Young Entrepreneurs: How 20-YO Designer Madison Went From Etsy to Boutiques With Her Art


Colourwash Creative is a business I started
by myself over a year ago now. Was I eighteen mum? I did start with this watercolour fruit
range, so I have got some avocados. My most popular cards are definitely my pun
cards. So, “lettuce celebrate” is one of the more popular ones. Of course, the “Dachshund
through the snow”, which is inspired by my little puppies. Come here. No? They’re always with me when I’m doing my art. So it’s kind of nice to have some company. I have always been very hands-on with the
methods I choose for art. I studied art though high school and primary
school. Kind of went in the wrong direction. I thought
I was going to end up in the health industry when I graduated. But it wasn’t until I left school that I realised
that I probably should have gone with my passion of the arts, the whole way through. I did study graphic design for a while and
that kind of was the point where I realised that I didn’t want to use so much of the digital
methods. I was just doing some general watercolour
paintings of fruits and doodling around, and I decided that this might look really cool
on a card and be something that people could give to each other as a thank you or a happy
birthday. I was really pleased with how they turned out
so I thought it could be something I could possibly sell and make some money out of. I signed up to Esty which I had heard about
because I had bought off there before so I kind of knew what it was about. So, meanwhile, I signed up to a couple of markets, which really boosted my confidence in the designs
I had done. I really started making some profit from these. So that kind of drew more people to my Etsy
store. I started contacting some local stores and
asking whether they were interested. I decided to go with mostly florists for a
while doing gift tags for their bouquets and things like that. So, they had worked really well. As they would tag me in their photos on Instagram
then I would get more exposure there. So, Instagram has been a huge building block
for my business. Often, someone will spot you on Instagram and send you a message asking whether you would do wholesale. So that’s where it kind of grew from there. Now it’s at the point where I have wholesalers all over Australia. I didn’t know that it was going to go into
my own small business, which I deal with everyday I thought it would just be something that I do a couple of cards and send them out. But it has expanded into a lot more than that. So, I guess give it a go you don’t know
until you try it.


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