The Point-of-Sale for Multi-Channel Retailers


Welcome to your Neto point-of-sale
sales screen your interface for face-to-face and in-store sales Neto
POS is designed for PC Mac and iPad users is lightning fast and touch
friendly on the left of screen you will find your product categories use these
to organise and find products quickly a product category can have any number of
subcategories making it easy for you to navigate thousands of product listings
you can also find products by searching for them using a keyword such as the
products name SKU or barcode. Results are automatically sorted by popularity but
can also be sorted by name or SKU for information about the product click on
its information icon to add products to a sale simply touch or click on a product’s tile each time you click on the product will add one more to the sale Neto POS also supports barcode scanning each time you scan a product’s barcode
it will automatically add that product to the sale to edit the details of a
product click or touch the product you can enter the quantity the tax status
the discount amount or the price you can even add notes that appear on
the printers or emails receipt to delete their product from a sale swipe left and
click on the delete icon or click on the product and click on the delete button you can apply a discount to an entire
sale by entering the discount percentage amount
additionally customers can also be applied to VIP pricing groups to receive
special pricing discounts you can complete a sale without adding any
customer details or you can add a customer to a sale to an able you and
the customers to track their sales history online you can also use our
unique ship from store option enabling your customers to opt to have products
shipped to their final destination rather than taking them right away this
is particularly useful for pop-up shops or those selling bulky goods ready to
take payments click pay now and select from the payment methods you have set up Neto POS supports multiple payment options including integrated credit or
debit card cash and account credit as your customer needs to slip payments
over several methods that’s easy to with automatic splitting of payments built-in print your receipts to a compatible
receipt printer or offer the option of an email receipt and capture valuable
email addresses for email marketing at a later stage once the sale is completed
an Neto point-of-sale the inventory related to that sale will be adjusted
across all your integrate sales channels including your Neto control panel
webstore and eBay store if applicable customer details will also be updated
and have configured the sale will flow into your chosen accounting platform with Neto running an integrated omni-channel retail business is easy!


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