These 3 Shopify Stores Make Millions (Winning Shopify Store Designs 2019)


(Good Shopify Stores 2019) These three Shopify stores are making millions and you’re making nothing. Let’s find out why All right guys, so in this video, we’re gonna review three Multi-millions Shopify stores exactly what they do to be Different than everybody else out there and how they make their money and how their websites actually look so you can analyze them and watch them Properly we’re gonna go over a niche store first So in the and each brand selling outdoor wear and swimwear Then we’re gonna go into a one product store one product grant and then we’re gonna go into a general dropshipping store So you get an idea that the three models can work if done properly if you’re new to this channel? Please consider subscribing and teach people how to build seven figure ecommerce companies from the ground up So if you’re a beginner intermediate or advanced we get a lot of value from the free trainings I share here so this the first website we’re gonna review the brand cup sheet there and swimwear and outdoor wear brand for women and essentially the website looks absolutely clean looks absolutely stunning and they put a lot of effort into the designs as you can see here the Pictures are very very high-quality Top-notch designs and on the top here, they have very specific menus that they created for the customers So it says March new in February new in new in clothing restock one-pieces bikini sets bestsellers and sale Right and it’s all with very well put out images and very high-quality images. So it’s not random things They put into a menu they put a lot of effort into creating a perfect navigation so you can go through and find Exactly what you want and that is a factor. What makes them so successful So we’re gonna go down as you can see the website looks absolutely clean very well done editors pick here. Great Images and then these images actually in the category section. They kind of pop at you So it makes you actually want to click on it and go to that category They also divide it very well new in bikini bait and then seeing stripes and at the bottom here they have their blog section which is something that I definitely for any Brand that wants to build a long-term project or a long-term brand You need to have a blogging aspect because people will not only find you through your ads. They’ll find you organically So in this case this one right here best swimsuits for travel Imagine a woman is searching for the best swimsuits for her next trip She can find this article get to the article and then get to know the brand and ultimately buy a product for the brand So they put a lot of effort and they keyword practice very very well optimized Absolutely stunningly. Great images great designs again and Divided it into different types of swimwear that you can buy obviously putting in their products, which you can buy to the block-post So there’s something if you’re trying to build a brand and each brand is something that you really have to consider I really have to put a lot of focus into so let’s go back to the homepage and let’s go into one of the product pages so late to pick the new in and Then one of the new and product so let’s pick this one as you can see here when you go into the collection It looks very clean. And on the left side here the menu you can choose exactly what you want So your price is like $25. You don’t want to spend more than that, but also not less than that You want to keep the quality? well You can choose that and then you can choose the type of design or type of trend that you’re looking for and you can find specifically While you’re searching for you don’t have to search a bunch of time on their way some time and then bump off the website now You can find exactly where you’re looking for. So let’s say that’s boho And you find the boho one you want? $27.99 Exactly. Your price point 137 reviews is something that I really recommend for anybody selling on Shopify always have reviews on your Website that people can look at people can analyze through with pictures. So we’ll go into the reviews later We’ll analyze the page. They have a size guide on here. Very clear size guide low size measurements You can see it very well and then they have this very clear image on here you can essentially really know what your size is so that decreases refunds and improves conversion rate because people know exactly What they’re getting when they buy this type of product very well put out for anybody selling any type of apparel jewelry You need size guides on your pages. Now. It’s very clean again, black and white when you hover over it. It turns to white Extremely clean design very well put out description on here And it says please allow point for it to point a difference due to manual measurement This is something you want to add to your Pages if there’s something that might be different from the size chart or might be different from the product. They’re shipping Whatever it is, you always want to make a note so that the customer is aware of that then also here the tab shipping Five to seven days expedited shipping ten to twelve days when you want to scale You want to get a drop shipping suppliers that will help you in decrease these shipping times Then go down to the return exchange contact us and then a little bit of an upsell right here So the page is absolutely clean. Let’s go into the reviews and then down here You can see that their reviews actually have very specific things to that person that bought the product so if somebody goes onto the website and they weigh a hundred of fifty pounds and they want to buy a Swimsuit for fun or for the beach they can really identify Winters review because it’s someone that bought it for the same purpose and it’s the same type of body weight or body size So they can really relate to this person and when they read the review It’s more relevant to them and it makes more sense for them to relate to this Review and then actually buy the product So it’s a very well put out review style review shape that they have here And as as I said, they have more than 130 reviews on here. So it’s you know size fit just right They really put a lot of effort into making the customer feel that what they’re buying is a high quality product You always want to make that you want to build a brand you need people to think that you’re high quality and high standard now Let’s go into here the recently viewed as you can see all the images are very clean very clear You can see what you’re buying and essentially like every product is explained very clear. There’s no scar City There’s no fake countdown timers. No fake prices. It’s all only about the product. They created a product That’s very high quality and they want to focus on it as much as they can. So that’s going to the best sellers and Then a few of them hear the same thing very high quality images Great designs just absolutely stunning. Graphics on here And they put this little on sale on the top and now in their homepage I want to show you another thing which is their Instagram feed In the bottom, which is something that you always want to have the Instagram feed up all your stories you want to have it