TOP 3 Shopify Apps For Boosting Sales INSTANTLY in 2019!


Alright guys in today’s video We’re going to be talking about the tools and application that you should be using on your Shopify store to maximize sales So Shopify of course has a massive application store and think of it as a toolbox So if you’re a mechanic if you’re working construction If you’re a plumber if you’re an accountant If you’re a lawyer You have a set of tools that you use in your business to make your business Function and use it as use them as a foundation to make more money and grow your business Well a Shopify store is no different you need to have tools of the trade. So in this video we’re going to go through Kind of the top three, but I’ve actually added some extra applications as well You can implement right now on your store to make more money Alright, and I’ve left links below to all these if you want to check them out now We’re not going to be talking about the usual overload and stuff like that. You probably already know about that We’re going to talk about some other applications So if you don’t know about the application store which you should it is a massive store kind of like iTunes stuff like the Apple App Store, there is just an abundance of applications. But what one should you use? What one should you choose and things like that now Before we jump in I want to say one thing The cheapest isn’t always the going to be the best for you and the most expensive isn’t always gonna be the best for you What I recommend is you go off Reviews, okay use reviews to kind of find the best app that works for you The mode the bit the more reviews the better technically So don’t if you were noticed I’d screw there goes the most expensive one cuz you think it’s the best it’s not always the case and Don’t just always go for the cheapest ones and try and save money because they’re probably going to be the most buggy Okay, so let’s jump into this and I’ll show you some cool apps so you can use on your store now the first one is really simple anyone can implement one of these on your store and you should be doing it straight away and it’s Scarcity have a timer on your store. Now smart scarcity countdown. Timer is really cheap It’s nine bucks per month and they have a seven day trial You can make their nine bucks back basic in the first sale you get Via using this app to push that sale It’s really clean and what it does is it simply just adds a timer on to your page that you can edit and customize And stuff like that a nice simple clean timer. That’s all you need It doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t need to be like weird colors And all that sort of stuff. So this is the Once according inside smart apps timer. Okay. This is the one that I’ve been using on my store I used to use horrify, but I think that’s gone now But this one is cool and they have two settings You can have evergreen where it goes forever. Or you can do like a sale standard timer ending soon So this is one type of application that you should have on your store It is highly recommended that you have some sort of scarcity on your store And this is the one that I’m using right now The one thing I like about this is it’s clean simple and easy, um that that’s the best thing about this app So timers, okay number one guys Number one nice and simple nice and easy these second one Which is I would highly recommend you have something like this on your site Um, if you want to collect emails now if you don’t want to clicked emails then don’t worry about this But you should be collecting emails on your Shopify store to promote products to them. Later Okay, this is $14 per month now. Let me just get my drawing thing up here This is $14 per month. Let me just get rid of this 14 bucks per month Sorry guys. I just want to give my pin up here so you can easily track my mouse So this is $14 per month with a seven day trial as well Now what this does guys is? It creates a kind of like we look like the scholars wheel and people go to Your website and put their email and and it spins the wheel and you can give them Discounts and you can really just do whatever you like. But usually it’s giving them discounts now what this does is it entices people to put their email and and emails are going to be one of the most Important assets in your Shopify business in the long run they say a year later. You click 10,000 emails Which is highly possible than most Shopify stores. I think one of mine is over 80,000 Um, you send out an email and basically make thousands of dollars At minimum your email list should be worth at least $1.00 per email So if you have ten thousand people on that email list You should know to make ten thousand dollars by doing a promotion. There were a thousand people in that email list You should go to make $1,000 per promotion So an email list is highly important and you can use something called Willie O Which I think is the best app for this Willie O To integrate into your store so you can collect emails. Okay, this is quite important to do because most businesses in the long run end up running off their email list and a lot of the times like I have stores now where I don’t even need to run to Facebook ads I can just do it via the email us because it’s so big and so Responsive. So where leo is one that you really really should have on your store It’s easy to set up you can set up these coupons nice and easy. You have all these settings here. Its GDP now GDP are compliant with the new EU Regulations as well. A lot of applications are not yet, which is quite bad And yeah, so this is one that you need with if I don’t know whether you’re collecting emails or not but you should be on your Shopify store Okay. Now this brings me to one of my favorite apps and I was actually a