WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin introduction


Everyone loves coupons. Customers love them
for the discounts and Store owners love them for additional revenue and engagement. WooCommerce has out of box support for coupons,
and Smart Coupons transforms into the most comprehensive solution for discount coupons,
gift cards, store credits and more. The best thing about Smart Coupons is that
it is used by thousands of people and hence is battle tested and covers almost everything
you may want to do with coupons. Whether you want to issue coupons with product
purchases, give store credits, allow customers to purchase gift cards of any amount, gift
them to others, automatically generate new coupons, import coupons in bulk, pass coupons
in a URL, show available coupons on cart or My Account page – and apply them with one
click – Smart Coupons lets you do it all easily. Plus it comes with detailed documentation. Check out the secret “Take My Sales Through
The Roof” strategies on this page for some smart ways of using coupons on your store. Then go ahead and buy Smart Coupons – it will
pay for itself quickly.


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