TidalFit Swim Spa Mini Series-Episode 11 International Furniture Wholesalers Saskatoon


You know when you come home from the public
swimming pool and ya’, ya’ smell like chlorine? You need to have a shower, your hair gets
all dry. The beauty of a TidalFit Swim Spa is that you
can control your own chemistry. You don’t need to have a high level of chlorine
or bromine in there. As well as there is some alternative solutions
for that. You can have an ozonator to help reduce the
amount of chemicals. You can have a mineral system. Which this spa has. Again, that will help reduce the amount of
chemicals. And this one has the mineral system, the ozone,
as well as a UV light. So Diamond AOP, which is the latest, greatest
water sanitizing system out there. You can have that creating a virtual chemical free swimming environment for you and your family. Another great feature from TidalFit


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