WooCommerce Deals: How to list all your discounted items on a single page


let me ask you a quick question how do
you currently set up deals in your WooCommerce store well let me tell you
you go to each and every product page edit it at the same price should you the
sale so basically at the start date and the end date right even in case of a
category wide sale well you have to visit each and every product page of
that specific category to set up the sale now think about this
in case of an ongoing promotion let’s say you want to promote during the Black
Friday or you want to set up a Christmas special sale the process of setting up a
sale is so tedious and so time-consuming that well you much rather give it up I
know the drill and I get it hi I’m Tavleen from XLPlugins.com and in this
video I’m going to show you the most hassle-free way to set up deals in your
WooCommerce store also I will show you how to list all those deals on a single
page so this is how Amazon does it when you click on today’s deal in the
navigation bar you are led to this page which lists all the deals one below the
other thing it does it – well it beautifully shows all the deals on a
single page and now you can do it too in your WooCommerce store so people will be
able to click on the link in the navigation bar or on the button on the
sticky header and they will be directed to the single page which lists all your
discounted items together sounds like a great plan doesn’t it well of course it
does so let me show you how you can do this in your book / store by the way
let’s get behind the scenes and let me show you how to set this up all right so
here we are logged in to the backend with WooCommerce I’m sure that you’re
familiar with that now let us go on to Excel plugins and then move on to finale
all right so what we’re going to do is we’re going to just simply go and hit
add new campaign and we will be directed to a page where we can add a new
campaign so you can name this campaign let us say I’m going to call it discount
of 5 percent on music category products under $100 right so what I’m doing is
that I want to apply a discount of five percent on on products in music
category and here’s the thing not all perhaps in music category which only
products which are fries under 100 dollars well so that is my condition
right now I’m going to doom the campaign so simply simply select the start date
and time and end date and time to schedule your campaign then moving on to
discount so I want to give a discount of five percent right so it’s a basic
discount in percentage of five percent now we’re going to go on into the rule
builder as you can notice that always is what is selected as default so we will
go to product category and in product category we will select music here in
addition to that we will say when the product price the product price is a
less than $100 right and this is how we want we want the campaign to be so we
want the campaign to only run on products which are in the music category
and they should be priced under hundred dollars right so these are our two
conditions now once we’ve done that we’re going to simply go and publish
this as you can notice you’ve got a lot of other options this is for inventory’
coupons elements and lot of other things for
setting up sticky header sticky footer and all of that but we’re not going to
go into that at the moment right now simply just two things should Yuling a
campaign that should start on the set date and time and giving a discount of
five percent right so you hit publish with that and once you hit publish the
campaign has now been created we’re now going to go and head over to excel
plugins finale de pages now finale deal pages gives you two options which is of
indexing the campaign right and creating a shortcode now
indexing the campaign obviously it means that it will allow you to show all the
products which on which the deal is going on on the same page right so now
it would have otherwise has to pick those products and the and the load time
of the pages would be really high because it’s having to pick those
products and place it there but now with index campaigns we are indexing all the
products which are in that particular part of that particular deal at once
right so it’s not going to be very query intensive and it’s going to quickly load
all the products which are part of that deal
in a matter of few seconds right so we’re gonna go and index this campaign
so index campaign and dilip a shot codes are actually two features which are part
of the gnarly deal pages they’re separately the receptive module which is
an add-on module on top of finale right all right so now the campaign is getting
indexed now once the campaign is has been
indexed you have to generate a new shortcode right now what is basically
this doing is that when you generate a new shortcode it will when you are done
configuring all this you will get a shortcode right and this shortcode you
can paste it on a new page with a headline and that shortcode is what will
allow you to display all the deals on a single page which have been indexed as a
part of this campaign so step one is to choose your campaign so this is what the
campaign that we are talking about at the moment is count to 5% in music
category on products on $100 so here you can just enter a title we can say the
same thing discount of 5 5% on music category alright so this is what is
happening now we will go on to template template is basically the format in
which you would like to display your campaigns you’ve got two options your
grid and list grid in grid you’ve got again 2 options free column or full
column right so here is how that single isolated upper unit will appear now when
you say three columns it will obviously be in three different columns and this
unit will be appearing in three different columns but this is how the
product will essentially appear on the delete page right I will show you the
list format so we will select list format at the moment and go with that
then you’ve got the option for setting up the countdown timer again this is
when you want to show that it is a time limited deal and you want a countdown
