pay seven dollars for it. It’ll be done pretty quickly. It’s an extra description We just have to hire them through the platform and then pay her about seven dollars for them before we go on I do want To remind you to schedule a call with the first link in the description schedule a call with me or my team Take your business to absolute next level make sure to schedule a call right now Then in the first link in the description complete for free No cost call what we’re gonna do in this case instead of waiting for the up work person to get back to us We’re just gonna use a template that I have for my mentoring program and we’ll take that out and we’ll take it from here I get if you’re interested in the mentoring program at any time, feel free to schedule a free call down below We’ll take it to the except steps that it takes They’ll go to overload and actually take all that out and then just click command V to paste it. Yeah will paste it down Alright and then on the top here, it’s just for apparel. So we’re gonna take that out and in the name of product, you’re gonna put the We called it hanging Kitty the hanging Kitty is everything you need for a good time your cat Needs for a good time This and you can put cat hammock for example put cat hammock And again, I’m up I’m up with oh, yeah There you go. All right, and then for product details? I mean you can obviously we’re not gonna spend twenty thirty minutes thinking of this you can take the product details from the product on Aliexpress or just a product that you’re gonna be advertising you can put them on the Picture so this this cat hammock consists of a cat hammock Let’s just hook up their Cat hammock and their and product details, we’re gonna take that out you just Really try to make sure that you explain what the product does add High-quality images to the product and everything just to make sure the page looks really really good And now for the name of product, we’re just gonna take the hanging kitty I mean the top you can copy and paste that on on that bottom one Alright Alright for the product details we can just leave that like that. It’s just remember make sure to add some product details So what we’re gonna do is import the product to store Right there and now the product is being imported and Now yeah, what you’re gonna do is Perfect edit product in a Shopify awesome And now we got the back end of the product now and it’s if you click view It’ll be shown now that the product page is ready or at least ready enough for these this presentation Make sure to add reviews to your page make sure to add high quality images. So we’re going to go back to the To the page. So what we did is we found a winning product. So we did that already. We finding a reliable supplier Where you can do for this is we can go to up work again And you can just go to up work and then on the top you can try type drop shipping drop shipping Drive should Bing. Yeah the LT agent and then put a GE entity. Yeah, dummy agent and then click Yeah, perfect and that’ll pull up different drop shipping agents for our mentoring program I have a specific list of people that we’re gonna use for that So essentially you can use people for example for the Philippines. What I would filter is people that have earned more than One $1,000 definitely And Let’s see $20,000 virtual assistant order fulfillment manager ten thousand springs VA. He may drop shipping and a listing agent hoping with specialist Operating VA No, in this case, we we can’t really find somebody we’re ptosis and specialist China sourcing eight expert. There we go So somebody that actually has expertise sourcing from China getting products from China. That’s what you want, right? So people that are for getting products from China all the way to the US in less than let’s say ten seven days There’s a nurse service that I’m talking to. It’s called hyper skew so I’m just gonna put hyper It’ll pull up their hyper scoop. They’re not sponsored by any Guru, they don’t want to sell a course. They’re not sponsored by anybody and they haven’t paid me for this I just think it’s a legitimate software. We’re testing it or use something like another other software like a pro low you drop II gotta use those but I’ll pork is It’s just the best way to go and find an agent. So we did that. Um, let’s click out of that we Created a or got a reliable supplier Adding the product to the storm preparing product page who did that and now it’s creating the Facebook Ads So now we’re gonna create the actual Facebook app. Alright for actually creating the Facebook app What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to this account that we have here what are we gonna do to create a new Facebook Ads campaign is go to create here and now we’re gonna choose the Conversion swamp perfect. And in the bottom you can just right kitty hammock or cat hammock unknown Pity Hammer I don’t know how MUC I’m oh Yeah, this one. Um Click continue in this case. Actually. Let’s go back. We’re gonna create a CBO campaign If you don’t know what CBO is make sure to check the video down in the description It’s a new type of campaign that Facebook has rolled out based on campaign budget. So we’re just going to do that I’m gonna click create and Oh Okay, let’s have to do that again. Okay conversions and then right kitty hammock. Go ahead. Okay hammock And I know it’s a little bit frustrating But let’s go to CBO campaign budget optimization. Let’s turn that on and let’s run it at $20 a day $20 a day awesome Let’s continue that and now we’re gonna create the first Facebook ad and we’re gonna choose our targeting on the top Here we have already ran traffic to the site. We’ve already gone some clicks and some ads to cart for it So we’re gonna pick in this case is new purchase right here So click on that make sure to choose a purchase pixel and not in the bottom. We’re going the next step is to Creating Facebook Ads getting high quality images and videos. Oh, I forgot to mention for getting high quality videos we can go straight to the supply to the person that is providing us a product either a drop shipping agent or using an Influencer for the image so we can go on Instagram hire an influencer. Somebody has it can be a small audience You don’t need to pay them too much. You can get pictures from them We will do this in the next one to two days They’re just gonna launch this campaign for now But you can do it get an influencer get really high quality images or just from your agent The agent will tend to have products there available that they can choose really high quality images So when it comes to video you can hire