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[Max Maxwell] What’s up,
Everybody, what’s up? What’s up? Look at the love in here. Look at the love in here. What’s up, everybody, what’s up? What’s up, ya’ll, what’s up? Ya’ll crazy in here. I love this! – [Man In White Hat] It’s
gonna close or not, you know? – [Man In Red Shirt]
Yeah, they said 21 days. – It’s not. What’s up, everybody?
How ya’ll doing today? (cheering) I said, how ya’ll doing today? (cheering) That’s crazy, man, I’m
so happy ya’ll came out to talk about real estate. Yo, this is crazy. Real estate. (lively jazz music) ♪ Oh yeah ♪ (energetic music) Yeah, just keep the flow and then if they want to change
it, they can change it. But I think the Agreeable
Gray is going to look good in that bathroom because of the colors, the black
and the whites, and then… Alright. Yeah, I just got into town, so… Dude, the ROI on it is
so good, the ROI on it, and then stories like
that where you get to… That’s how I found my latest employee too. I don’t know if you’ve seen that. I found my latest employee
by somebody following me on Instagram and actually
showing up at my office, and then impressing me there. Those type of things are
priceless, you won’t… (energetic music) What up, man? Why you selling out Houston like that? Those are all legit. – Get out of here. What’s going down, Bro? – You good?
– Yeah. (energetic music) Let’s talk some real estate, what’s up? What’s your take on trailer
home hustle in Central Virginia? I don’t know much about trailer. If it comes with land it
should be good, right? Trailer parks are hot right now. Everybody across the country
wants to buy in there. Yeah, we’re coming to Miami. Hit up Willie Numbers. Willie Numbers. You want to, where can I get contracts? Go to my Facebook group, there’s some posted inside that section. We here in this pack,
Wavegod, I’m on a wave, man, I’m stuck in this, I’m turning
on Richmond Ave. right now. Hey man, my pleasure, man. What’s up, Brother? Nice to meet you, man. You alright? – Yeah, man, I’m good, man. – What’s up, man?
– Yeah, man. – What’s up, everybody, what’s up? What’s up? Look at the love in here. Look at the love in here. What’s up, everybody, what’s up? What’s up, ya’ll, what’s up? Ya’ll crazy in here. I love this! – [Man In White Hat] It’s
all close or not, you know? – [Man In Red Shirt]
Yeah, they said 21 days. – It’s not. What’s up, everybody?
How ya’ll doing today? (cheering) I said, how ya’ll doing today? (cheering) That’s crazy, man, I’m
so happy ya’ll came out to talk about real
estate, yo, this is crazy. Real estate. I’m on IG Live right now,
ya’ll say what’s up to IG. (cheering) But, that’s where it ends if you’re not, right now in Houston. I gotta let you so, so we’re out. There is a calculator, basically, that tells me what a deal is best fit for, and what I can offer in each exe-strategy. So find out your exe-strategy,
and if the per… You’d be surprised, you
did a deal where someone was open to owner-financing, right? – I’d suggest you do that a lot. 3 offers?
– Yeah. That helps, in a market like
this that’s really competitive, cuz most people are just going
off the wholesale approach, and if it doesn’t have enough equity, it’s not a deal, right?
– [Man] Right. – So yeah, I definitely a lot
of times, do three offers. So that deal was, what happened
was, they were motivated, but they didn’t need to sell right now. There was no pain
attached to the property, so they were willing to get paid out, in let’s say, six months. So what we did was
short-term owner financing. It wasn’t like they were
in a pinch for money. They had $30,000 left on the mortgage, so to do the ARM financing deal… They called the bank. They paid the $30,000 off,
they weren’t in a bind. They just liked me, and they
was like, “Hey, we can wait.” So, don’t always feel like
someone has to be desperate, in need, or… So what we did is, we did
short-term owner financing. They give this property to me,
zero payments, zero interest, and the whole balance due in six months, but as a wholesale deal, it
never would’ve made any sense. – [Max Maxwell] How much you make? – Three thousand. – On a deal that made no sense. – [Man] They had, like, a big time… (audience member asking a question) – With a Mortgage, Without a Mortgage? – Depends, right? With a
mortgage is called a subject-to. It means it’s subject to
the existing financing. I buy houses like that all the time. I got a property that
I’m working on, Ebert. You guys remember Ebert from the vlog? No? Alright, Cool. The property was worth
140, I got it for 84. I paid her nothing, I paid
the $4,000 in back-payments, and I’m rehabbing the
property and gonna sell it. So, it didn’t make sense for a cash deal. My cash offer to her, because
I gave her three offers, my cash offer was less
than what her balance was. I knew she wasn’t going to
take that, she couldn’t, right? So there’s deals that, you just need to learn
more creative stuff. We could talk here all day
about creative financing, because it’s creative. Have those options, and you’d
be surprised that most… Some people don’t care
about the cash offer. Some people don’t want the burden of capital gains this tax season. So look into the “Three Offer Strategy.” People talk about that a lot. I don’t have a video on it,
but Google search or YouTube the “Three Offer Strategy”. Yes, Sir? – When you’re doing a subject-to deal and you’re giving them cash, do you just write them a check, or do you have to put it in Title? – Everything goes through an
attorney, or a closing company. You guys use title companies here. Everything goes through a title company. I do not do anything with my
money without the protection of a title company and somebody
else that can cover me. – [Man] Ever. Ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever. – So you do a lot of college rosto, so, do you have a demo of your
R&B hymns? Anything like that? (laughing) – I already know heard
the answer, you know? [Man] September. September I’m releasing
what I’ve been using on September 1st. We built it out so to
where it would make sense, so the system that I use,
the proprietary I use, then we had the software
guys build it out. I’ll release it on September 1st. I haven’t talked much about it, but… – This is an insane question, the hotel thing I was
asking you about last time, we were going to ask him
about the partnerships. – Partnerships. We asked you online.