timer to be running on the deal page as well right so you can also hide it if
you do not want the countdown timer to be running on the deal pages again you
have the option to choose different skins so you’ve got a few skins here for
your countdown timer you can select any of these right then you for the
background label color and all of that you’ve got the timer labels here days
hours minutes and all of that so I’m just gonna leave it at that and then I’m
going to publish and I’m going to show you how it appears on the front end
alright so now our short code has been generated
so we will copy this and we’re going to go on to pages and we’re going to create
right so let’s just let’s just create a new page here now I have copied the
shortcode and I’m going to paste the shortcode over here and I’m
say that sale on music category right but here we are this is the list format
and this is how the deals are appearing one below the other and this is
specifically on a music category on products which are priced under $100 and
this is the deal page which is showing us all the deals in addition to that we
could also say something like could be Jochen so because a count is equal to that’s a three and we could also say
pagination and we can also say pagination is equal to yes right so
count is equal to three and pay donation is equal to yes and then we will update
this based on the command that we set it is showing us three products on this
page and the page nation has been turned on so even the second page has three
products right so it has divided each page of three products right and the
page nation has been turned on right so this is what this command this little
command here has done now let me show you some stuff that I quickly brushed
over so that can come back to it later right so let us just let me just show
you some other options related to appearance in appearance you’ve got a
lot of options to configure the appearance of this particular page right
now it asks you what action what message would you like to show when the campaign
has expired so you can set the message here based on what you would like to
show then you’ve got the Add to Cart button color here as you can notice
we’ve got this bright orange color you’re most welcome to change the color
based on your theme you can change the text color that the text font size right
now the text color is is white and the font size is 18 you’re most welcome to
change that then you’ve got the pagination as you can notice in
pagination we’ve got this blue and these circles you’re most welcome to change it
to square and you can change the colors here from blue to anything that you like
right this is the sale batch color here is the sale batch now this is bright
orange in color I should say actually tell the orange in color so you can
change that batch as we’re something else that you like based on
again or your theme right and then hide on grid if you would like to hide the
description waiting or sales batch are most welcome to do that at the moment
we’ve got the description rating and sales batch all three of these turned on
right so we haven’t hidden any one of these three then the product description
length so if you would like this to be capped at two hundred which is what
we’ve done right now you can always cap it at two hundred right let me show you
the other format as well so we’re going to go into template and we’re going to
turn on the grid format which is three columns alright so here we are this is
how the grid format will come up right as you can notice all the products are
listed are in a three column format and here’s the pagination because we’ve
already said that don’t show more than three products on a single page so that
is exactly what it is doing over here we’ve got more options here you can also
show the inventory bar to show the number of units left and stock and they
will be visible right here right so the inventory bar will come up right here if
you want you can have the time or you can do away with the countdown timer you
can also change the skin the skins based on what you like right right now we’ve
got this simple one you can change it’s two different options you’ve got
different skin options over here for the appearance of countdown timer on the da
page show so extremely useful option well that’s it really so we created
finale deal pages because a lot of store owners came to us and they said that
they wanted the option to show their different deals and promotions on a
single page but so that the shoppers can come and all they have to do is that
they have to click on a link in the navigation bar or a button on the sticky
header and they will be simply directed to this page which contains all their
deals listed on one page right so if you’re running a Christmas special offer
or a Black Friday deal all your Black Friday discounted items all your
Christmas special discounts can come together on a single page incredibly
useful option and I really hope that you learnt a lot from this video and you
enjoyed watching this video I would highly recommend that you click on the
link in the description box below which contains a blog post so whatever I
taught you in this video has been put together in a blog post so you can refer
back to it whenever you like and yeah that’s it get ready to change
your game with final ad pages and and really I wish you lots of sales during
this promotion season thank you so much for watching do not forget to subscribe
to this channel like and comment on this video you know the drill thank you so
much for watching I’ll see you next time till then happy selling


  1. Excellent. I wish this was available when I built my site… I had to pay big bucks for a custom plugin. One thing not covered in the video, and something I needed, could I choose the product by manufacturer or SKU? So, say a manufacturer I carry gives me a 20% discount… I want to pass that on and so I choose everything by the manufacturer (I choose by SKU) to be on sale. Can that be done here?

  2. Hey WooCommerce store owners: Check out this blog post which covers step by step process to set up WooCommerce deals and feature them on a single page.


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