somebody on fiber which is what I recommend on fiber up work You can also go and create your own video with Animoto if you want to know how I create my videos you can go ahead and go to the description how to create a facebook video ad or a face at video and learn all the steps, but we we’re gonna order a video from Fiber from one of the best fiber video creators and then have it ready in this case We’re gonna just use an image because we’re launching the product now. It’s gonna be finding your target audience on Facebook so let’s go back to Facebook and Let’s find the target audience and let’s make this bigger here. All right, in this case. We’re gonna target US Canada and United Kingdom so ad in there include Canada Yeah include now you’re gonna go ahead and go to type that. Yeah go to Canada Who’s us is the standard the default click on Canada. Awesome And now you’re gonna click and you’re gonna go back to type. Yeah. Yep United You United Kingdom there. It is the first one Nora Larry awesome Alright, so let’s go down and for this particular product since it’s a cat product What you can target is my BMI method and BMI stands for brand media and media means Basically magazines TV shows anything has to do with media or press so you have brands Brands about the product brands about people that like the products or we’re doing a cat toy in this case so we can do cat brands, if you don’t know any cat brands, for example, there is Friskies, which is a cat food brand there is there’s another one called Purina Cat and there’s There’s a few cat brands If you don’t know any any cat brands or any brands for your particular niche You can just type them in on google and type in best cat brands for example or best cat brands best cat brands food, for example And you can find those and we’ll find them right so that’s that’s the best way to find brands now let’s go back to the ads manager there and Let’s go and type in the detail targeting right there ad demographics. Let’s type in Friskies f r is Right there in the ad interest. Yeah type in free pris frizz geez, there you And let’s see how many people we have 300 million um It can be that big because of this little thing always take it out. That just means Expanding the audience if it’s too small, but we want it to be small Let’s take that out. And now it’s gonna go down to see see that’s it goes down significantly right in this case Friskies is a little bit too small. So let’s go and see we can find other CAD brands here maybe Maybe But the bond rate cat food cat food. Oh, we can target cat food itself so we can just do an type cat food Let’s see if that if people are interested in cat food. They probably have a cat if you’re selling a product like this. Yeah 21 million. Okay, that’s a little bit too small. Let’s go ahead and if you click here narrow, it’s One on the top and the one on the bottom So click narrow here and now you’re gonna choose there and let’s type in for example interested in cat food as well as interested in Let’s type of cat, you know type cat and let’s see. What would pops up black cat cat lovers cat lady Cat let’s see Alright, let’s just go with cat lovers in this case since you already have cat food Which is an interest as it’s really good for for people that have cats And that’ll be 15 million. That’s still a little bit too to Be so you want to be around 3 notes put it on people’s or want to be so in that case Let’s do cat food, which is some people might be interested and then let’s do something like a pet Brand, so for example Petsmart if you type in pet and within write a smart No, no space no space Petsmart you see right there pets? Mark, it’s not enough. No that’s employers. Make sure to click interest not employers pet Smart and Click interest interest here. You see interests perfectly Seventeen million and let’s remove cat lovers from here. Let’s see. What’s up nine million. That’s a lot better Let’s do cat food and Petsmart. We got eight point nine million. Mm-hmm. It’s a little bit too high So what you can do it the the artist is too big you can add engaged shoppers They’re just people that buy a lot online I don’t recommend doing this because it’s it’s gonna shoot up the price But in this case, what we can do is we can go back and change the ages so for example be a lot of probably going to buy cat food are probably 25 and older and Then more likely to be what you think men or women or we should just only one. Alright, let’s try that And now we got four point nine minute, which is a lot better. It’s close to that three million mark, that won’t be awesome So let’s go down and that’s set up properly on the placements. You can click Edit placements and Just take out audience network You can take that out. You can take out messenger and Then Instagram, let’s go down. No you can Take out right column Take out take it out. Click on it. Take out video feeds and now go down and in-stream to get out as well in stream take it and In article take it and the rest we can leave it. You can either do face cards They’re gonna feed or just the ones a we’ve chosen here go down All right, you can leave it at lowest cost just for this particular example, let’s leave it lowest cost We’re not gonna go into any detail right now. I’m click continue I’m gonna set up the ad and actually launch our cat hammock at so you gotta choose a Facebook page And in this case, we’ve created click Facebook page there And now type vodka which is a page name. There we go. But calm Down and click the this one right here then I go up up Here you can click single image or video which we can do or we can set up a carousel add Child recommend a lot of people are getting into carousels Which is the one we made for the iPhone remember made a carousel app for the iPhone? It looks a lot cuter we into the carousel for this one as well So you can just go let’s pit start by picking the images and how we can pick images for a product In order to take images for a product we can go to the product page right here and take an image from the product save image and then In this case It would be It says Google wet P which should be PNG what we can do in this case is take a screenshot of it with mono snap You can just take a screenshot. This is our own store. Then it won’t really affect it So it’s our own store in that case. I highly recommend getting higher quality images from your supplier or from an influencer we’re just doing this for Illustration purposes not to be two hours here So we’re gonna set that up and now you can put it here there you select that image upload the image, for example Into that and Now you click you wait