Woocommerce – How to setup the Woocommerce plugin


Hi Guys this is Jamie from http://www.system22.net and http://www.great-webdesign.com/ here’s a short video it’s a clip from our forthcoming
course about how to create an online store using the WooCommerce plugin in
this video we’re going to go ahead and activate it and just set up four
settings so if we go back to our dashboard and it plugins you’ll find your
WooCommerce that we installed in the last video let’s go ahead and activate
it by hitting the activate button there you’ll be brought to this page where
there’s a WooCommerce setup wizard so let’s go ahead and do that
hit the let go button it’s telling you the pages that is going to create a shop
page or cart page a checkout page in my account page and there’s an explanation
of what they are here the shop page will display your products cart page will be
where the customers go to view their cart and begin checkout checkout page
obviously will be where the customers go to pay for their items and my account
registered customers will be able to manage their account details and view
past orders on this page and when a customer orders something if they’re
registered it’ll get saved in your database so they can go back and gear
later on so let’s go ahead and continue hit the continue button now you put your
store location here how United States I’m not actually in our Alabama I’m
actually in Tennessee which one doesn’t make a whole lot of difference but it
may calculate sales tax so let’s just keep it correct for time B no I’m going
to be using this store US dollar that’s correct units pounds of course if you’re
in Europe or somewhere else somewhere else you can put kilos in and what unit what unit should be used
for product dimensions inches over here and of course again if you’re in Europe
or somewhere else you can put it in centimeters millimeters whatever your
preferred format is so I’ll go ahead and hit the continue button if you’ve got
vital product downloads don’t bother with this but if you’ve got physical
products like I’m going to be building a physical product store word clothing
here take the little box that says yes I’ll be shipping physical goods to
customers will you be charging sales tax that’s
entirely up to you but I’m going to check that just so we fill it out anyway
in the u.s. here we usually put prices exclusive and taxed and now in the UK we
enter prices increasing attack so again it’s entirely up to you and let’s
automatically set the rate for our sales tax here so when we’re happy with this
information let’s go ahead and hit the continue button now he can accept card
payments and PayPal is awesome because it will accept credit cards as well as
direct PayPal payments from people’s bank account so just fill in the
appropriate one this stripe paid our options check payments by bank transfers
I’m just going to go ahead and check PayPal for now for most instances that
will be plenty we’ll hit the continue and if you want to you can let commerce
click data about your sales and stuff like that just leave it as is if you
want to or if you don’t want you want to keep the sales private just hit that no
thanks button and there’s some great instructional videos you can watch if
you need more information so that’s it we set up the WooCommerce plugin in the
next video we’ll go ahead and create our first product you you


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