– Yeah, online. – He was Nicki, remember? – I wasn’t Nicki, Broad,
you got in the shower. (laughing) – [Max Maxwell] Oh, that was you! Don’t ever call me buck naked, man. – I was about to take my
shower, I had to get on with it. – [Max Maxwell] No, I’m just joking. – We just left the gym.
We came from Dallas. – Yeah, so on the apartment thing goals, what are you doing with that right now? – So what we’re doing
with apartment deals is, we’re basically, in my tax records, we’re able to search, reverse
search a property by it’s use, by the zoning. So I look at all things
that are zoned multi-family, and then I will see who’s
owned it for so long, and then I’ll reach out to them and see if they want to sell it. I like to buy a lot of
mom and pop-owned stuff because they’ve had it for
so long, and it’s mismanaged, it’s under-performing. You put it under contract,
you can do the same thing. It’s just like… – [Woman] I just went driving
the court this past weekend and I got one where I just reached out. She be crazy, right?
They don’t want it no more. – [Woman] They don’t.
– They don’t want it. – [Man] YouTube? Is that
going to be on YouTube? – Eventually, yeah, I’m going
to do something with that. Yes, Sir? – So do you invest in apartment complexes? – [Max Maxwell] That’s
what we were just saying. We’re just now starting to do that. – Oh, okay.
– [Max Maxwell] Yeah. – How long do you plan to
hold it after you purchase? – It just depends on how
long it takes to get it to performing status, until
you can sell to someone on the top end of the threshold. None of that’s my money, we use third, private lender money for that stuff. Yes, Sir? – You said that probate was one
of your favorite ways to go, what’s that process look like? – How I find probate?
– [Man Asking Question] Yeah. – We have a probate record
room, where we literally go into that room and we find probates. In most places, it’s online. Right? Probate is online
for most in Texas? – Yeah, they’re online,
but some are intranet, so go to the courthouse. From your personal computer,
it will show names and stuff but you can’t see the document. – So go to the courthouse and they usually have a computer that
they allow you to get on, and just ask them to help you, you need help with finding probates. – [Man] Also, you can connect
with probate attorney, too. – Yes. Any questions? – Yes, should you get
your contract notarized? Should you get it notarized? – It doesn’t hurt, I did it
on my second and third deal, but I haven’t done it since. I even do digital
signatures over email now, so it doesn’t even… – Yeah? – Quick question, it’s
really for the room. – [Max Maxwell] Yeah. – I’m extremely new. Protections, I’ve seen people
with a one page contract, and I’ve seen a ten page contract. – [Max Maxwell] Brian, do you
use a traditional contract created by the state, or no? – Like TREC?
– [Man] Yeah, that’s what I… – I don’t. – [Max Maxwell] I use TREC. – I don’t.
– [Max Maxwell] I do. – Oh yeah. – [Man In Red Polo Shirt] I
used to write about it, yeah. – So some people, it’s preference. – I hate using it, but I do. – Do you have a title company
that you’re going to be using? – Yes. – Ask them what, usually they
have a preference of what they like to close on either. – For a wholesale deal, I
don’t use the TREC because I feel like of sellers, it’s
so wordy and complicated. They might look at it and like, I need to get my attorney to
view this, and you know that… – [Max Maxwell] It’s too wordy. – A few might, always usually says no. – I use the one-page contract
for $1.2 million dollars worth of wholesale deals. – [Brian] Mine is like one page. – Where can I get that?
– It’s in my Facebook Group, Wholesale a House with
Lee, in the file section. It doesn’t even look pretty at all. It’s probably got some
misspellings in it, and everything. So, yes Sir? – [Man] Expired listing? – I don’t deal with it.
