What Makes People Choose World Courier?

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We firmly believe that the way to truly keep
your promise to your client on consistently high levels of service is by having your own
employees that you can train, you can motivate as opposed to an agent who works with you
one-to-one on a shipment you send but the next shipment they may be dealing with is
from a client that’s totally unrelated with the health care community. They are looking for a space in the logistics
company that they can really trust. A lot of times, we work with samples and all
the pharmaceutical drug, they are extremely expensive. They took a lot of years to be developed. Also, they have to work with a partner they
can trust and they will be handled in a proper way. We really understand their concerns and we
can translate them really into solutions. The end of the day, we have also product security
and patient safety in mind. This is a natural extension of what the pharma
companies think about. I think we are really a great fit to extend
their responsibilities after the manufacturing step. We provide a global and consistent service. This is what is all about. We try to find the special solution for the
special case. I think that’s the difference. That’s why they keep choosing us.


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