until it’s uploaded and now to continue And now the image should show up there. So now go down in the headline for example in the headline there you can type in Hanging Kitty Hanging or hanging with gee hanging yeah kitty, and then a line Line and you can put Fun cat hammock, for example, and in this in this one, what you can do is highlight the features Highlight what specifically are you offering with the product any sort of type of value? They’re offering with the product in this case It’s just a fun cat hammock with good We’ll just use the images. So we’re using there. You can also use another image go back for example in this case You don’t have that many images, but let’s just use this and click mono snap or sorry non capture a full screen click on capture area I’m gonna stick that one Click save and we’re gonna go back and now for the website URL, what do we do for the website URL? Our Product page. Yeah, so go to the hanging Kitty product page. Let’s take that and then take the No, no go back do it this one. Yeah. There you there you go copy and now Paste awesome All right, and now you’re gonna go to create a second image so that is like a little Carrodus All right, it’s going like that. And now this is gonna be the second one. So, let’s look at the preview right here This is gonna be the first one night and now the second one let’s go with the other one that we just Put so this one. For example, I’m gonna wait until it uploads and then do the same You can just take the same the same name the fun hammock. You can go back to the one and Then copy that yep And paste it on the other one Obviously think of these through I’m just thinking out through the steps doing everything We set up a campaign for an iPhone 11 case Yesterday it took a while but it was it’s well setup and that one and then you can change the website URL as well yeah, I Don’t do the website URL good copy. Perfect I’ll save it in there. Awesome. All right now we’ll see the two images Popping up you see one in Tunes. Now. The last thing we’re gonna do for this one is set up a primary text so the primary text and take up that URL to see more URL and paste in there our So that’s the one that people are gonna go when they click Anything on the ad and now the primary text is gonna be the top one what I recommend for this case is one starting off with a question or rhetorical question or Starting off with a value proposition saying what the product is in this case we can do Let’s say for example, there’s a famous Quote in the US that says all girls. Just want to have fun What we can put is old cats just want to have fun. It’s from movie. It’s got famous. So let me just put all cats all cats Well cats just Wanna have fun Fine all right, we sure that’s half and then the a and the all make it bigger And now you can use a Emoji extension like this one the joy pixels extension to put for example this one or this Kitty right here. Yeah kitty and then all casters will not fun to believe like that and then put For example, we can do with the hanging Kitty with the Hanging kitty Cat hammock We’re gonna say what the product is. So just write cat hammock hanging Kitty now You don’t need to put the line just put a space in All right, no space on the top. Yeah Cat hammock And go back down yeah with two M’s Two M’s on that one and kitty cat hammock is made for oh yeah, we’ll change it right now hanging kitty cat hammock is made or Introducing this one works a lot. Then you favorite Yes All right and then the last thing is get it here or get yours here or you can Go with a value proposition there or social proof, which is these many people or this number of people Are jumping on the cat train or getting this cat products and then we’ll just put we can either take a bitly link So do Billy calm and we can do it Billy calm and let’s you do shorter You’re shorter link And then you can put Billy calm then for example, you create a new one and then do this one copy and paste it here and We type in hanging kitty Kitty and now this is the link that we’re gonna use And we can put it on the table here And now a baby they click on the other gold shares of the page So now we got that set up and then we didn’t change this thinner hammock And then on the first one is well hammock Awesome, and now they’re out of setup. That is very rough pad. I know it’s it’s already setup to get traffic to it now What you’re gonna do is call it a call to action right there and Go to call to action right there and click learn more the one that says to learn more Yeah, learn more and change the shop now go down Yeah, oh go up, oh sorry shop now, yeah Awesome, and now that’s good for that. And now we’re gonna click confirm’ on the bottom Confirm confirm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah awesome And now we launch our first piece of god awesome amazing work now. We launched a Facebook ad for a product obviously It’s a rough draft Make sure to follow the steps properly there job serving agent get a good high quality Images a video from fiber or video from somebody or just create your own video and the launch of product we also created this campaign called case and then in this case, we’re targeting a packet and Then we’re targeting people in a packet countries in having access for iPhone 8 iPhone 8 plus iPhone X also match Netflix and Then we’re doing this particular case this one So we’re doing this one your new favourite iPhone 11 case we set that up to 999 case Carousel ads are working really well right now. So we do carousel ads just make sure the image is Amazing you just make sure I’m very very high quality image or just do a video. So those have been the steps How how do you feel about that? Good. Was it easy going through the steps order? Yeah, there’s a little bit tough All right, and then we’ll do finding winning products finding a reliable supplier I can apply to a store getting facebook out finding your target audience on Facebook launcher ads and analyze data And that’s all done alright, we followed all the steps If you want to see a scale of store and start getting more sales and you want her back on the videos here Then let us know by commenting part two down below comment just part two or take – I will do more videos on this and a whole series on it and if you want to find out the top ten Products to advertise right now and drop shipping the top ten products. Just make sure to click the video right there schedule a call Subscribe to a channel hit that notification bell and schedule a call with me or my team on the first link in the description


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