What makes us happy? How to live a happier life..



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  1. Dan Holloway

    October 21, 2019 5:52 pm

    Would love to hear your thoughts and perspective on this. Or if you've found something that worked for you, I'd love to hear about your experiences… Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. Anthony Hull

    October 21, 2019 7:34 pm

    Really loved this video Dan! Appreciate the rawness and authenticity with your own journey and struggles.

    Fully relate to your point number 3 of a purpose driven challenge as I've been struggling in this area hugely for the past several months. After having grown a successful 7 figure online business over the past 5 years and employing 2 full time staff (including Christine Frey who you may know!) when the business took a nose drive around a year ago due to forces outside of my control, I started looking for something new to get stuck into (We started SFM so Christine wouldn't have to go back to the 9-5 grind after having worked with me in my online business for almost 2 years).

    I've struggled with not having a good idea for what to do next and even started looking at other business models such as property investing and funnel design amongst others. Also impulsively bought expensive training courses and programs including an £18K property investment training, trying to find something that would "fit" my personality and strengths as well as what I'm looking for in life has been very challenging. It's almost been a journey of self discovery and in fact I've done the 16personalities.com test which was brilliant at highlighting my strengths and weaknesses and what makes me tick.

    In the end, I found that by simply trying new things and "exploring" new ideas to see how they feel, is much better than simply trying to "think" of what may or may not be a good path to do down as analysis paralysis takes hold. I also found that by simply just being busy and doing something can really help too. Having spent many weeks and months getting stressed to try and "come up" with an idea or path to follow is detrimental to one's sanity and I can attest to this.

    Right now I have been re-visiting my passion of web development where I started 14 years ago from university and learning to code again which has been fun and ticks the boxes of creativity, variety and challenge which are all elements of my personality that I crave. I still haven't come up with my next big "idea" yet, but in the mean time, learning and creating will surely take me on a journey so that when the opportunity is there, I'll be ready for it.

    I do hope you rediscover your passion and happiness this year. Thank you for your excellent content with Marketing Mastery webinars, videos and content in general – you've helped so many to become better versions of themselves.

  3. sattwa

    October 21, 2019 7:46 pm

    Dear Dan your 'low' is everyone's 'high'…your authenticity sparks such love and bliss….just continue to BE and the bucks will continue to roll in!

  4. Michael Simone

    October 22, 2019 9:08 am

    It hit me when you said you could go weeks without seeing people that matter to you. I feel the same way. I know it's important but I somehow declare I'm too busy or postpone it.
    Thanks for the reminder. And I also struggle with putting a mask on when I'm in a social environment. I recently uncovered this, and started to work on this. I started reading "the mask of masculinity" by Lewis Howes. Don't know if you know it!
    And regarding happiness, are you aware of the 12 categories recommended by mindvalley? It's close to what you described: Love, friendship, adventure, environment, health & fitness, skill, learning, spirituality, contribution, creativity, family, community.
    I try at every moment to remember happiness is a choice and to maintain myself in a good state by being conscious!
    Anyway, keep going on, you're an inspiration! Excited and curious to follow your journey as we seem to share the same concerns 😅

  5. jujuflyer

    October 22, 2019 9:57 am

    Honest and thought provoking. I think happiness should not be a goal. It is a product of something else, which is perhaps knowing that we have done the right thing and put our best intentions into practice. Is it better to be happy whilst someone else is sad, or to carry the difficulty for someone and know that they are happy instead of us? I think that there is a difference between wanting to be happy for the sake of the feeling, and feeling inner joy because someone else has been lifted up. Not sure if that makes sense. Maybe the real goal is to feel equanimity… Neither happy not sad, but accepting? Thank you for this authentic share.

  6. World-tree

    October 22, 2019 10:46 am

    Dear Dan, Beautiful share. I believe in you and your mission, you lead me to SFM and it was the divine within who guided me through you. The true divine wisdom and light is in you and I feel your spirit is now growing by being authentic! So thank you!

  7. Carly Nichols

    October 22, 2019 11:57 am

    Thanks very much for your vulnerability and sharing your thoughts from your journey so far, Dan. It seems as though I got to see the real you more here and it was impactful and I could connect with you and your message more.

    I've watched a few of your more recent, non-business focused videos and it appears we are becoming more aware of similar things and on similar paths.

    Regarding authenticity, I watched a great video that explained how we as humans need true authentic connections, but we settle for inauthentic connections (by changing ourselves) just so that we can fit in; which is a poor substitute. I think inauthenticity comes from fear. We have to recognize that all people, including ourselves, are unique and our authentic selves and gifts/traits are needed in this world. We are not doing the world a favour by changing ourselves to "fit". There is no mould.

    Some powerful books I've recently read which are on the same topics you seem to recently been exploring or realising:
    The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer.
    Dying to be me, by Anita Moorjani (about authenticity and not living in fear).

    I look forward to continuing to hear about your journey! Thanks so much for sharing and helping others.

  8. Arlene Young

    October 22, 2019 7:26 pm

    Yeah , I agree with everything you’re saying , life purpose is one of the most , in my opinion, difficult areas to master or understand. If you’ve accomplished this , then you’ve achieved what most humans will struggle with life long and most never find their life purpose .
    In terms of connection with other human beings . I tend to block out people and focus on a select few who matter most to me . That’s ok . But you want to surround yourself with up beat and positive individuals who want to go places in life but are “real “and you can trust them . That’s what I’m aiming for at this time in my life . Because if you surround yourself with people who are holding you back from going forward and achieving your goals , you’ll find that you become stuck psychologically and emotionally.
    You’re a young guy , who has achieved some amazing life goals already so let the negativity go and the positivity will flow .
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 👍🤗

  9. Martin Barnes

    October 24, 2019 6:05 am

    Hi Dan, none of us is the completed article, we are always finding there is more to discover. We also need to be aware of entropy – everything tends towards disorder: a sand castle on the beach will deteriorate as the sea ebbs and flows. Why? The sand castle has “structure” but the surrounding sand does not; so, we constantly need to put energy into mending the castle. In the same way, we need to keep putting energy into what we do or our results deteriorate e.g. no new videos made for 6 weeks would adversely affect your business statistics?

    The same is true of relationships. We are all ultimately social beings, and as far as connecting with others is concerned, trusting others engenders their trust. That means sharing our vulnerabilities, which you are doing in this video. Trusting engenders trust, so I’ll share: in 1999, I was told that I had a health condition that most people died of within 5 years, but a small number of people survived for 22 years, so far. That changed my perspective (you think?). I told all the people that really mattered to me how much I loved them and often that was for the first time. I also changed my career, to chase money, so I could leave as much as possible for my Wife and 3 young girls. The diagnosis was wrong – but the effect was real. Having faced the inevitable end of my life took away fear.

    I believe it is fear which stops people connecting. Fear of rejection: “Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?” Because, if I tell you who I really am and you reject me, them I have nothing else. However, the fear of rejection also prevents us from forming the deepest relationships which are possible for all of us. So, Playing a part / wearing a mask is useful, sometimes necessary, but ultimately SELF – defeating – i.e. it stops US from discovering who we really are. But how many people can we connect with at this level? I would say, actually very few, be cause it takes time and energy (vs entropy) to form and maintain these deeper relationships, and ultimately one relationship with a life-time partner – and there’s nowhere to hide there! Trust me, I’m a Husband!! One of my favourite films is “Good Will Hunting” – very much on this subject and I would highly recommend it for the insights it gives.

    Love your video Dan, you already give so much. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!


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