Top WooCommerce FedEx Plugins with Real-time rates & Label Printing


FedEx is a leader among global shipping
carriers as it provides quick and dependable delivery services to over 220
countries across the globe. The combination of superior quality,
transportation infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technologies help them
cement their place among the best in the business. If your store is based on WooCommerce platform, thankfully you will find several options to integrate your store to FedEx API. Integration with FedEx means you will be able to display live
rates, print labels and generate tracking code. In this video, we will discuss some
of the Top WooCommerce FedEx plugins with Real-time rates and Label printing. So let’s get started. Number one: WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method. This extension helps you display a range of domestic and international shipping
services on your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can enable desired
services, change the service name as well as add additional charges to them.
Also, you can choose to enable certain additional options as well. These include
enabling the residential flag, insurance, and FedEx One. If you have exclusive
rates available with your account, you can choose to display those to your
customers or else you can display the standard rates. While displaying rates,
you can choose to show all returned rates to the customers. Instead of this,
you can choose to display only one service that is convenient for you.
In addition to this, the plugin offers two parcel packing methods with which you
can pack the items individually or configure custom box sizes for packing. Number two: WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print label by PluginHive. If FedEx is part of your scheme of things with regards to WooCommerce
shipping, this plugin is a great choice. You can display live rates of a range of
FedEx services automatically or manually, print shipping labels and generate
tracking code. You can also adjust shipping prices in terms of amount and
percentage value. In addition to this, you can enable special services like
Residential flag, insurance, delivery signature Smart post hub facility and
also select desired Customs duty pair. There are a ton of other features like
showing delivery time in the cart and checkout pages, enabling FedEx one rates,
selecting FedEx account or list rates, offering desired rates and so on. The plugin can generate shipping labels, return labels, and commercial invoice as
well. When it comes to parcel packing, the plugin offers three methods. You can pack the items individually, pack into custom
boxes or opt for weight based packing. The plugin also comes with FedEx Pickup and
FedEx LTL Freight options. Number three on the list is the ELEX EasyPost Shipping
and Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin uses EasyPost API
to integrate shipping services of leading shipping carriers to your
WooCommerce store. if you already have an EasyPost account, this can be a great option as you can integrate multiple carriers at the same time. Moreover, you
will be able to print shipping labels and generate a tracking code with the help of this plugin. In addition to this, you can adjust shipping rates in terms
of amount and percentage value. You can increase the shipping rate or reduce it
by adjusting a negative amount. When it comes to parcel packing, the plugin
offers individual packing, box packing, and weight based packing methods. You can
apply mandatory insurance to the packages or show the option in the
checkout page. This is a nice way to let customers choose the insurance option
themselves. The plugin also allows you to show estimated delivery dates at the
cart and checkout pages. With some additional add-ons, you can have an added
advantage. There are some functional add-ons to bulk print shipping labels,
auto-generate and email shipping labels, print return labels and generate USPS
SCAN forms. Due to the developer’s constant efforts on improving this
plugin and making it one of the best WooCommerce EasyPost plugins in the
market, they have achieved an “EasyPost Approved Integration Partner” status,
which is a feat rarely achieved by other plugins in the WordPress market. Number four: FedEx shipping method for
WooCommerce from Code Canyon. If you are not intending to print shipping labels,
you can consider this plugin. It helps you display real-time rates of FedEx
services on your WooCommerce store. The plugin also has a feature that will
enable you to track packages. Moreover, it helps with features like address
validation, delivery signature and insurance as well. The fifth entrant in the list is the
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin by Extension Works. Like the other plugins in the list,
this plugin too helps you display live FedEx rates on your store.
However one noticeable advantage of using this plug-in would be for dropshippers
as it supports multiple origin postcodes. Using this plugin you can
display only FedEx rates for some of the WooCommerce products. In addition, if you
are using another shipping extension by Extension Works, you can selectively
choose which service to use from the individual product page.
The plugin helps you create custom boxes based on the weight and dimensions of
the products in an order. One important feature of this plugin is the
order limit option when the value of a particular order goes beyond this limit,
free shipping will be enabled for that order. This is a great option if you want
to explore the benefits of free shipping on your sales and conversions. Hence, these are the Top WooCommerce
FedEx Plugins with Real-time rates and label printing. To explore these plugins,
follow the respective links given in the video description. Go follow us on our social media
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video tutorials related to WordPress and WooCommerce.


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