Translating Sportexx WooCommerce WordPress Theme


This is the default installation with English. We are now going to switch to Spanish from Settings>General>Site Language This is Sportexx in spanish. The content like page, posts can be written directly in native language. Other than that there are strings generated by Sportexx which needs to be translated For example, “What are you looking for?” is a string generated from Sportexx To translate this string, we should use a special edit called po editor which can be downloaded from Open the editor and choose “Create a new translation” You can find sportexx.pot file from wp-content/themes/sportexx/languages/sportexx.pot You will now fine list of all translatable strings in sportexx. Now set the language to the one you want to translate (in this example, Spanish) Search for the text you want to translate. In this example, I am looking to translate “what are you looking for?” Add your translation in the translation field Save the translation to wp-content/languages/themes/ folder and save it as ‘sportexx-es_ES.po’ es_ES is the language code for spanish Lets add one more translation for the text “Read More” Save the translation and refresh the page to see the changes taking effect


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