lighting my lighting isn’t just not the way I like it! thank you bright already here we go I saw this really awesome video going around YouTube and I was so incredibly fun trying on eBay prom dresses if you know me I’m all about the eBay’s so I’m really excited for this and I hope the dresses actually work out because I overpay for my prom just like in no one’s business I remember getting on my hands and knees and bagging literally begging I think I did extra dishes for like weeks just for this common dress anyways let’s get right into this video and if you’re new to my channel consider subscribing unless trans and cool dresses I am this is the first one I’ll have a picture pop up right here and the picture of this dress is stunning absolutely gorgeous so this is what the dress looks like so I’m already not feeling very confident I’m going to let you know what my overall rating is 0 from 10 and then I’m also going to let you know what I actually wear it and just my overall thoughts on the quality already I’m looking at it and it doesn’t even look like the dress I’m a little bit nervous this is horrible quality this is so thin the breast area is completely see-through it doesn’t have any of the sequential like diamond pattern this isn’t even the same dress like there used to be a belt right there it’s super see-through and the quality is really really bad so this is the first gown and I want to be honest with you like it looks nothing like the picture but the quality when it’s on is really not bad for the price that I paid I mean the bath looks really super pretty and it feels really crappy it does look see-through when you hold up the light but when I’m wearing it it actually looks really good it’s really fitting and it looks to pick a prom dress I would actually purchase this one if I were in school it looks really good on it doesn’t have to details like it did in the picture there’s pretty gemstones but if I have a prom kid I feel like this is totally do the job and totally make me super happy all right the next dress was absolutely gorgeous I loved it and I was like oh my gosh I would love this if I went to like a ball like I don’t ever go to those but if I went to those this would be where I would wear at this gorgeous dress so let’s see what it looks like I’m not totally disappointed wait wait a minute see I hate when you get something from packaging and you’ve already had like five million strings dangling off that is not good the quality is really chancy and it smells horrible horrible it smells like burning dull babies and I’m not even joking I was stunned by the picture on the internet so once again I kind of feel like this is a totally different dress but I’m going to try it on and see what I think I read this dress I would say that it is very fitted and it feels like a prom dress in the breast a little tight like it’s actually a lot fitted site right here one of the things that I hate about this dress is if you look at it instead of having like actual curve like the picture it literally just like parachutes out I would get the quality about a six but it is very very sheer you’re still thinking my underwear and it does still smell like a burnt baby doll I am really impressed and on the top of it I feel like if you were to remove the top and put like a nicer bottom I feel like it would look really really pretty but I feel like the two together just don’t it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at all I hope for the next dress I thought this would be really fun I looked at the pictures and I was like that is going to be too good to be true because it’s so fricking intricate and so beautiful and the price was just so low this is what it looks like in the packaging I’m already seeing lace that doesn’t look very promising I think that when it comes to lace you have to go up in budget because lace is such a hard fabric to replicate and make it look classy let’s try and try this on you see what it looks like this Christmas drawing on oh gosh this looks really really really bad I will give it a little bit of credit though it does at least resemble the resemble the picture but this is probably actually one of the worst quality I don’t know if I have a high standard for quality or what like I’m not impressed like I don’t almost don’t even want to try it on I know that sounds so snobby but I’m not trying to be that person it feels and looks so bad like in my hands that it just I’m not a give I don’t have high hopes right now again this is the biggest fail I’ve ever experienced in my entire life I want you to see what this looks like like okay first of all look at me I was like I was like I belong in an aquarium like this is bad look at my sleeve guys okay first of all I am the tulchyn I am tall so look at this we got sleeve itch my shoulders won’t even stay on like there’s no fabric because they didn’t use anything extra this is what would be happening all night long like literally doesn’t have any like you know like you normally you create a shoulder so it can stay on the shoulder there’s none of that created super low-cut especially like for me and you can even see my blue boy shorts so that is a total fail I would give this material a 1 and I would never repurchase it I don’t even know if I would give this to Goodwill that’s how bad I’m ranking this one all right in for the last i BAE dress this was another lace so I was giving the whole lace thing a try but already like just by looking at the packaging and looking at the dress you can see this displays thing isn’t even right so let me go ahead and open this up and see what I’m thinking I have having trouble I will admit I do like the China packaging because you can open what is this something just came out like this just came this just came out with this is a pantyhose for a good night a good night partier hey we’re going to do with this because I don’t think this is there’s a reason people think there’s a belt on this chick picture but hey maybe there is a will 100% admit this is the softest nicest material out of all of the dresses it’s a very soft see what it looks like I don’t know which is the front of the back I’m assuming vote colored areas the front this is actually the nicest quality and this was the cheapest dress okay and do you want to say that this dress does not look like the picture I can see why it resembles the pictures because of the shape but it doesn’t give you the same like parachute bottom feel but I will say that this is the prettiest dress out of all the dresses like this would be something that I would actually wear like I love it it’s super soft and it really fits my figure amazingly and it’s so soft I would have never known that I’d save like ten dollars on eBay or however much this was it really looks like a casual like sundress even though it is black but it is so comfortable and I would definitely wear this I definitely plan on actually hanging this a moment here and wearing it in the future I’m not gonna lie I think this dress will look a lot cuter with a ninja headband I think it will a cuter like way cuter I love during this video two of the dresses were total bombs and two of them actually really impressed me I expected all of them to be bad quality and just not work out well I just didn’t have high expectations but I was really blown away with the last two dresses especially this one I think this one is super adorable for the price like honestly if I went to Saks and I got something really cute like this it would easily be $600 and this was honestly twelve maybe and it looks so cute and so classy and airy and it’s comfortable I think it’s a little bit sheer on the bottom but I mean blue underwear doesn’t work for a lot of clothes so I get it but it’s not as sheer and it is like a polyester material so it’s so soft stretchy and it just looks really pretty um if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments below what was your favorite and least favorite dress then I try it on is guys going to see me try on e-bay bikinis or bathing suits let me know because I would be happy to do that video as well and I hope you have an amazing week I love you guys give this video a big thumbs up and I’ll see you in my next one bye


