WooCommerce Shipping Setup Tutorial


The shipping tab is used if you’re selling
products that need to be physically shipped, whether domestic or international.
The core shipping options are listed across the top of the screen and can be enabled and
configured by selecting that option. The first screen is for general shipping options.
By default shipping is enabled for the site. If you’re selling services or digital products
then you can un-check this box to disable shipping.
The Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page places a calculator on the cart
page that allows customers to enter ship-to information about shipping costs. This allows
customers to get shipping information before an address is entered.
The next selection allows you to Hide the shipping costs until an address is entered.
That way a customer will not be able to find their shipping costs until they have register
as a customer or they have the checkout cart filled in. If you have this option enabled
then you will need to turn-off the Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page,
otherwise a customer will be able to use the calculator without entering an address.
And if you have multiple shipping options then the Shipping Display Mode controls the
way the shipping options are displayed on the site. It can be either radio buttons which
lists each one separate or a Select box which places all the options in a drop-down box
so one can be selected. The Shipping Destination helps you control
where you ship to. By default the Ship to Billing address is selected. At checkout a
customer can enter a different ship-to address, if they are sending the item as a gift for
instance. You can force the shipping to the billing
address by selecting the Only Ship to the Users Billing address box. This disables the
option of entering an alternate address for shipping. These are business decisions that
should fit with your site policies. The Restrict Shipping to Locations is used
to prevent someone from ordering in one country and shipping to another one that may not be
one of your Sell-to countries you selected under the General Options tab. You can select
the one that is appropriate for your site. Ship to all countries you selected on the
sell-to list, you can ship to all countries even if not on the sell-to country list. or
ship to specific countries only which activate a list of countries to select.
And finally the shipping methods that are available are listed. If you have the shipping
method enabled then the check appears under the Status column. If not enabled it will
be a dash. You can make any of the shipping methods the default by clicking the radio
button. If you have the No Default selected then the shipping methods can be arranged
in the order that you want them to appear on the site by holding the left mouse key
down over the methods and dragging and dropping to a new order. Any shipping method that is
not enabled will not appear in this list on the site.
You can use any combination of these shipping options you want. But shipping options should
be simple and easy to understand. Having conflicting and complicated shipping options can cause
customers to abandon their carts. Make sure you click the Save Changes button
to save any changes.


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