Woocommerce google feed manager basic setup


hello this is Auke from WP marketing Robot in this video i
want to show you how to set up a basic Google feet first step great a feed fill in a name choosing the channel target country and
a default category the default cattery I choose clothing
even though there are a lot of other categories in the shop default category is set to upper l and clothing updating schedule is a time when you
want to the plug-in to recreate the feet so to feed always has the latest product
data like prices and removed our new products etc next step is the gallery maybe select
all the categories from the products we want to include in our feet after that
we can met the products in a category in Google cattery by default it is connected to the
earlier chosen default cattery with the drug down you can easily choose
the right google cattery the products belonged to when mapping a google category to a
top-level product category that chance categories are mapped to the same google
category products from the product categories you did not select will not be included
in the Google feed well this is basically it you can save
your feet and start using it there are settings that in some cases can cause a
feat not to be vetted for google for example if you do not have an sku for
each product you will need to change the ID to something like post rd a unique
ready your ex topless that you need to have a unique
identifier like a GT number MPN and brand if you miss these are identifiers you can set the island for exist to
false please note that settings it to false
for products that do have an identifier will not work Google will disprove those products or
even suspend your account on their highly recommend it you find
the product type field and this field represents your web shop product
category and I always set it to product gallery story try as many highly recommended field as you
possibly can like the MPN and his bubble field next step is saving your feed and check
the feed in the field list I’ll show you to feed URL how many
products there are in the feed the state is of the feet and action links when you click the few button you can
few to feed in your browser note that every browser shows the feet
different and your shoot you should get familiar how to see the
xml code in your particular browser last step in is too invade your feed this will make the
plugin renew the feed with the earlier set update schedule of the feet settings thanks for watching please let us know
if you have any question about using the plug in and get the best out of it


  1. it is one rubbish plugin,I buy this ,but it could not finish suppy the right feed for me.and I contact the support,nobady tell me the reason.So friend don,t waste your momey .

  2. I do exactly as it shows in the tutorial, but the feed created has the status In processing queue and it does not leave any more, the file is created in ftp but does not have any information inside it, how to proceed?

  3. I had this plugin buyt but didn't recieved any kind of support , even when i send different mails. Waiting for more then a week i decided to ask my money back from paypal. Try other alternatives with better support…..


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