WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: Increase Revenue w/ Abandoned Cart Lite


If you are looking to reduce WooCommerce cart
abandonment, emails are a big opportunity for store owners to recover otherwise lost
revenue. There are many reasons why a customer leaves
your store and follow-up emails allows you to automatically engage with potential customers
that leave your site without completing their purchase. Because there’s no built-in tool to send
WooCommerce abandoned cart emails, you might want to watch this video to set them up for
free with Abandoned Cart Lite. You can install Abandoned Cart Lite directly
from your WordPress dashboard. At this point, I’m assuming that you already
have WooCommerce installed. If not, and you want to see a step by step
tutorial on how to create a WordPress Online Store check out the recommended video above
or the link in the description box. Once you activate the plugin, you’ll get
a new Abandoned Carts link in your dashboard sidebar, under the WooCommerce menu. The first step to using Abandoned Cart Lite
is to define what you actually consider to be an abandoned cart. This is important because you don’t want
to annoy customers who haven’t actually forgotten about their cart. To configure it, head to the Settings tab. The default “Cart abandoned cut-off time”
is 10 minutes, but depending on how aggressive you want to be with your emails, you can either
increase or decrease this number. This is not the interval before your emails
send. You’ll choose another number later on that
which will determine when to send. This number only determines when to mark a
cart as abandoned. You should also configure some basic email
settings by going to the Email Sending Settings option. On the Email Sending Settings page, you just
need to enter the name and address you want your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails to
be sent from. And that’s it for configuring the plugin! Now, you need to actually create a template
for the WooCommerce abandoned cart emails that you want to send. To create emails, head to the Email Templates
tab of the Abandoned Carts area. Then click Add New Template. First, give your email a Template Name and
Subject… The Template Name is purely internal so your
shoppers will not see it. The Subject will be the actual subject of
your email and is thus going to be public. You can say “Get these until it’s too late”,
for example. Next, enter the body of your email. It may seem like a regular WordPress Editor
box, but don’t miss the new shortcode button. It allows you to automatically insert a customer’s
first name, last name, cart content, cart link, and more. The shortcode builder is where you’ll actually
add the customizable parts of your email. Here’s a quick example of what your email
body should look like if you’re properly using the shortcodes. “Hi {{customer.firstname}}, We noticed you never checked out on “cart
abandoned date”. Did you forget about your awesome items?” You can find the example you see on the screen
if you want to copy it, in the description box so be sure you check it out. You might want to refine the copy a bit… But hopefully, you get the idea. Next, you need need to choose whether or not
to Use WooCommerce Template Style. I recommend checking this box. Why? Because this is what the WooCommerce template
style looks like. And this is what your email will look like
if you leave the box unchecked. So unless you want to add custom styling to
your email, you should probably check the box. Finally, you need to choose when to send your
abandoned cart email, as well as whether or not to activate it. So when should you send WooCommerce abandoned
cart emails? Data suggests that you should send them as
quickly as possible. The conversion rate on emails sent 24 hours
later is ~50% lower than emails sent within an hour of an abandoned cart. So I recommend setting the Send this email
field to be 1 Hour, which is the minimum time allowed by the plugin. You should also send yourself a test email
to make sure that everything is working properly. Here’s what mine looks like. In addition to helping you send WooCommerce
abandoned cart emails, Abandoned Cart Lite also provides some helpful analytics functionality. Over three different tabs, you can view: Abandoned Orders, Recovered Orders, and Product Report. In the Abandoned Orders tab, you’ll see individual
abandoned orders. In the Recovered Orders tab, you can learn
how much money you’ve earned by sending abandoned cart emails and in the Product Report tab,
you can see which products get abandoned most often. If you want to grow your WordPress website, make sure to subscribe, we post a new video every week. I also try to answer every question, so please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it. Check our other videos and I will see you
in the next one.


  1. thanks for this amazing tutorial, there is a plugin which is used for abandoned cart recovery on https://makewebbetter.com/product/hubspot-abandoned-cart-recovery/

  2. Hi, your plugin seems to be very interesting … however I don't understand how you get the e-mail of abandoned carts : when people Add an item in their cart, they don't need to give their e-mail !?! It's only if they push on "proceed to checkout" that they can give their First name – Last name – Address – E-mail … isn't it ?
    So you only recover abandoned carts when clients stopped at the "payment" step ?

    Thanks 😉

  3. Felicitari pentru templates si pluginuri.
    Va recomand sa NU mai folositi "Bla bla bla" in videos ca nu da bine deloc 😀 – Mai ales in engleza 😉
    Mult succs!

  4. That checkbox in the Settings tabs that refers "Automatically Delete Abandoned Orders after X days", actually works?
    If I make an order, choose a payment method and then simply don't pay it, does this Plugin and that setting actually work and delete the order?


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