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what’s up mr. da Vinci here in this
video I’m going to show you the top 10 winning products that sell right now the
2019 Shopify drop shipping so let’s hop straight into the video here we are on
the web site known as econ Hut com I’ll leave this in the link for the
description I’ll leave this in the link of the comment section of the video
below as well as also along with the playlist of my e-commerce video
playlists and I have for you on winning products so here we are involved in I’m
going to show you ten winning products that you can sell right now econ hunt
calm is a free website that you can use although if you do become a paid
membership you’re going to be able to get the engagement links video targeting
and retail price so just wanted to put that out there in case you was wondering
so let’s start off with some products to find all right right off the back we’re going
to start with pet massager so once you find a product that you like just gonna
come down click on show me the money and the cool thing I like about econ hunt is
you got a one click to your Shopify store but not only that they also come
with like a product description right here for you
of course you’re gonna need to add more to it but they give you a brief overall
paragraph for you and then you can actually they give you the benefits they
don’t really give you the story because you when you do product description you
should have a story that benefits them more about the product but I’ll make a
video on that soon so definitely subscribe um so it also shows the
saturation inspected for other products you can hunt other store selling this
product in case you want to get some quote-unquote inspiration this product
cost $19 they say you can sell it for the price of 39 will give you a profit
margin of $20 and yeah so we have the pet massage over here we have some
pictures of it and this is going to be the first winning product that I have
for you so let’s continue on okay so I see a lot of good products
that will be cool for Christmas so we’re gonna go with like this this would be a
nice Christmas present even though we’re not in Kota for just yet but that will
begin as soon as October comes some of you are already preparing for Kota for
right now get ready for Halloween this would be good for obviously children who
has like a Xbox one PlayStation 4 I don’t know about the Wii or the switch
possibly but I can definitely see that you promoting this to the Xbox one a
kids with PlayStation 4 pants or more than likely bothers if they like into
driving games that’s fun and um or you could use this like for GTA 5 you know
when you get in the car and drive around there you can plug that up that’d be
really fun and then it has a actually this has a
long description of it so yeah you could I could definitely see this being a
winning product for around November Christmas selling price is $30 product
cost is $15 so you gonna have a 15 dollar profit margin and yes this does
include shipping I don’t know if I said that but I’m just gonna throw it out
there right now so it’s the second product I have for you definitely look
into that it’s good to be ahead of curve and then instead of waiting for the car
if you wanna get these products out ASAP so that’s just page one we’re gonna go
over to page two see we can find here this is definitely a winner right here
now where I’m at is still one even though it’s fall but it’s still warm
enough that people can still go fishing they dive and really you know packed up
for the summer might be different where you live but when I’m at it’s still ok
for people to go fishing so this is the winning product that I have for you
right here portable fishing tackle bag every good
fisherman knows the most important thing is has robbed in his tackle boxes
sometimes they can be a hassle and lugging them around luckily for you we
created a winner you kill two birds with one stone
and be fishing like a pro all day long introducing the Fisher probe reliable
easy and makes fishing a lot more enjoyable my ball continued reading long
but this has a pretty good straight to-the-point description all you will
need to do is add some benefits so this actually gives you a $30 profit margin I
might have to test this for myself and make a video on this but definitely
target people in the fishing fly-fishing Bass Pro Shop this a few suggestions on
top of my head selling prices 4990 product causes 1983
which gives you a profit margin 30 dollars and seven cents so definitely
young police Aldus this is a good winning product for you and you get a
$30 profit margin doesn’t get much better than that believest bird is another wedding
product for you cool so what I have for you right now is
rotate the vegetable cutter obviously you want to target people in the kitchen
or they like cooking stuff like that the product description for you right here
has a lot of benefits so this one you gonna need to make a story description
product cost product cost is $14.90 selling price is thirty eight ninety
nine my brother’s boosted up to four thirty nine ninety nine which would give
