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ok so guys lets talk about titles. Now what
I am going to do is quickly run you through how I would optimize a title using HGR and
using the Title-Builder So that you can put down the best searchable terminology which
is relevant to the item you are selling. For the example I am using the esshert design
hanging bird bath from VidaXL.co.uk The first thing I am going to do is pop on to my chrome
extension up here from HGR and that’s going to bring up the listing and auto populate most
of the information for me. You can see the title has been brought across exactly as
it is in the listing. Couple of things…. You’ll never need Viagra again?!….thank
you for that google chrome. Umm.. A couple things that you are probably not going to
need… so Esshert Design, I don’t think that is going to be searched for so I am going
to remove that. BR27 I can’t imagine someone searching for a bird bath would search for
that so… Let’s start putting in some stuff which is relevant so… garden feeder, oh
is it a feeder? it’s a bird bath and it can be used as a bird bath or a bird feeder OK!
so that’s relevant. Let’s get feeder in there, traditional? I’m not if it is traditional
actually. Cast Iron What is it…. ahh? Cast Iron and Metal so that’s great lets get cast
iron in there. Cast Iron Fantastic. So you have now got hanging bird bath garden feeder
cast iron now as I have mentioned already the most important part of the title, I would
say, Is the first four or five words. So what is this? This is a cast iron hanging bird
bath. OK! Great so the first five words are cast iron hanging bird bath. Those are the
most.important obviously the most relevant to this item. Umm… I am pretty happy with
those words. We have got 38 characters left. Birds? It is good to have plural in there
as well because people might type birds instead of bird. I’m not sure if it is traditional…umm…
what have we got here box wild OK so the blue stuff is the less relevant the green stuff
is obviously the most relevant here. OK I’m going to… Did that say hotel then?! Right
well anyway. Let’s have a look now at the title-builder. So the title builder. Title-Builder.com
All you do is take your title and just paste it into the title builder. Make sure it’s
set to UK just here and then click on search. What that’s going to do is, like it does on
HGR, will give you more words that are more relevant to the product that you selling.
So we’ve got cast iron hanging bird bath, garden feeder birds garden feeder that’s more
relevant, well more grammatically correct. Birds Garden Feeder, what else do we need…
Bowl? well it is a bowl so that’s pretty good lets get bowl in there. Clearly that is being
searched for. Bowl, Hanging? Yea we already have got that. Cast Outdoor! That’s a great
word. Very relevant for this situation. We’ve got 19 characters left. Brown, Iron, Balls,
wall mounting, uhh have we got wall mounting, no we haven’t so wall mounted, what have we
got now 6 characters… chain? Yea cool well it does have a chain doesn’t it. We’ve seen
the picture. There it is. It’s got a chain so now what we need to do. Now that you have
got your title you can see all of my characters have been used. It’s not just about smashing
search terms, search words in like I have done here. That’s not the way to put a title
together. What you need to do is try and make it as grammatically correct as possible. So
the first five words Cast Iron Hanging Bird Bath, That’s appropriate. That’s important
that they stay exactly where it is. The rest of it needs to be grammatically correct so
lets see what we have got. Birds Garden Feeder Bowl Outdoor Wall Mounted Chain, That’s obviously
not great at the moment so what about chain wall mounted? That’s put together what else
have we got? Bath Birds Hanging Birds Bath Garden Feeder Yep! That’s good. Birds Garden
Feeder Bowl Birds Outdoor Chain Wall Mounted. Bird Outdoor? Outdoor Wall Mounted Chain?
hmm Let’s get rid of chain. So we’ve got Cast Iron Hanging Bird Bath Garden Feeder Bowl
Yep Bird Outdoor Wall Mounted … Birds outdoor wall mounted? Yeaaa I’m …that’s birds …bath
yea bowl… birds feeding? Feeding? hmm no that’s fine. I am happy with that. Let’s pop
a new on the end as that’s fine. OK great so I’ve now got Cast Iron Hanging Bird Bath
Garden Feeder Bowl Birds Outdoor Wall Mounted New! That’s great and I am happy with that
title and then from there you would then move down to the other parts of your listing but
as we are just focusing on the title now, that’s a pucker explanation on how I would
optimize a title and how I would look to bring across these keywords and put them in a relatively
grammatically correct order so that it looks like a proper listing and it doesn’t look
like you have just smashed loads of keywords together. Most important bit the front and
then the rest of it with important search terms from title-builder and HGR. Just make
sure you try and make is a grammatically correct as possible… and there you are!


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