The future of ERP & Point-of-Sale for Magento Retailers


You’re running a successful retail
business, and your Magento webstore is doing well. Sales are coming in customers
are happy and things are looking good. Your business begins to scale quickly, you add a physical store open a new warehouse and start to sell
internationally. With growth comes complexity all the different elements of
your business needs to connect to communicate together to cope with the
extra strain lots of businesses invest in technology and third-party apps to
support growth many of these extensions and typical integrations will clog up
and slow down your Magento store resulting in a sluggish site, poor search
engine results and ultimately lost sales. Unhappy and annoyed customers will leave you negative reviews and shop elsewhere. Introducing Brightpearl our beautifully
engineered Magento integration is fast reliable and performs better at scale
than any other integration. Brightpearl brings together all your sales channels, inventory, orders, accounting, customer data and reporting all in one place. Extend Brightpearl’s functionality to your store with our new Point-of-Sale Instead of blasting data at Magento and causing performance issues. Brightpearl waits to transfer information and updates your sales channels at the most convenient times of day. Customer experience is seamless no matter what channel they
choose to buy from with no impact on the performance of your Magento. With Brightpearl you can add more Magento stores, more physical stores and
marketplaces with confidence that your core operations are under control. Whether you’re selling online offline or overseas – Brightpearl has you covered. Brightpearl is the future of ERP and Point of Sale for SMB Magento retailers. Discover the benefits of Brightpearl for yourself.


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