just To show that your brand is not just some random brand they created he don’t care about you know it’s something that you really put a lot of effort into it and you want to make sure your Instagram pictures are top not as high quality as you can get some influencers learn how to get influencers with the trainings here on the program the YouTube channel and you can essentially learn how to get these influencers get these Absolutely stunning pictures and then build the Instagram feed off it we’re gonna actually go to Instagram page They have seven hundred and forty seven thousand followers Amazing number as you can see they pose pretty much everyday stunning pictures really putting out the quality of the brand you stunning this of These designs and really pushing people to the websites that they end up buying they really put a lot of effort into the website So if you want to build a brand specially something that is a long-term and something for women or for outerwear even if it’s for women or for men a Long-term apparel brand and really want to make sure to check their website out and analyze it more in detail But this is it’s stunning. It’s absolutely well done and I can see why they’re making millions of dollars from it Now the second one that we’re gonna check is a one products fall store called bombas. They sell socks right there That’s the only thing they sell its socks for women and men and kids and that’s the only thing they sell them make millions of dollars selling just socks on Shopify So we’re gonna go over why so as you can see right when you go to the website It’s a clean website clean layout but it’s also very playful. It has a lot of colors It really invites you in to kind of explore the colleagues that they have So if you go down here more bombas less laundry, so that kind of pulls you in like hey Why am I gonna do less laundry with this? so having catchy headlines and cashy tags can really get people to if they’re new to the website are just Visiting or scrolling by it They can really put it can really push them to check it out more just by having cool headlines and cool tags here performance golf and tennis is also a performance brand which you can also do to your one product stores is have a normal product and then have a performance product or a higher quality higher ticket product that works really well for that luxury audience that you potentially want to target and Then this section right here, which I love the 17 million prayers donated This is something that helps a lot of brands one of my students at my mentoring program He actually has a 10% of every order goes to women’s rights or abused women charity organizations So that really pushes people to buy more and people that care about this Charity aspect of your brand it really improves the conversion rate and it it really helps just a brand ass But you can get press out of it You can get people sharing your brand if they care about that and it really pushes your brand in a way that nothing else does Having a charitable Aspect to your brand we’re saying hey for every one you buy one goes through this charity or for every order 10% goes to this charity that really pushes people to share your brand and creates that social aspect and really pushes your brand awareness To another level that nothing else can do except charity So I really push it to my students and it’s something you want to do with your brand or your one product stores So let’s go down here. Let’s see shop men. Let’s actually check out their products So we go on here what they do with their ads is they push people to an actual collection? They don’t push people to specific product pages So they push them to the men’s pack collection. For example And you go into this collection here mens calf and ankle socks all ankle socks performance golf socks so you can essentially choose which one you’re most interested in depending on what you’re looking for if it’s Performance or if it’s just regular socks that are gonna wear every day And if you’re going for more colorful aspect they have that color right here They have some you know, combined colors are less less expressive. So let’s pick this one For example, the prices are a little bit high, but they want to keep that high-end aspect they want to be a really luxury soft brand and it really appeals to a specific type of the market that still has a lot of money to spend on these socks and $68 for an eighth or for a six pair of socks. It really isn’t that much if the quality is there So if you make sure that your quality is really high. You don’t really need to worry about the price of your particular product So as you can see, the actual product page is absolutely stunning very well created amazing colors great pictures Great pictures that truly showcase the each and every one of these socks. It’s very clean. There’s no fake prices No fakes car city, like I was talking about there’s no fake anything no countdown timers They just focus on the product making the website look absolutely stunning and then really just focusing on the customer They also have the size and fit guide on your very clean as well And down here They have the Tekin materials that people are very interested in what the tech and what the features are. They also have that available So you can check it out now down here below they focus on the product focusing on the quality and the features as you always should with every one of your Products either your description has to be very long or if it’s a one product store You want to focus on the features? Features feature features making sure that the customer understands Why this product is a higher quality product and anything else? They can find on like a Walmart or Amazon or whatever other? Retail store they find this is a better product Because of this you don’t just want to say hey check out this really cool video and buy it No You want to really hone down on why your product is better than any other choices that they have because there’s a lot of choices There’s a lot of saturation So you want to put a lot of effort into creating a higher sense or a higher quality sense of your product? Let’s go down here. And again one fair purchase one fair donated that charitable aspect that I do with my students You should do it as well. I highly recommend you do some sort of charity Project whether that’s 10% of every order or ten percent or some orders or a month We 15% of all your orders something towards charity that will help push your brand in ways that nothing else will Alright happiness guaranteed. They also have a hundred percent refund guarantee If you’re not satisfied with the product, there’s something I don’t recommend if you’re a newer grandma You want to grow and you want to increase your conversion rate having a hundred percent refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied It’s great because it pushes people that wouldn’t normally buy it pushes them to buy because they think oh Well if I’m not satisfied with the product I can just order it back Refund that a return it this really pushes it pushes them to the limit whereas they wouldn’t have bought before now They’re gonna buy because of the refund policy So this is something that you