Texas Alcohol Retailers Orientation: TABC Inspections


– NARRATOR: Let me introduce
you to Bob Simmons, a TABC agent. He’s on his way to inspect
Dallas Bar and Grill because of a customer complaint
about Happy Hour violations. These are improper marketing
practices that can lead to problems such as intoxicated
customers due to over-service. – The TABC’s goal is to
conduct routine inspections at every single licensed
premise in the state at least once a year. We also make special stops like
this to investigate cases where we’re made aware of
an alleged violation. – NARRATOR: Agent Simmons’s
work is never done. Like most days, this is only the
first of many stops he’ll make. – The first thing we
look at is signage, promotions and general
public safety compliance. Looks like we’re
all good out here. That’s always a nice start. – NARRATOR: Agent Simmons’s
visits are all about keeping the line of
communication open between the TABC and the
people selling alcohol. – Hey, Kevin, how’s it going? – Oh, good. Inspection time, huh? – Well, this time we actually
got a call about a violation. – Oh, yeah? – Came in last week, uh,
something about some signage and a special drink price? – Hmm, that’s weird. I’m not sure what that would be,
unless the new guy might have put something up
on the chalkboard. – Yeah, that would do it. I don’t see any red flags at
this point, but I would like to go ahead and do a
full inspection while I’m here. – Sure. – You wearing the Manager hat
today? – Yeah, sure am. Where do you want to start? – Kevin has been through
this before so he knows what to expect. Let’s start with the permit. – Yeah, no problem.
Come on back. – NARRATOR: Agents look at the
permits to ensure they’re up to date and that the
establishment isn’t exceeding limits on its
hours of operation. – Actually, we just renewed
it last month. – Okay. Looks good. – NARRATOR: During his
inspection, it’s vital that Agent Simmons checks all the
bottles behind the bar to ensure they have the appropriate
tax identification stamps. If a stamp is missing,
the bottle must be thrown away even if it hasn’t been opened. – What we’re looking for on
these bottles is to make sure the stamps aren’t fakes
and that they’re on the right bottles. And with the empty bottles,
we’re looking to make sure the tax stamps are
properly mutilated. – Oh, looks like they left
an empty one out last night. [clink clink clink] – Now, you really have to
remind your bartenders to scratch those tax stamps
on the empty bottles. You know, it’s just
good business. That way your customers don’t
suspect you of refilling bottles illegally and it helps us verify
that you’re doing business within the law. – Yeah. I’m sorry about that. My guys know better. – NARRATOR: Agent Simmons also
checks out the draft system to ensure the bar is serving
what they’re advertising. – During these inspections,
I’m looking for anything that may violate the TABC code. But I’m also helping Kevin
do his job better, making sure the bar is
operating within the law. – NARRATOR: Being the savvy
and diligent bar manager that he is, Kevin understands
that as Agent Simmons scans the room he’s looking for
any other potential problems, such as underage drinkers… games or events that promote
excessive drinking… and customers that have
been over-served. – [loud voices and cheering] – The ladies over there
with the pitchers — I think it’s probably
time to cut them off and see about finding
them a safe ride home. – Yeah, I already talked
to them once. The lady in the blue,
she’s drinking soda. She’s the designated driver. – Well, that’s good but just
keep in mind that even if they have a designated driver
if they’re already intoxicated it’s against the
law to serve them. – Got it. I’ll close out
their tab. – If Kevin or any of his
employees serve an intoxicated or underage patron,
they’re looking at some very serious criminal charges. And the bar owner,
they’re looking at some very stiff penalties from TABC. That’s why I do my best to
help Kevin and his staff stay on the right track. Well, Kevin, that about
covers it. Whatever the signage issue was,
it’s gone now. But it would be a good idea to
give your guys a refresher on posting special drink prices and
remind them about scratching the stamps on the empty bottles. – Yeah. I think you’re right. I’ll make sure it’s
on our agenda tonight. – Call me if you ever have
any questions about possible violations
or new TABC policies. I’m glad to help. And please keep
checking those IDs. – Absolutely. Will do. Thanks. – NARRATOR: As he exits
the building, Agent Simmons is once again impressed by Kevin’s
diligence and thoroughness. It gives him great satisfaction
to know that he can help Kevin and his team continue to
run a successful business. – ♪



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