The AutoDS Finder For Non-API Is Here – Best Dropshipping Products For 2020!


In this video, I want to show you our new release of the AutoDS finder. Our hot dropshipping products finder of AutoDS for the Non-API version. In this video, I will show you how to work right with this finder and how to upload as many products as you want from each of the supported supplier that you can see here a very long list of many differents suppliers which are supported by the AutoDS finder. Hello Everybody! I’m so excited to show you this video today because so many people ask us to release the AutoDS finder for the Non-API solution also. So let’s see how it works! And let’s go over everything that you need to know about the AutoDS Finder in general and for the Non-API solution! So the first thing that we need to understand is “How does the credits work for the AutoDS Finder?” So the credits are really cheap and it works on the next rate. If you want a product which is sold at least three times in the last month on eBay or similar products to those machine learning, smart system found So it will only cost us 1 credit per product. If you want for example 8 sales for the last month, It will cost us 4 credits per product Which is also still very cheap. If you go and check on the prices, Let’s say that we take the ten thousand listings package it’s $115 which means actually it cost less than, It cost around one cent per product which is super cheap. Now Let’s continue! What I will do? I will choose the amount of the products that I want to upload to my store. Let’s say 100 products and we will click upload it. Remember the good thing about this It will check and it will not list you It will not put in your calendar products which are Vero or things that you should not be uploaded according to your policy. So Here we can choose the warehouse For example, if I chose Banggood So we have the China and United States Let’s see which suppliers more we have Before we go to this step. So we have Amazon, Walmart, HomeDepot, Banggood, Aliexpress, Costway, Chinabrands And we always add here more and more supplier So the system finds over 1 million products Always and it always updating the product. So people will not get the same products from many different people. So, as I said I want to upload for example products from Banggood, I will go to the AutoDS Finder again and I will choose here the Banggood, And I will put here 100 products Because I want to upload 100 products to my store Upload it. And then, we can choose here the warehouse I showed you before. Made the configuration here Choose what you want to upload and how, With variations and without, Maybe want to duplicate images, make a collage and everything that you want Then we click “Save Products” and let’s see what happens. First of all, we will be transferred to this page of the AutoDS Of the scheduler, the calendar And all of you who worked with the Non-API You know that from here Actually, we will go and upload products with the extension to our store with the click of a button. So after a few minutes, the products will appear here And will be upload and will be able to send to the uploader. Which as I said will be done in a click of a button As our usual uploads with the Non-API extension just “Upload Pending Uploads to eBay”. So we already have here some products which are scheduled yesterday Now all what I need to do, I go, click “Upload pending uploads to eBay”, and it will be uploaded. These products that I just schedule Will be, will appear here in a few minutes as I said Because it’s a big amount, it’s 100 products And you can get up to 1000 products per upload. I hope that you like this video! I hope that this feature help you to save a lot of time. Because we really see amazing results With over 40% improval of sales from people Who use the AutoDS Finder over people who doesn’t use this. See you on the next videos! Don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel Under this video and ask anything that you want, You can ask me in the comments And I promise that I will go personally and answer all your questions. See you on the next videos! Bye Bye!


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  1. D D

    November 27, 2019 9:45 am

    So I tried using this twice. I wanted to test it so the first time I input that I wanted 10 items from Walmart. It only did nine, and one of those failed due to what I believe is because it was trying to list in an "eBay motors" category. So only eight worked.

    The second time, I input that I wanted 10 items from Banggood. It has been several hours and it has only done two.

  2. RC Action

    November 27, 2019 2:00 pm

    If you select 100 items how does it space them out in the scheduled up loader? Same day with a minute in between?

  3. Country Picker

    November 30, 2019 12:14 am

    Difficult interface Didn't work for me at all spent hours trying to make it work none of it not the uploaded not the finder


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