Want To Be Successful? Here’s HOW an 18 y/o Boy Made a 60 000 Dollar Profit


Hello friends, this is Vitan Radushev! Today I want to introduce you to Nikolay. He is one of my most successful students from the course. We are from the same town – Shumen. Hello, Nikolay! Hello! How old are you? I am 18 years old. How did you find out about the training I conduct? I wasn’t particularly interested in it at first, however a friend told me about it and I decided to get in touch with you. Amazing! As far as I remember, you bought the course almost instantly after we published it You were asking when are we putting it up for sale. I was still recording at the time. Can you show us how your store looks like at the moment? Yes, of course. This is your Seller Hub. You have a drop in sales during the summer like most online traders. What is the turnover that you’ve made so far with that eBay store? Could you show us? Throughout the whole period for which the shop was open it is $430 000 On what margin are you selling? From 10% to 15% Meaning that from November until now you have around 50-60 000 dollars profit? Yes. And you are only 18 years old? Yes. I remember that your english was very good and you were constantly working on a computer. Alright. Amazing! How many products do you have in your store? Around 200 products. Alright. I can see that you are Top Rated and if they rank you, you will drop to Above Standart. There were some issues but I will sort them out. Did you use any other sources of information except the training and the seminars which I provided to you? No, only the training and seminars! Alright, great. Thank you for talking to us. Actually could you tell us if your start was difficult? No. Everything in the course is well-explained and it was pretty easy. Have you ever been suspended from eBay or PayPal? Were there any problems so far? Because I often see in the groups that many people are having issues with that. No, I haven’t had problems thus far! You have not been suspended so far? I haven’t. Thank you very much for talking to us! After I upload this video if people have any questions for you I will send you a link so you can reply to them in the comments. Also, if anyone wants to sign up they can do so by clicking the link below the video. Thank you again! Thank you!


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