The future of parcel tracking

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The Future of Parcel Tracking
Live tracking has become standard in parcel delivery, and it’s changing the way people
feel about shopping online. In the past, only the merchant could see the
parcel’s journey. Customers would order an item not knowing when it would arrive leading
to some serious ‘waiting anxiety’! Today, retailers can reassure customers with
tracking updates. People can track their parcels from the moment of dispatch to the point of
delivery. We have more delivery choices than ever before,
based around speed, place, time and tracking. So what does this all mean for retailers?
Tracking updates let you continue the conversation with the customers after purchase. Once the
purchase is made, there customer’s attention is fixed on their item and its delivery progress.
Your product’s email tracking updates are integral to you brand experience. Businesses
also have the option of showcasing more products in these emails.
But people don’t just want to know where their parcel is going, they want more CONTROL
over their parcel. They want to decide where, when and how they receive it.
Depending on the parcel used, people now have access to more tracking options than ever
before. They can get updates on the status of their
delivery via apps, SMS, email, Apple Watch and more.
So what does the future hold for parcel delivery? Today people can track their parcels, but
in the future, parcels will find people. And one day, if people’s plans change, they
will want the choice to redirect their parcel to wherever they are, such as a beach or street
corner. Already, brands are working together to surprise
customers with novel delivery experiences. And no matter the mode of delivery, people
will always want a convenient and pleasant experience.
Parcel tracking allows people to interact with their purchase several times after the
point of sale. It also builds anticipation and provides convenience.
Find out more about parcel tracking options today. Call Star Track on 13 23 45.


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