WooCommerce Setup


the free WooCommerce plugin of wall-e is very easy to be integrated I’m going to show you the way it works within this tutorial first you need to create a wall account then we need to create an application user that is allowed to access the space you want to link to the book commerce store in order to do that you need to navigate to your account and then to application uses after the users created the user ID and the identification key will be shown you have to note it down as you’re going to need it later when you start with the configuration after model make sure that a grant application user to necessary rights which would be the account admin in order to configure the web hooks and payment methods out of the WooCommerce store set up at least one processor one payment method and one connector configuration more information about the processor concept can be found in the documentation in case you want to test first there is also a bogus processor that allows you to test every possible scenario including a selection of payment methods after uploading the extension files to the storage plugins directory using FTP or SSH the plugin will now be visible in the section plugins you can install the plug-in directly from here after the plugin is installed you can open the configuration now you need the user ID the application user key and the space ID from before once you store the necessary information the plugin will configure itself automatically it will set up the necessary web hooks and pull the payment method configuration including descriptions if you have not already set them up you can also set them up later they will also be configured automatically at a later stage the big advantage for you is that from now on you can just enable an additional payment method or processor and you will not have to touch the plug-in files again the plug-in will configure itself automatically now I’m going to show you how to front-end and the seamless integration look like the payment pages integrate themselves seamlessly in your checkout there will be no redirection to the payment service provider if you want well we will also create the emails and documents for you the documents are ready for a direct download in the user account the documents are customized you’re able to design them as you wish transactions can be captured and refunded directly out of the book on my second just navigate to the order where you find a refund button the refund is going to be synchronized directly to Wally


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