want to implement if you’re a new brand and you want to grow as fast as possible So their design is very clean. They focus on the features. Their website is just absolutely stunningly built And again, they’re their menus on the top are very clean and very clear So they’re not just some random menu that you can just put together in seconds Now they put a lot of effort into this and you can check no-show and cool quarter path So it sends you exactly to what you’re looking for. That’s very important with anything You want to send the customer to exactly what they’re looking for and exactly what they want from your store and the third website We’re gonna go over is inspired uplift. There’s a general drop shipping brand with products that you yourself might have tried to sell Why are they making millions of dollars? They make a million dollars a month Why are they making millions of dollars and you’re not making money by selling the same product? So we’re gonna go over the website right now They have a very clean video on here showing off one of their products both multiple videos showing off their products Which is great to just get the customer Wrapped into the brand and looking at it directly and then in the bottom, you see all these collections. They look very clean very good design a very good images that really Ensures that the customer knows this is a quality brand. That’s not just some random Drop shipping store taking products from China the products on the bottom here most popular items Let’s click on one of them For example this one they’ve made millions of dollars selling this little handicraft instance holder and no People have tried to sell this and they haven’t been successful There’s multiple reasons why so in this case, they don’t have any fake timers. No fakes car city things. Just nothing Just focusing on the product making sure the description is key. So they have a little jiff here a little video showing off What the product does? Very well written description did you know in sis birding bah-bah-bah so they focus a lot on what the product is for What type of audience buys this product and then essentially creating a very well? copywriting Strategy for their product description, so they spent a lot of time creating their product descriptions They just don’t put together, you know, five bullet points or ten bullet points here read this that’s it They spent a lot of time creating these specific paragraphs for the people that want to buy that product so really showcases what the product does how the product Benefits that person that is watching the page. So let’s go through the images very high quality images on here Not some random one some of aliexpress. They really put a lot of effort into making sure these are quality and Then in the bottom the customer reviews, let’s go into them So as I say always with the reviews You always need reviews on your site. If you want to get reviews in an easy way, which is the same way They do them you can use the app called loops You can get a 30-day free trial with the link in the description down below and it essentially pulls the name of the person The picture which is usually a high quality picture and then the review right? So Luc’s pulls that directly from aliexpress and you can essentially add it to your website in seconds. This is what they do 127 reviews so it looks like a very high quality high social proof Page and the product looks very high quality just by looking at the product reviews So let’s keep looking through these reviews. They’re all in English. They’re all very well made. I see a lot of people importing reviews and they’re all in like Russian or and languages that people that they’re selling to don’t really understand like Portuguese or Even I’ve seen something even so you want to make sure that some of these reviews are in English They’re well-written and you can actually read them from the customer perspective in this case They do all these right and recently viewed items here on the bottom. Let’s check another one Again same thing no fix car city No Fake anything all just focusing on the product very good copywriting skills here focusing on what the product offers and for who it offers to and Then here some trust badges free shipping satisfaction guarantee secure checkout. It’s not like Crazy crazy trust badges is you small next to the Add to Cart button, which is green, which is what I recommend I definitely reach for a green Add to Cart button So if you want to start implementing that into your website is definitely something that I recommend now the menu option here It’s also very clean. So if you want to do shop categories and you’re looking for something specific you can find it very quickly So beauty and health. Let’s go there and Now I’m here when you click on Beauty and health They first show you all their bestsellers Which is a way of them pushing the products that are selling the most and getting people Interested in these products that are selling the most or getting the most traction and then going on to the collection So this is something that I liked a lot plus this little pop-up that pops in on the left side. It’s not intrusive It doesn’t pop up every three seconds, but it is a social proof, right? Somebody purchased right someone in Gatwick purchase my talking pets hamster one thing It pushes products that people might not be looking at it pushes them off On here and then to it obviously creates a social proof that people are actually buying From the website and I think they only do it on desktop So it’s good to only do it on desktop not on mobile because a mobile it interrupts the buying process So as you can see, there are very clean website. They focus a lot on the descriptions they put a lot of effort into creating very good descriptions videos on all their products so that people know exactly what they’re getting when they buy and Very clean images as you can see here. Do you know exactly what you’re getting? So those are three? Absolutely, successful. One of them is a niche brands If you want to build a brand go check out cuff Chi and what they’re doing if you want to build a one product store Go check out bombas and what they’re doing and if you’re building a general dropshipping store You want to check out the spiral uplift they make? Millions of dollars on Shopify and you can do it too if you’re not making money It’s because you’re not implementing the things that these websites or these brands are implementing into their stores enjoyed this video give it a like down below subscribe to this channel for more content just like this and if you Want to join our winning store giveaway? I’m giving out a store that has made 160 Thousand dollars. So if you want to go over and join that giveaway, click the link in the description that says join the giveaway Right here And if you want to schedule a one on one call to figure out the best strategy for you to make millions of dollars with e-commerce schedule a call with me directly we can figure out the strategy and see if you’re the right fit for my mentoring program to Take you to the next level. Thank you guys for watching. I will see you guys in the next one


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