beta tester for and they goes we’re kind of flowing into more email stuff So this is called contact flow Dot IO and I’ll leave a link for a free trial below because you can’t actually get this on the App Store It’s a third-party app. Now. This is the basically the top gun of Email marketing with Shopify so this can do abandon emails This can do purchase tracking this can do Broadcasting it’s like the just the ultimate email marketing software platform application for Shopify Okay, this is my one of this is probably the top app that I use right now and then the my beta tester account what you do is you actually create these things called follows and these flows You can This looks a little bit messy, but you can track kind of Everything and when when you go to integrations, let me just go back here real quick When you go to integrations on here It’s cool because you can integrate with Shopify with a click of a button and it will put tracking codes on everything So you can track if someone goes to a cab specific product and leaves then you can Do a specific email flow to those people. Ok, and and just send me emails Oh, hey you forgot this in your cart. We’ve got a discount for you and stuff like that You can also do it for people who have purchased you can send them different products but what’s cool about this guys is you can go to view stats and it will show you how many emails delivered how many emails opened how many clicks and you can also do Financial it’s going to tell you how much money you’ve made from your email marketing sequence Which was really important when you want to dial down your stats So for the beta test one, I’ve made one thousand three hundred eighty dollars in revenue I made $10 per open and then I made thirty four dollars per click and they made ten dollars per Email and all you do is you just set up the flow like this. They have the instructions There’s actually a full training course that you get for free when you get into this Application so I’m not going to go through and show you how to set all that up Maybe I’ll do that in a different video. But this is application number three, and we do have some more automate your email marketing and you sign up to the free trial and They have a full training system on how to use this particular platform But the most important thing to worry about right here is this can do abandon cart emails. This can do general email marketing autoresponders broadcasting and This can go out and calculate everything when it comes to the money, so Revenue and most importantly Lifetime value. This is a must-have If you want to get into email marketing seriously with Shopify and you can easily integrate it over like I showed you before With one click click of a button will integrate with your Shopify store now the next one That’s really these are kind of bonus ones guys I know it says top three, but I’ve got a few more to go through as well You know the read the two first ones were quite simple because you can easily implement them into your store right now like you don’t need any special technical skills rings know that Once you start getting into kind of this more like check BOTS and stuff you do need to learn a little bit more But it’s not that hard to figure out so facebook chat bot chat BOTS Okay are really important to businesses today because you can keep in contact with customers customers are always going to want to ask you questions and you can use that to Persuade them into purchasing products from your store. Okay, so this is called. Um, the facebook chat by big heating Facebook chat live blah blah blah or you can use things like many chat and stuff like that many checks quite cool But this one here is it says it’s free. I suppose either sir. I haven’t actually used this one I use many checks straight on mine, but this probably integrates with the many chat, I would imagine And you can just set this up on your store and it will leave a little button So there’s kind of two things you can do. You can have a little button at the bottom of the store that’ll pop up and you have a welcome message or people can ask questions or you can put little buttons under the Buy Now button on the product page or anything like that, but This app is something that you will want. You might not want to have this straight away on your Shopify store Maybe wait till you have some customers coming in. You got some sales coming in Then you want to integrate this into your Shopify store. Okay, whether it be this app or another app Facebook chat. Bots are a must From 2018 onwards it is a must to have chat box They are getting really popular and they have massive open rates So once again you click the data and you can send them promotions as well in the future from your Shopify store Okay. Now the next one is Kind of two and one I would I would say upsells and cross-sells These are like instant profit maximizers instant set like just instant and these increase your average order value Literally over night and what you can do. This one’s a little bit expensive I suppose it’s 30 bucks per month I don’t know. It really depends on your value of money to me That’s not expensive because you can make that money back within a couple of sales that is not expensive when you’re running an online business But some people will think that is so you may be I want to go find a cheaper alternative But once again Scheepers not always the best But they do have a 15 day free trial. So what this does guys is you can create what we call upsells cross cells and Recommendations. So when you add something to a cart what this one’s gonna do when your customer adds something to a cart it’s gonna recommend some frequently purchased items which you can customize in the back and you can alter at all so it comes up as