Yoastcon 2019 – Aftermovie


At the start of 2019 in the town of
Nijmegen the future of SEO was presented like never before. Over the course of two days, pioneers of the SEO industry showed us where we’re
headed… and how to prepare. YoastCon We’re going to change discovery by doing
live indexing with Bing and Google straight from your site. Boycott advertisers that are
spending money on hateful sites that are harassing women. A hundred true fans? I’ll take that over a
hundred thousand visits. Google Analytics tells you what people actually do on your website. It doesn’t tell you what people want to do. And now you have the chance to do it. Right? It’s now or never to make the most out of
the opportunity. YoastCon is an inspiring SEO ecosystem journey. Educational, insightful, humoristic. YoastCon is awesome! The future of SEO is bright. And Yoast is part of it!



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