  1. Of all the prom dress videos I've seen, I haven't seen ANY dresses similar to what we wore to prom… these are more like, winter formal dresses. I wanna see the big puffy dresses! lol … BUT they're super cute and a lot of fun!

  2. Hey Myka was wondering if you could do an eBay haul of designer deal you got on a budget! That would be super rad!

  3. My family owns a formal wear shop. What happens and why you are seeing a huge difference in the pictures and what you are getting is that, People steal photos from legit manufactures that only sell to a licensed business. They put the photos up on ebay or quickie websites and most of the time they steal your money and you get no product, or if you get a product its crap someone threw together in another country. Its so sad we have girls come in all the time crying ( and for good reason) that they never got their dress and prom is tomorrow or they got the dress and it looks nothing like the dress they ordered. I am so glad you did this video its shows that sometimes its still best to go to a legit store and see something in person.

  4. Whelp, I desperately wanna order and try on prom dresses now😂😂😂 That pink one was the worst but I also like the last one with the ninja headband

  5. Hahah oh my goodness this was so fun to watch 😂 definitely lol'd when you said you looked like you belonged in an aquarium 😂 I actually thought the white one was kinda pretty 😊love seeing your playful side coming through more in your videos 💗😘

  6. It smells like burning doll babies! Bahahahahaaaa I should do the pregnant prom dress version of this. LOL!!!

  7. Honestly I thought they all looked great besides the 3rd one! I know the quality and smell was probly a lot different in person tho😅 by the way that blue color on you is sooo pretty! Also YES on the bathing suit haul!

  8. Interesting video! I've almost always been leery of buying clothes on eBay, so it was fun to see you actually do it and give honest reviews. 🙂

  9. I'm saving so much money since I started shopping for clothes on ebay and in goodwills. I got a Victorias secret bra second hand for $2!!! Free people dress I'm wearing to a wedding for $8!!! Once you take the tags off something it' pretty much second-hand, so why waste a ton of money on new clothes when you can get them in good condition for 90% off?

  10. One minute you're in, and one minute you're out! Haha I just finished watching project runway then watched this 😂 hilarious.

  11. I've gotten a couple of dresses from sellers Everpretty and Lovestoryus and they turned out nicer than I thought.

  12. I have always wanted to see the cheap knockoffs in person so thank you! LOL This really was fun to watch – what a great idea for a video!

  13. I couldn't stop laughing when you said "I look like I belong in an aquarium!!" Hahahaha!! Loved this fun video!

  14. Totally off subject but was wondering how the adoption process is going? Not on instagram so not sure if you posted anything about him. Oh and a hilarious video. Loved the singing at the beginning. Lol

  15. Myka, you are so stunning!!
    Loved this video, you are seriously the FUNNIEST and most beautiful woman ❤️ love from Denmark

  16. I hate that these videos are so popular. These counterfeit "knock-off" dresses are largely sourced through human (labor) trafficking 🙁 this isn't a shot at Myka because you're obviously just putting up a video for your fans. My heart just breaks when I think about who had to make these dresses. Just trying to spread awareness! <3

  17. Oh my gosh I just found your channel and love you already! hahaha! Subbed immediately! I have a beauty channel if you want to check it out!

  18. I had such a giggle at your responses, the last lace dress was most probably the best out of the lot
    Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  19. Omg!! This is the first video I've ever watched of you! And you're the best 😍 I'm soooo subscribing! You're funny and the best you tuber ever!, I love you already xxx

  20. No hate but u know when u said " this is a different dress" it actually isn't they 'clickbaited' the picture but u know just syaing

  21. Omg u r so drop dead gorgeous you look good in anything. You actually remind me of Laurel lance off of arrow. Anyone?

  22. My friend had the choice between a dress off eBay she bought or one in a store that was a lot nicer and in her price range. But she chose the ebay one, it was really bad quality it made me cringe, it was literally that last black lacy one.

  23. I'm actually amazed at how decent the items are. I expected much worse from ebay. I find budget items on eBay are often listed in Asian sizes that turn out to not be accurate when you check the measurements. Did you have to go up in size for these dresses?


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