the way you’ve set it up and the chances of You know Amazon, right? the reason Amazon is so popular or one of the reasons is because they have an amazing recommend a Recommended product will recommend product structure So if you go to Amazon right now and you go and put a product in your car – you got to purchase a product There is going to be an amazing Recommended product structure in place and that is one of the key reasons why they are so successful and make so much money So it’s it is definitely important to have one of these implemented into your store Let’s go down a bit have a look at some more and you can have little pop-up windows like this you can Have this one there’s of different variations. You can do heaps of designs and all the information is here So upsell and cross-sell offers to encourage customers to add higher valued items or purchase bundles to increase sales from your customers So what that kind of means is let’s say a customer comes to your store as a product for five bucks if you recommend another Product that’s $20 or $15 the high. That’s highly likely Likely that they’re going to add that to their cart because they’ve already made that micro step to add the cheaper item now They’re kind of like yeah, I’m probably gonna get this even though it’s a little more expensive They’re gonna go the next step and go the full way and purchase Most likely purchase a recommended product from you so instantly increases your average order value literally just like that and to kind of I’m not coming with what I’m looking for But to kind of like add this one in as well as the check out boost social sharing countdown timer upsell so this is from the same company you can add things like My infant’s a little bit slow no I got on your modem today Maybe haven’t set it up right you can add things like countdown timers all sorts of cool stuff as well, but It’s another 20 bucks a month. So if you had this in the other epoch, that’s 50 bucks a month It’s done and get up there So I would Rick only recommend putting these types of applications on your store once you actually have a good steady Consistent amount of sales coming in to your store. Okay, that’s quite important You don’t just want to go throwing money away Money into apps if you’re not making money and return and once again, you can do this 18 dollars more and get free shipping So if you combine that’s the word I’m looking for if you combine the checkout boost and the boost sales upsell and cross-sell Into your store that’s already making sales. You’re going to instantly increase your average order value Just like that and make more money from your Shopify store. Okay Now the last one here is called the MTEL whip push notifications. Most of you probably know what web push notifications are They’re these little things that pop down on stores and you know This website once would like to seen your push notifications now push Notifications are kind of becoming old I suppose I don’t use them much anymore And I’ve noticed a lot of other sites don’t use them as much as they as I used to but they still do work Really really well For pushing like let’s say someone comes to your store and you want to give them a 10% discount straight away Well, you can use a push notification to do that So it’s really cool for stuff like that, but I don’t see a lot of stores using them nowadays So it’s really up to you test it see if it works I would recommend not using a push notification and actually using something like willy o instead Because it’s much more interactive It’s a lot more fun and you’re probably going to click a lot more emails doing in this way. You don’t even click Notifications and you’re going to be able to make more money with something like Willie Oh guys So my top 3 apps would be make sure you have something like smart 7 scarcity countdown timer Really really important. Ok number two service number one number two is something like where Leo or some sort of intent to pop up to collect emails to build out your Email marketing assets or your email list assets. Ok Number three is to have some sort of abandoned check-out abandoned carts email program But I highly recommend Contact flow and there’s a free link below a free trial link below because these guys are all in one System you can do the abandoned checkout. You can build up the email list you can send out broadcasting you can do literally everything and you can integrate it with Shopify with one-click most of the Alternative versions to this on Shopify app will only do one thing. So they’ll do abandon carts And that’s it. This on the other hand will do everything for you. Okay, so that’s contact. Fo those are the top three Then you want to look into facebook chat bots really important to your business you want to look into upsells and cross-sells and maybe Combine that with the checkout boost but this is kind of like you probably don’t really need this I just added in there because it’s the same company but definitely upsells and cross-sells Then if you want to test out push notifications, but if they came to either using push notifications And we leo Definitely get onto william instead. You can probably use both but it will get too confusing Okay, so I would recommend we leo instead of MTEL or something like Amtel. All right guys, that’s it for this video Those are my top 3 applications plus a few extras to help you out Make sure you check my other videos up for more Shopify content and check out the links below on this video I’ve got all of these applications listed plus a link to my free Shopify group where you can ask me questions and it’s a free mastermind for free don’t need to pay any money Come and join us today, and I’ll see you in the next video


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