Top 5 Secrets Retailers Don’t Want You to Know


– So we’ve been talking about scams that are, well, more immoral, if you will, than people actually stealing from you, like bad, bad people. But there also are some marketing tricks that stores use that aren’t quite scams, but they’re tricks to help get your money. So retailers will use your
five senses to manipulate you. All of our senses, they’re so powerful, and it affects the way we purchase things. So, they use our sight
to get us to buy things, so what happens is colors
are powerful things. When things are red, what that means is, to take action, it’s sales, get it quick, and it has this sense
of urgency in people, we don’t even realize. And then blue always comes
across as more reasonable prices, like oh, I can afford this;
this is good; I can buy this. But maybe you can’t,
but well, manipulation! And then black is always like, ah, very luxurious, and higher prices so you may take your time
a little bit with this but it’s just this ultimate luxury that gets you to want something. So they in their signage will
use colors to manipulate you. And they also use sight as
you’re navigating through stores, so they’ll actually use
intentional roadblocks to have you go around something
to see something else. And they also can make an
illusion of bulk bargains. So like Halloween, I
always think about this, when you go into Target
or your grocery store, and there’s like all this candy, and it just feels like oh it’s
all this quantity of things, I can just buy something
and it’s not a big deal. Yes, the illusion. And also, studies have shown
that people are more likely to buy something that is in
the center of the display. All of your eyes focus on the center, so the things stores want you to get, well, put it in the center. And we all know the old
grocery store trick, yes, where they put milk and
eggs in the back of the store so you have to walk through
the aisles and see things, and you buy things on
impulse that you normally didn’t want to buy, a/k/a Doritos. What, Doritos? All the time, always. And they also use touch,
the sense of touch because what happens is
when you touch products you are more likely to buy
them; isn’t that crazy? But it’s true. So you think about grocery stores as well, like all the produce, you go and you touch and you feel something, more than likely you are to buy them. And my favorite thing in the world, ah, makeup brushes. Like I think about Sephora
and all these beautiful, wonderful stores that you walk
in and they have, you know, samples of everything and you
get to see it, and you’re like oh yeah that’s nice and you hear the, (case snaps shut) it just sounds like you’re
gonna be beautiful, right? And you’re like, I’ve got to buy it! And just all of it together,
the sense of touch, well, you’re more likely to buy things. Smell, well, smells
always get us don’t they? I mean, you see popcorn,
what do you think of? The movies, when you walk
in, it’s like oh yeah we’ll just buy some
popcorn, no big deal. Because in fact smell
is the number one sense that triggers your memory. So, when things like homemade
cookies are being baked, it brings back memories of childhood, and you feel good and warm inside, and you’re more likely to buy something. And also when you go into the
shoe department of a store sometimes they actually
put the scent of leather through the vents, so you walk in and it smells like leather! I mean, I can’t even believe
it’s possible, but it is! And it works. Yeah, mm-hmm, so be careful. And then also, sound:
this is an important one. Because music can actually make
things feel more expensive, which is very interesting,
and it taps into your emotion. So when you have fast pop music, I always think of like, Forever 21, or kind of like more teeny type stores, there’s always loud pop music and it gets you to have impulse purchases and you’re like oh yeah
it’s not that big of a deal; these sunglasses are like two bucks, I’ll buy them, sure why not? And get you to buy impulse things. But then the slow music, more
of the time in luxury stores. You take your time;
it’s calm and relaxing. The salesperson talks to you, brings you possibly even food or a drink over, and you take your time
and it sets the mood for you to prepare to buy
something more expensive. Now last but not least, taste. Yes, thank you Costco samples, right? When you go into places like Costco or even the grocery store,
they have things here and you’re like oh sure I’ll taste this crazy cheese configuration thing and then you eat it and then it’s like that is so good, how do you do it? And they’re like oh just
buy these two products and you put them together,
and then you go home and you make it and it never
tastes the same, does it? Nope, never. But they got you to buy it, it’s amazing. So, while again, these
things are not scams, make sure that you’re aware so that when you’re walking into a retailer, you know what they are thinking about, because they are smart,
and sometimes, well, we’re not, and we spend
money we shouldn’t. (upbeat techno pop)


  1. Amazing production and of course, as always …Rachel's delivery AWESOME! One suggestion, please don't ruin Rachel delivery with the background music. As a professional audio and video producer (12 years in the radio and TV business) I say this, please don't add music where it's not needed. Here is an example and proof: Dave Ramsey, amazing delivery, and info, and guess what?! No music in the background (except in intro and outro) and it's WORKING! I comment and suggest because I care. I mean no harm or disrespect. 😉 Saludos!

  2. We went to Dress Barn for my wife yesterday. They were playing poppy music…it was weird because it didn't fit with the store.

  3. Costco samples 😂 I just avoid taking a cart with me in Costco. What I can fit in my hands is all I can buy. Saves me quite a bit from impulse buying.

  4. It's all about self-control. Know what you're going to buy at the store and walk out. Don't feel pressured to buy something. It can be tempting. Though what your purchasing ask yourself, "Do I really need this, Is it valuable to me?, does this item mean something to me?" Those questions can help you determine whether you need to purchase it or not. Don't feel bad about spending money because that helps the economy and creates jobs, just don't go crazy with it. Cash is king.

  5. Does Rachel use that cool music and great advice to get us to watch more of her youtube videos?? 😛 lol

    P.S. And people who claimed that the info in this video was obvious and such– just take it as a reminder guys! It could save u some money when ur in a store. 🙂

  6. I used to work near a fudge shop and they pumped out fake fudge scent through exhaust vents and they were wildly successful.

  7. I laugh when I see a sale for 2 for $5. But yet the regular price is 2.39 each. Fools buy it not doing basic math and common sense.


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