you a profit of this is 24 80 but you’re looking at twenty-five dollars in etc
cent so is the fourth winning product that I have for you got six months ago
if you like in this video so far definitely make sure you give me a like
leave a comment below of your thoughts about what you think of this websites
are falling the products that I’m showing you and yes you had a video to a
friend definitely helped get the engagement up I appreciate it greatly
see what else we can find here for you I’ve seen this product pop up a lot on
Facebook recently so obviously this is a winning product I’ve seen a lot of
people put a lot of money in the as in this product this is a balanced
neck pillow but if you can find a vegan off Facebook and type in the Adsense for
this I mean just type in neck pillow and come across this sorry y’all I’m moving
to a different location that’s why you heard that door slam but yeah if you can
find this on Facebook you should be able to get the video ad for this all right
I’m done moving y’all thanks for being patient with me so long so dis for 2492
product cuts for ninety to give me a twenty dollar profit so yeah definitely
look for neck pillows this is very eye-catching in a feeling
this is definitely a winning right here a baby sorry baby bottle warmer portable
so you definitely want to target parents new couples newborn parents infant
parents nesters a feel on top of my head product cost is one me three dollars and
seventeen cents southern prices $23.99 give me your profit margin twenty
dollars eighty two cent you can never make a lot of money with this you can
help out a lot of pins i have having this product heat up the baby bottle for
them so they don’t gotta really you know do too much or do all the steps that it
takes to get the bottle to a certain temperature I’m not really a parent so I
can’t really want too much details about that but I do know that I’ve been in the
baby niche for a while and seen em if we make the profit and on each think that
was the six one horrible let’s go all right got a page Teresa we
can find there’s no neck pillows this looks cool so what we have here is a mosquito
killer camping waterproof light obviously you want target people’s going
camping there’s a big problem that they have obviously done with mosquitoes um
southern prices 29:57 with a product cost of $11.50 in giving you a profit
margin of eighteen dollars so definitely look up mosquito killer camping
waterproof like it’s definitely a good product to test about now fall still
relevant so people still going camping this might be a bit of a stretch but
we’re going to check this out solar-powered cooling hat not just a hat
not just a fan it’s so much more then it has a nice nice description just needs a
little bit more for the benefits but you could definitely be profitable with this
southern price is $25.99 product cost is 5:19 giving you a profit margin of
twenty dollars and 80 cent so this is definitely a product it I suggest that
you test through as of right now page four he it goes another winning pada pet here
for moving roller this obviously solves the problem of people who loves the pets
but I have a dollar personally and his hair gets all everywhere paws everywhere
on my clothes like my shirts my hoodie my socks so I have to get like a lint
roller to brush that off so I definitely know I’m not the only pet owner who’s
going through this so you can definitely target almost any kind of pet selling
price is 2695 product cost is six dollars and 3 cents giving you a profit
margin of 20 dollars and ninety two cent so believe it as a knife winning product
so let’s see if we can go out with a bang big of product that can give us
good profit margins see what we can find here let’s go to see everything and find
on page five obvious 84 pages but pretty sure you don’t want to see me go through
84 pages so see if we can find ya that’s England I seen which one I’m
gonna go for the scroll back up for you right there we are anti motion sickness
glasses this is definitely good for people who like to travel
you can tell you people who that motion sickness whether that’s on the sea plane
a boating cruise vacation a road trip some people also get motion sickness for
like flying on planes and stuff like that so silent price is $29.99 product
classes four dollars forty-four sink giving you a profit margin of twenty
five dollars and fifty five cent thank you very much for watching this video
check out all the different content I have on e-commerce Shopify product
research winning products where you can find products subscribe to the channel
by clicking my face right here check out my ecommerce playlist below check out
some of my other videos that I have on Shopify aliexpress drop shipping view
this video a like if you enjoyed it leave me a comment below if any
questions comments or concerns that you have again the link to this website will
be pen in the comment section below along with my e-commerce playlist thank
you so much for watching this has been your friend and mentor mr. da Vinci son
and I’ll see you in the next video


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