It’s expired for a reason. – [Man] What you say? I can’t hear. – Hold on ya’ll, we’re gonna
break off here in a second, and then ya’ll can network. The question was, “Does he
go after expired listings?” and my answer was, “No.” It’s expired for a reason,
so I don’t waste my time. It’s not an effort for me. Yes, Sir? – [Man] What position do
you think should be like, your first hiring, so
you can build a team? – It depends, what is your
weakest thing you know how to do? Mine was collecting the data, right? And putting them in a… – Stuff like dispositions, acquisitions… – You never want to give up
acquisitions from the beginning. You do that, you’re gonna
lose control of your company. Acquisitions is where your
company actually makes money. So you want, that’s the
last thing you let go, that’s why you still see
me going to appointments. – Okay. – Yes, Ma’am? – What’s your interest in meetings? – I use InvestorFuse, and they have a follow-up in there, too. – What prompted you to LLC? – Because it was only $125, I did it after my first
deal in North Carolina. – Three hundred. – Three hundred here, so, if you’ve got the
dough, do it, if not… – [Man] CRM? – My CRM? InvestorFuse. – Do you ever use RE Afferim? – I don’t even know what that
is, I’ve heard about a lot. The only thing I’ve used
from day one is InvestorFuse. That is PODIO.
It’s on top of PODIO. – What CRM?
– InvestorFuse. – [Man] Google it.
– Yeah. Alright, guys, so… Yes, Sir? (mumbling) – [Chris] I can’t hear him, hey, hey. – Hold on, aye, aye, aye, whoa. I promise, we’ll break here in a second, I know you guys are getting antsy. We’ll break, let me just
take a couple more questions, and then guys you can network. What was your question again, Sir? (mumbling) So, his question was, “How much skip tracing does he have to do in order to stay consistent enough to at least get one deal a month?” That’s really a hard question to answer. I would say do as much as you can afford. You get what I’m saying? Make as much phone calls as you can, do as much as you can afford. I think that’s the most important thing. – Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. – Yeah, ramen noodles start…
– We started with two grand. That’s what people don’t understand, you gotta sometimes get
a little uncomfortable. Go outside of your box. – Big time. Ramen noodles
taste good, anyway. Ramen is good, the chicken, the shrimp? I ain’t had a budget for that,
that’s like an extra penny. Yes? – So I know you like skip
tracing, and bandish at times. Would you say 1,000 total or two for a marketing book would
be good, or just go all in? – You’re gonna see more
ROI in the beginning, and it’s cheaper for cold calling. I don’t know how the city of Houston is, or wherever you’re from, but bandish has to get picked up within 12 hours of them being put down. They’re running $2-3 a pop. I pay a guy $1.50 to put a piece out, so, you can spend a lot of money. Listen, a lot of investors are afraid of picking up the phone and asking a seller if they want to sell. That is your best and
cheapest, All, I’m telling you, the biggest and the biggest. I’m in some of the best
and highest masterminds. The big dogs do not like
to call, it’s not scalable. They like to press a button, and send out $50,000 worth of mail. Make a phone call. Alright, guys, so what we’re going to do is
we’re just going to break up. Ya’ll can, I don’t know
how long we got this place, to be honest with you. We only got 15 minutes, so you all should
exchange some information with each other. We don’t want to over-stay here. I appreciate you all coming out! – Do you have any kind of
tips to get over, like, “call or nothings?” I know you said that
everyone hates to call. – Just keep doing it. Develop that rhino skin he talked about. Get past that, man, what are
they gonna do over the phone? You know Louis?
The guy I hired in the videos? Louis got a job with me three weeks ago, he’s got a tough skin now. He gets cussed out everyday. He’s like, oh, they hung up. Next one. Who cares? Because that next call
could be twenty grand. We’re just fishing for the next one. Good luck to you guys, take care. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, my pleasure. – When you first started,
how has your daily work been? How did you start today, like after you first closed the deal? – After my first close? – After you first closed
the deal, you’re running, momentum is going… – IVA would send me things
that I told her to get for me, as far as lists, and in the
morning I’d just be calling. From 9-12.
Alright? Take a break. Come back, from 4-7. Everyday. In between that, I’m driving around. – That’s what I do, between bus-ins, I’ll call in the morning. From 9-10 I’ll call, and then
I wait until 6-10 to call. The rest is down time, or I leave work at the drop of an eye. – I did it everyday, and
then I was either driving or I was spending the rest of my time down at the courthouse pulling probates and getting the numbers. – I’ve got you. – I was calling they ass too.
– That’s it, awesome. – Literally, on the phone,
a thousand no’s, one yes. Twenty grand. (upbeat music)


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